Do Atheists Ever Sue Muslims? #2 in the most read Blogs of mine in 2014.

1621914_10153825407810109_599024428_nI remember meeting Jim Lange for the first time which was at a tennis camp Bobby Cole was attending in San Diego. We were looking at the possibility of Jim becoming our new morning host at K101 and Bobby’s tennis camp was convenient for all of us.
Jim and I were standing around waiting just outside of a conference room where Bobby and his group were listening to a lecture the tennis pro was giving them. At one point while he was speaking he happened to glance our way a couple of times then all of a sudden he just stopped talking in mid sentence and told the the group that he needed to be excused for a moment. He came rushing out to the hallway where we were standing and said … You’re Jim Lange aren’t you and when Jim confirmed he was, the pro said, when I was young boy and living in Mexico I really wanted to come to America to play tennis so I learned to speak English from you while watching “The Dating Game” so I just had to come out here and thank you. RIP Jim.

Several years ago my Brother Reg suggested maybe I should consider writing down a few of the many tales I tend to tell if for no other reason than to leave it for my family to read. With that in mind I began to write my life story but because so many unusual things have happened to me over the years and even though I’ve already trashed several thousand words it’s still longer than War & Peace and I’m only up to the 1990’s

When praised I’m humbled and embarrassed but when dissed I’m enraged even if I only perceive it.

The greatest Hockey players on earth are all still born in Canada or their Fathers were.

Brent Farris claims that the only reason you may need a parachute when skydiving is only if you plan on doing it again!

Jack McCoy once told me that he who finances the ratings always does well in them. I think that statement may still hold true today so it must be “Karma” huh.

Women don’t realize that a few of Men who made love to them just didn’t enjoy it and that’s mostly why they don’t call. Mystery solved.

Sometimes when you tell somebody something they remember it, sometimes if you teach it to them they learn it, and sometimes just sometimes if you involve them in it they can actually end up doing it better than you.

Hate is a great motivator but unfortunately it has yet to solve a single problem.

An old record pal of mine from Canada Doug Chappell E mailed me the other day to remind me of the day we first met. He said it was with me and Keith Elshaw in my office in Toronto at CFTR. He can’t remember what record he was pounding but he vividly remembers after he made his pitch asking me to add it, I said … No problem, how much? He claims you could have cut the silence with a bread knife until Keith and I broke up laughing. He claimed our friendship began that very instant.

Around this time in 1996 Bill Clinton signed the telecommunications act into law in order to keep phone bills from skyrocketing to where they are now. The side effects led to radio being what it is today and we are all wondering why the hell you weren’t on your knees that day Monica!

Deborah Cremer asked if I ever noticed that Atheists never sue Muslims.

So if you lie to the government it’s a felony right but when the government lies to us it’s just politics. Do I have that correct?

One thing the Canadian Government does well is handle emergencies. When they found out Canada was playing Sweden for the gold medal in Hockey early in the morning Canada time they quickly passed an emergency law that allowed the bars to open up at 5 am to sell liquor.

It was discovered by opening the bars that early that only reason Canadians ever drink coffee in the morning is because they can’t buy beer.

I loved Rust’s line in HBO’s True Detective when he says … “There’s no such thing as forgiveness people just have short memories”.

Why does a person have to die before someone mentions how great they were. RIP Jerry Brenner!

Have you ever noticed how a short walk down the aisle soon turns a woman who previously didn’t seem to know much into an expert on everything.

Mark Ramsey claims that a new formula morning show doesn’t have much of a chance of beating an established one or as Mark said “you can’t polish a turd”. But Mark, wasn’t it researchers who came up with the “formulas” for radio management coz they can’t control magic.

Being a Doctor’s Wife does does not qualify you to operate on anybody just as being the President’s wife does not allow you to govern us nor does being John Lennon’s Wife automatically grant you the right to sing in public.

OK I surrender, I no longer care about about how much Emily Ratjakowski can hurt me. She can have me!

I’m almost positive that some accountant dreamed up the “check engine” warning light but we out smarted them with black tape.

If most folks worked as hard on their Marriages as they did their careers the results would be much better.




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  1. George, you probably know this, but Jim Lange beat the legendary Don Sherwood in a footrace across San Francisco from Stinson Beach to the Ferry Building, 23.8-miles, when Lange did afternoon drive at KSFO-AM and Sherwood did mornings, in 1961, all egged on by Herb Caen, the top columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. An estimated 10,000 people lined the streets to watch the race on a Sunday morning in January. Caen believed that Sherwood was “The World’s Greatest Disc Jockey”, but then Caen never met Ron Chapman ! While it was not around-the-world, it was all a part of the fun at what was then “The World’s Greatest Radio Station”. Oh, and the program director at KSFO, was one Hugh Heller, whom at one time was Sherwood’s talent agent. Golden West Broadcasting (KTLA-TV, KMPC, KSFO, KEX and KVI), owned by Gene Autry, was a very special place.

  2. That race was probably the first radio stunt Jed. Don also had the first audition for the Tonight Show but at the last minute decided not to bother auditioning. KSFO was a great station.

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