#2 Daughter Candis (repost)


IMG_2034922866_10151869708724307_1380844229_nAs you may or may not know my Daughter Candis auditioned for “America’s Got Talent” yesterday (Sunday) which she did just for grins.
The show is not very singer friendly but Candis figured that she would use the audition experience as a warm up in case she wants to try out for the “The Voice” which better suits her.

She sang “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” for the audition but it will take a couple of weeks before she’ll know if she moved forward or not. (she didn’t move forward 🙁 )
Before Candis became Supermom I used to get to watch her sing her own songs at The Whiskey and The Roxy occasionally in LA so for those of you who have never seen or heard her I’ve included two of her compositions called “Let Me” and “Pipe Dreams” which you can hear by clicking on the links below. There is a “Dad edit” of Pipe Dreams somewhere but I can’t find it.
Color me a proud Dad!



22 thoughts on “#2 Daughter Candis (repost)

  1. Hey Geo,
    She doesn’t sound like anybody else, which is good, she has a very interesting timbre to her voice. I like the songs too, makes for an interesting package. She sounds so young yet knows how to bend the words. Who knows what could happen with some airplay (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

    • She gave it all up Doug to have her son, now she just does it for fun. I did though get to see her sing at the Roxy and the Whiskey which was very exciting for an old rocker like me.

    • The neat part Jerry is she no longer cares about making it and is also too smart to sign away all her rights which tends to slow down your career.

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