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Dear Nathaniel,
Hey, buddy, I’m writing to tell you about a beautiful creature I fell in love with many years ago. In fact, I was so smitten with her that I left my band “The Jury” who had the #2 Canadian record in Canada just so I could spend more time with her.
We first met at the St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg where I was waiting for your Uncle Curtis to be born. Can you imagine my shock and surprise when your Mom showed up instead? I had no plan for her but knowing your her as I do, she probably had one. 
Over the years, she has provided me with so many cherished memories that I would be remiss if I didn’t share some of them with you.
With our #1 record
still on the charts
My baby girl Candis
grabbed hold of my heart.

Time to grow up and be a man
But I still kinda miss
just being a kid
in a Rock&Roll band.
I fondly remember her first Christmas, the presents around the tree looked similar to how it looks at your place at Christmas time. They almost covered the entire living room floor, and I can still see her sitting in the middle of it all, just kinda looking around as she licked the Smartie I was feeding her whenever your Ra Ra wasn’t watching.
It almost took all day to open up her gifts, and the one I remember was the green race car her “little” Grandpa had given her which you peddled. I have no idea what my Dad was thinking at the time because at three months old, it was going to be a little awkward for her to peddle it.
As time went by we soon discovered that your mother could sing before she could talk and because of that, what she loved about Christmas the most, was all the ornaments on the tree. To her, they looked like little microphones waiting for her to sing into them.
After leaving my band back in Winnipeg, I got into radio, which meant we moved around a lot. Eventually, we moved to Indiana where your Mom like most was an average student until she hit the 5th grade. That’s where she met Mr. Koke who turned her into an “A” student for the rest of her life.
Nathaniel, Buppa spent most of his life trying to be somebody, and it wasn’t until after I attended several award ceremonies for your Mom that I realized I was somebody, I was Candis Johns’ Dad.

As smart as your Mom was and still is, she like you, wasn’t a nerd and in fact, when she was your age, she ended up finishing 3rd in the Indiana gymnastic finals.
Nathaniel, in America only 23% of the population is referred to as being a “type A,” and your Mom is one of them. Your Mom was never shy about anything and every time we moved into a new neighborhood; she’d go door to to ask if they had any children who could play with her? I can’t imagine your Aunty Cami doing that in a million years. 

Her “showbiz” career started in the second grade where because she was one of the smallest in the class, she got to wear the Donald Duck costume at a school event. I believe that her job was to pass out pamphlets or something, but once that duck costume went on, she was on. She immediately started doing cartwheels down the aisles and shaking everybody’s hand as the teachers stood there in shock.

One of the neatest things that happened Nathaniel, was when we moved to California, your Mom had already started school in Indiana, and even though she didn’t attend Coronado High until late November, she still was the “Freshman Of The Year.” (pictured above with uncle Curtis and your great-grandparents Sandy and Betty Johns) The following year she was the “Junior Of The Year” and the lead in the school’s big production of “South Pacific.” (see newspaper picture below)

During her Junior year, she was on the speech and debate team and managed to win the state tournament with a composition she composed as she walked towards the stage. (see picture above)
Even though we weren’t excited about it, she finished high school in France. (I’d made a deal with her that if she got straight, A’s she could go) When she returned home to graduate with her class, (see picture below), Buppa purchased a surprise “welcome home” billboard at the entrance to the Coronado bridge. Unfortunately, for Candis, it stayed up for several months which was somewhat of an embarrassment because whenever she met someone new, and they heard her name, they’d say, “Are you the chick on the billboard?”

Your Mom began her college career at NYU in New York where she studied drama. (your grandparents were also not very excited about her living in New York) Discovering that she could learn acting anywhere, she decided to switch back to academics where she made the Deans List and then and then transferred to UCLA.
A year or so later when she went back to New York for a visit, she popped in to see her old drama professor at NYU. He wanted to see if she still had her chops, so he had her read for him. After doing so, he told her that she was wasting her time going to college, she was as ready to audition for Broadway plays. He even offered to call me and explain the situation, but your Mom told him that there was no need for him to do that because I was already her biggest fan. Whew!

While at UCLA she began writing songs and singing with at the Whiskey the Roxy and several other venues in Hollywood. (pictured singing at the Roxy above) Even though singing was her whole life, she also loved to run, so we decided to run the LA Marathon together. (see a picture of us running a 10k in San Diego below) Running that Marathon was absolutely not only the hardest, but it was also the greatest thing that I’ve ever done with my daughter. We didn’t get to train together much, but we did do an excellent run along the Mediterranean in the South of France when I took her there for her 21st birthday.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude from UCLA, (I’m thinkin’ Suma for you) she began working as the assistant to a record company president named Charlie Minor which eventually led to her becoming the Licensing Director for WEA. (Warner Bros. Electra and Asylum Records)She also recorded an album with her band The Tortured Poets, but by now she was too smart and wouldn’t sign the onesided contract. The album was never released, but Buppa has it, so I get to enjoy it over and over again, and you can hear my favorite cut from it by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page,

While training for more marathons she met your Dad and the next thing I know, she decides to become an Ironman. (see picture above) Are you sh**ing me! 
I’ll never forget the night before the competition which was being held at Camp Pendleton near San Diego, enjoying a carbo-loading dinner with your Mom. (your Dad couldn’t be there because he had been bitten by a rattlesnake while running trails back in LA) The company Commander at some point got up on stage and said to the thousand or so entrants, “We Marines are supposed to be the toughest people on earth, but I don’t have a single Marine here today who can do what you’re going to do tomorrow.” I think your Mom missed the part about the event being called the Ironman, not the Ironwoman.
At WEA, she was a rising star and well on her way to becoming an executive when all of a sudden she walked away from it all, married your Dad and became “Supermom.” (pictured with you & me below)
Love, Buppa.

To hear Candis sing one of her compositions, “Let Me” from her unreleased album, click on the link below.


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