Guitars & Radio & Wild Wild Women. (Dee-ceiver) Chapter XLVII 3/30/20 Under Construction

Loved living in South Florida
a new daddy again.
Until a lady scammer
tried to serve me some pain.

Cami’s Mom stood by me
for which I am grateful

‘Cause a few things between us
had been somewhat stressful.

Dee wanted a settlement
before she’d fade away

But Hilliard told our lawyers
there’s no f#cking way.

I’ve been in love six times, engaged twice, but friendship ringed, married, and divorced only once. However, I do have three children from three different mothers though. My wife Lana gave birth to my daughter, Candis, we adopted our son Curtis, and Kari, whom I was engaged to, is the mother of my daughter Cami.
Unfortunately, none of my six loves are still around, and seeing as the only thing that they had in common besides beauty and brains was me; I can only surmise that I must have been the problem. Nonetheless, I have some great memories of them all and the breathless moments that they provided.

One of my memories, though, came from the worst of times when I was the resident consultant for Fairbanks Broadcasting in West Palm Beach. One day out of the blue, the station lawyers informed us that one of our part-time employees named Dee was accusing me of sexually harassing her on her phone. Her charges were ludicrous, not to mention that her story didn’t add up or even ever stay the same; nonetheless, the case dragged on and on and on.

Her lady lawyers must have smelled big settlement money, so they’d all take her case on contingency. However, each time her recollections would change and start to unravel, they’d soon be gone, but before long, another would pop up, and we’d start all over again.
I guess Dee was hoping that the company would eventually tire of fighting the case and pay her the ransom she wanted to make her go away.

The whole saga began the day I was at the corporate offices when the receptionist informed me that a woman was here to see me. I wasn’t doing anything that couldn’t wait, so I told her to bring her back. She introduced herself and then said that a friend had recommended that she should get in touch with me because she had an idea for a new night show on WRMF.
When I told her that she needed to speak Ken Payne because he was the program director, she looked so disappointed that I offered to call Ken on her behalf.

Ken told me to send her right over, and I have no idea how the interview went, but I did hear that he hired her to do some part-time work.
The next time I saw Dee was a few months later when once again, she made another surprise visit to the corporate office. However, this time she came bearing a cake.

I have no idea how she knew it was my birthday, but as the corporate staff gathered around, she inveiled the special cake she’d got me. This cake was a shocker and only something that you would expect to see at a bachelor party. It featured a naked woman on top, complete with pubic hair, and I can only imagine how much jail time I’d get if I was the one serving it up?

However, whenever that cake came up later at the depositions, I was forced to be at, none of the lady lawyers present, including my thought it was a big deal. I, of course, felt that it proved that she was the pervert, not me.

When Jim Hilliard, who was out of town when this all began and heard about her allegations when he got back, said, “I know George likes to flirt with the ladies, but I also know that she’s not the type George would even flirt with let alone sexually harass. Oh, and you can tell her from me that she won’t be getting a red cent from Fairbanks.”
Anyway, finally getting to what I earlier referred to as being one of my favorite memories, it occurred at what turned out to be the final deposition. Dee’s newest lawyer, for whatever reason, decided to depose Kari, who was the mother of my daughter Cami.
Not knowing what to expect, I’ll never forget Kari’s answer when asked about how she felt when she heard that I was sexually harassing her client? Kari claimed that she didn’t feel anything because she didn’t believe it. When Dee’s lawyer asked her how she could be so sure, Kari pointed across the table at Dee and said, “Look at her, now look at me!” (see photo on top)


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