Geo’s Media Blog (Damn Gypsys!) New 1/25/21

The other day for whatever reason, I started thinking about a phone call I got from my old pal, Bill Gardner when he was vacationing at his in-law’s place in Hawaii.

Bill and I first met when I interviewed him in Dallas to discuss the possibility of his joining us at KVIL.
I was launching a brand new format and thought Bill would be perfect for middays.

It was the middle of January when I picked Bill up at Love field, where he had just flown into from Minneapolis. Luckily, it was a balmy day in Big D, which I doubt the same could be said for Minneapolis.
Later that evening, we dined with Ron Chapman at a brand new restaurant called TGI Fridays and shortly thereafter, Bill became our new midday guy.

Just as I predicted, Bill was perfect, and in fact, sounded so good from the git-go that Billboard Magazine soon named him the “Radio Personality Of The Year.” Oh, and did I mention that he’s also been inducted into the Texas Radio Hall Of Fame recently? (Bill pictured on top and with me at a recent KVIL reunion)

Anyway, back to the phone call at hand. Bill had called to berate me about not returning his phone call even though he left a message saying that I needed to get back to him right away.
When I told Bill that I, in fact, had called back and left a message with the guy who answered the phone, he said that it must have been his father-in-law who was usually good with that kind of stuff and that he’d get back to me after checking with him.

When Bill called back he was laughing. It seems that his father-in-law definitely remembered my call but didn’t pass the message along because, as he said, “I didn’t think you’d wanna talk to any damn Gypsys.”
Surprized, Bill asked, “What makes you think George is a Gypsy” Bill’s father-in-law responded with, “Everybody knows that most Gypsys use Johns as their last name.”

Come to think of it he could be onto something: I’ve lived in three countries, four provinces, five states, and seventeen towns and cities, that is a little Gypsy like, ain’t it? 


With disaster comes opportunity.

I understand that our new President signed about twenty things into law on his first day in office. One of them I read was if I guy thinks he’s a girl he can participate in women’s sports. I’d like to see him get that one by the Olympic Committee where they still count chromosomes.

Speaking of the Prez, where the hell’s my check?

I understand that there’s a standing offer at Amazon of a million dollars for the employee who can make it easier to buy stuff from Amazon or figure out how to deliver it quicker. Can you imagine anybody in the radio biz having that kind of foresight?

Is there anything sexier than your lady private dancing for you?

The words “no priors” used in court doesn’t mean there’s “no priors.”

You can ‘B’ your way to success: Be First, Be Best, or Be Different.

Why do politicians think that they’re experts?

Cowards love to hide in gangs and also on Facebook.

I know a lot about radio, but only a little about most things but have more opinions about the other stuff than I do about radio.

When you’re up against a stronger opponent, change your game plan cuz he ain’t changing his.

How come there’s no video of cops doing good things?

Most folks know why something fails, but few know why it didn’t.

Sometimes to get what you want, as most politicians already know, ya gotta do bad things.

If you get too busy thinking about where you’re going, you’re gonna miss the ride.

The only place that there’s freedom of speech is in the middle of a field, but of course, you better own the field.

Because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s any good. The Monkees were popular, but they sure weren’t the Beatles.

Most of what we learn comes from trial and error.

Why the hell do government workers need so much time off? They sure don’t look tired.

When women talk about equality, are they talking about having the same opportunities as beautiful women? Good luck!

You’re better off using the word progress nobody likes change.
If you’re lucky enough to have a hit record, then what?

Being “Politically Correct” is just a smoother way of lying.

Women speak: Oh, that’s cute. (she likes it) Oh, that’s so cute. (she’s gonna buy it) Oh, this is just so cute; you need to come over here and see just how cute this is. (she’s gonna buy it but needs your  financial help)

According to the Asians and the Hispanics who are also trying to get into good schools, blacks are now the only minority that receives help.

Who decides what’s politically correct?

Did any bad cops ever hurt good people?

“Blood Harmony” is an instrument nobody can buy.

No matter what happens today, you get a fresh 24 hours tomorrow.

Being pissed off beats being scared every time.

According to Brent Farris, when your wife asks, “Does this make my butt look big? If you say no, are you lying, being politically correct, or just practicing self-preservation?

Freedom = Choices.

There’s nothing healthy about fame.


Timothy Moore: George, for all the good fortune I’ve experienced, in the later innings of my career, I confess I can count on perhaps two hands, colleagues I would truly consider “gifted. “On one hand, those I’d endorse as “genius.” You occupy a place in both. Your friendship means more than you can know.
Geo: You are too kind, my learned friend.

Don Walker: So many things I learn and so few years left to use them… (1st Ya Gotta Fall)
Geo: I feel your pain, Don.

Peter Zolnowski: Related story: My ex-wife sold her wedding gown on eBay. The ad said, “worn once. By mistake”. (Scam Alert)

Al: Mair: Interesting reading the late Doug Chappell’s comment. If you read his obituary, you will see in the last paragraph where we often disagreed. BTW, I also ran into my 60ies but had to stop because of knee problems. I never ran a marathon but got my ten K down to forty-two minutes… (The Christmas Fun Run)
Geo: When I was about to turn 50, Al, I hired Thom Hunt, a world-class runner, to coach me. I wanted to get my 10K time down to under 40 and perhaps get some medals when I entered the 50+ division. I raced on my 50th birthday and did a 38:20.

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3 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (Damn Gypsys!) New 1/25/21

  1. Gypsy JOHN eh! Well that could be a song George. You never know.
    Glad to see you rave on about radio greats like Bill Gardiner. What a team you had put together at KVIL. Impressive.
    We’re in lock down until at least end of February. Dam Covid.
    Safe travels and I’ll keep the radio on for ya!
    Dave Charless

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