(new new done)Guitars & Radio & Wild Wild Women. (inside the world of radio&records) Chapter XLV July/17



Happy living in South Florida
a new daddy again.
When a female scammer
tried to bring me some pain.

Cami’s mommy stood by me
and for that I’m grateful

‘Cause a few things between us
had been somewhat stressful.

Dee wanted a settlement
so she could fade away

But Jim told the lawyers
there’s no f**king way.

I’ve been in love six times, have three children, been engaged twice, and married once. My children come from three different mothers, Lana gave birth to Candis, we adopted my son Curtis, and Kari is the mother of Cami. The only thing the six loves of my life had in common besides their smarts and their beauty was me. Now that I’m no longer with any of them, maybe I was the problem, huh? I, on the other hand, have positive memories of each of them.
One of my favorite memories surprisingly came from one of my worst times. I was the resident consultant in Florida for Fairbanks Broadcasting when out of the blue, I was accused of sexual harassment. The accusation was made by a part-time employee named Dee. Her charges were ludicrous, but, the case dragged on and on. Her lady lawyers must have smelled big settlement money because they took her case on contingency basis. However, as soon as Dee’s story would begin to unravel, they’d be gone. Dee’s persistence, one would think, was her hope that the company would eventually just pay her off.

I met Dee for the first time when she showed up at the corporate office unannounced. Once shown to my office, she told me that a friend of hers had suggested that she get in touch with me. The reason for her visit she said, was to tell me about the idea she had for a new night time show on WRMF. I told her that she should talk to the program director, Ken Payne whom I’d be pleased to call for her. I later heard that Ken hired her to do some fill in work.

The next time I saw Dee was several months later when she showed up bearing a cake.  I don’t know how she knew it was my birthday, but when the corporate staff gathered around, she showed us a cake like we’d never seen before. On top, made out of icing, was a picture of a naked woman complete with pubic hair. It was the kind of cake you’d expect to see at a bachelor party but not at a company’s headquarters. If the situation were reversed, I can only imagine how much jail time I would have done. However, none of the lady lawyers, including my own, thought it was a big deal. On the other hand, I always felt that it proved that she was the pervert, not me.
When Jim Hilliard heard the allegations, he said, “I know George likes to flirt, but she’s not the type of woman that he would ever flirt with, let alone, sexually harass.”
At the final deposition, Dee’s lawyer decided to depose Kari, mother of my daughter Cami. (pictured above) I’ll never forget when Dee’s newest lawyer asked Kari how she felt when she heard that I was making obscene phone calls to her client.  Kari said that she didn’t feel anything because she didn’t believe it. When the lawyer then asked her how she could be so sure, Kari pointed across the table at Dee and said, “Look at her, now look at me!”

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