Daughters Are Boring To Some!

 As you may know my 17 year old Daughter Cami recently sent me an essay she did for her 11th grade AP Language and Composition class.(no thats not her picture) Her assignment was to write a letter to her parents asking for something she knows we don’t want her to have. Turns out Cami wants permission from her Mom and me to get a tattoo. This should be a no brainer right! Well you need to read the essay (To Tat or Not To Tat Blog) it made me and a couple of my friends tear up. Even her sister Candis who several times a year has made me promise I’d never ever consider letting Cami get a tattoo started her response to Cami’s essay with the words “Tattoo It Is” I’ve been searching high and low for a way to say no but I’m failing miserably.

Speaking about my recent Blog, To Tat Or Not To Tat … That Is The Question at georgejohns.com You’ve got to read all the comments from a very impressive line up. Cami told me last night that some of them got her “Johns Rage” boiling.

After dropping Cami’s friend Haley off after having dinner the other night Cami said, “Daddy Your Weird” but it’s OK ’cause all my friends love you.

Growing up I was always afraid of my Dad but for some reason my Daughters just laughed whenever I threatened them with a spanking.

Robin Garrett after heatedly telling me at Duffy’s that not only did I raise my Daughters incorrectly but she also claimed her and a lot of other people are very bored with me writing and talking about them all the time. According to Robin folks just roll their eyes and laugh whenever I mention them. Boy they’re sure gonna hate a few pieces I’m working on right now. This just in … My Blog about Cami wanting a Tattoo just moved into first place on the long list of my most read Blogs (well over 200) and it had to go by the former #1 which was my Blog about Cami’s Sweet 16 party last year. Hey and Candis’ Birthday tribute comes in at #6 on the list and there at # 7 is Cami’s 17th birthday tribute. Robin is right about one thing I do write about my Daughters a lot. I guess I must love them too much.

Sometimes because of my behavior I think the Hunny Bunny (yes that is her picture) wishes she could just drop me off at the Pound.

The only people you can expect unconditional love from is your immediate family. Listeners at best can only give you some very conditional love.

Sad to report that John Picano recently passed away at the age of 60. In 1979 Russ Morely, John and I launched WJNO/WRMF together in West Palm Beach. RIP John you were a true gentleman and I was proud to have had the honor of working with you.

What I love most about advertising is it kills bad products.

Most people at a Radio station think the Radio station would fail without them and thats why they act so strangely. They actually think their part is the biggest part and are just waiting for you to come around to their way of thinking.

One of the great things about being #1 besides the obvious is when it starts happening again maybe you’ll recognize it and let it happen without f**king with it.

Sometimes losing is the only way you can figure out how to win.

The two things you need to become a great entertainer is Passion and Imagination. They also will make you a better lover.

Hanging on to what you have keeps you from having what you want.

Read a great sign while driving by a Church. Honk if you love Jesus text if ya wanna meet him.

Recently while inducting Ron Chapman into the Radio Hall Of Fame in Chicago I I had the pleasure of meeting Radio legend Art Laboe who was also being inducted by another legend Dick Biondi. Art was traveling with 3 pretty assistants so I said to one of them, isn’t it great Art is still active on the Radio and with a smile she said that Art was also still active at other things too.

Jim Hilliard taught me that even a bad plan if well executed has a pretty good shot at succeeding.

Has any Woman really ever been seduced.

According to Bob Christy McDonald’s is having it their way. Soggy fries, un melted cheese on the Burgers, and dirty stores. McDonald’s blames intense competition for it’s recent drop in revenue. Bob claims otherwise.

It’s how you got through the tough times that defines who you are not your getting through.

Sucking your tummy in as you get on the scales is the very definition of one being self delusional.

I read a great question that maybe Jim Hilliard Jr. would care to respond to. Do you like The Stones in the 60’s or The Stones in their 60’s.

Some text messages just look mean even though intended loving.

The worst swear words are the most erotic when said correctly thus proving my argument that it’s how you say what you say on the Radio not necessarily what you say.

For me it’s the Woman wanting to make love to you thats more important than the actual lovemaking.

It’s a waste of time looking for short cuts to any place worth going to.

1. Express Gratitude. 2. Cultivate Optimism. 3. Avoid Over-Thinking. 4. Practice Acts Of Kindness. 5. Nurture Social Relationships. 6. Develop Strategies For Coping. 7. learn to forgive 8. Increase Activities. 9. Savor Life’s Joys. 10. Commit To Your Goals. 11. Practice Spirituality. 12. Take Care Of Your Body. No wonder I’m pissed most of the time!

How come when you already have a Woman seems to be the only time other Women want you.

In my day the way a Transcona boy used to make it through a cold winters night in Manitoba was … Ya get a two four, a two six, and 2 tarts. By the time we drank the 24 of beer and the 26 of whisky we forgot what to do with the tarts.

I know more about Women than most Men (hey I did the research) But I’m also smart enough to realize I still know almost nothing about them.


14 thoughts on “Daughters Are Boring To Some!

  1. Robin Garrett (after heatedly telling me at Duffy’s that not only did I raise my Daughters incorrectly but she also claimed her and a lot of other people are very bored with me writing and talking about them all the time): Regardless, good, bad, indifferent, it all about the CUME, baby – go George.

  2. George you take an awful lot of liberties with misquoting people to fit your agenda. I never said you are raising your daughters incorrectly. What I specifically said is today there are very few young men out looking for a young princess that have to be taken care off. Hell, it’s no longer the time where men have any incentive to get married… they even have kids without marriage. I know plenty of men with kids (even daughters) but NONE go on and on about their daughters the way you do. And I’m pretty sure all those dads love their daughters as much as you do yours. Which brings me to something my dad once told me… sometimes less is more.

    We’ve been friends a long time (since before Cami) and for the first few years you never told anybody she even existed! What I said, for the record, was stop blogging so much about your daughters and start at least giving an honorable mention to your son, Curtis. Yes… impart your wisdom on us mere mortals about raising your son too!

  3. George,
    No on is suggesting for one minute that your daughters are boring!
    Your rambling on about them is another story. You may want to ask
    Hilliard about it.

  4. The stones in their 60’s that was an easy one.
    Great hearing 850 on the way out of Miami, just did the trans Atlantic crossing on the new celebrity cruise line “reflection” and yes it did have new ship smell for the first couple of days. This sucker was built in Germany and the engines overheated so they had to cut out a stop to get it to Miami on the 1st because the suits were coming on board in the pm and travel agents the next day. So instead of 27 knots we cruised at 17 knots for nine days.
    All this with as broken neck in four places..c1 and c2.. had as scooter to zip along the decks..
    Back to dc Sunday

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