REMEMBERING DARYL “B” (geo Blog Dec/17)



As you probably know Warren, Daryl was a very good friend of mine and used to tour around with us back when we were called the Phantoms. Each night, Daryl and I shared a mic with which we tried to out scream each other. (see below) Looking back I now realize that wasn’t very wise seeing as Daryl made his living with that great voice of his.When we evolved to the Jury, not only did Daryl help Chuck Dann (Riley) produce our first record, “Until You Do” but when he left Winnipeg for Vancouver, he talked management into making me the Music Director of CKY. My having the MD title, ultimately led to my getting my first PD gig at CKOM in Saskatoon.
The picture on top shows Perry Waksvik, Donny Burns, Daryl, and Kenny Taylor as we were about to hit the road for what probably was probably yet another wild night in Tuelon Manitoba where J Robert Wood had booked us. Little did I know that Donny, J Robert, and I would eventually become radio guys too. 

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To REALLY appreciate this aircheck……you would have had to have grown up in Winnipeg.
We had TWO “hot” Top 40 stations…..CKY and CKRC.  It was 1962 and I was trying to figure out how to get into Radio. I used to hear this kid named Burton Cummings calling both stations to promote the appearance of this band he was in.  I think they were called The Deverons.  One of the Jocks he used to call was Daryl B…..who worked for a short time at CKRC before CKY hired him away.



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  1. Truly one of the great ones. He and his kid sister used to live across the alley from me when we were about 12. Who knew he would go on to be a radio legend. Miss him.

  2. Daryl was a class act. I was responsible for bringing him to Vancouver. In his final days he would visit me in Gastown. I could tell he was in physical trouble. Soon after he moved back to Winnipeg. He was a great natural talent and is missed.

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