Crazy Man Crazy ! (new geo Blog for the week of March 27/16)

I can still remember that warm spring day in Winnipeg when my obsession with beautiful women and music began. I was at my friend Barry LeVasseur’s place practicing for the up and coming Little League tryouts, and because we’d worked up quite a sweat, Barry suggested that we go in the house and get some water. Once inside, I couldn’t help but notice the blonde goddess standing beside the record player who was swaying her hips to some very strange music.
The goddess turned out to be Barry’s older sister who was listening to a very different sounding tune called “Crazy Man Crazy” by Bill Haley and the Comets. (click on the link at the bottom of the page) I’d never heard anything like it before and had no idea that it was a new form of music that would soon be sweeping the world soon called Rock & Roll. I to know that that life as I knew it was over and that my new world was about to be dominated by beautiful women and a lot of music? 

Even today whenever I hear “Crazy Man Crazy” I can still see Barry’s sister’s hips swaying back and forth, back and forth, back…

Seeing as 85% of all communication is done with the eyes Mr. Radio Personality you’ll more than likely need some help figuring out how to get the listeners to see what you’re saying. Can you spell coach?

Blind people are just as capable of seeing what you mean as a deaf person is about hearing where you’re coming from.

An apology is like superglue it can almost fix anything.

Men are like microwave ovens whereas women are like crock pots.

Some of the more interesting questions ever posed to me by beautiful women were.
(a) Did you know that I’m not wearing a thing under this dress?
(b) Would you like to see what I do to myself when you’re not here?
(c) Would you like to watch me shave all the way up?
(d)What do have to do to get you to dirty text me?

Most women except for my daughters are not near as innocent as they appear to be.

The sexiest part of a woman’s body is her face.

Have you ever noticed how breathtaking a photo of one or two naked women looks whereas a picture of a bunch of them nude just seems odd?

Everything you do on the radio should be created exclusively for the folks who don’t give a damn about what you do on the radio.

The most interesting people in the world are probably those you disagree with about a lot.

If you ever have to ask “don’t you know who I am” then you ain’t!

So how confident are you gun control freaks when you’re all alone in a black or Hispanic neighborhood without one?

Of course, racism still exists. Hell, even successful black people don’t want a bunch of black folk moving into their neighborhoods either.

As the road behind me lengthens and the one in front shortens I guess I should think about whether or not I should have done anything differently. Other than wishing I’d kicked some business guys down a few flights of stairs, not much.

Listening to the rich and poor whine all the time makes it difficult for the rest of us to sleep.

All women think that they need to lose about 10 lbs.

When men describe the women they love in public they tend to use words from a Disney film. However, when describing those they don’t, they use a lot of words from Game Of Thrones.

Shouldn’t we be ragging on all the billionaires in Mexico and the Middle East who are driving millions of their people to America?

If Trump wants to rid the world of ISIS all he has to do is announce an alliance with Russia and the terrorists would immediately to scurry off to the hills like the desert rats they are. Hey, how many terrorist attacks have you heard about happening in Russia?

If you were paid to teach, the students owe you nothing but maybe a little gratitude if you turned them on to learning.

I see tons of advice everywhere about how men are supposed to treat women, but none on how women should treat men?

If you want to get rid of most of the sexual harassment in the workplace, make it illegal for women to sleep their way to a better position.

I think Clint Eastwood would have handled the whole Oscar disaster a lot differently than Warren did.

Speaking of the Oscars has Bill Cullinan’s body been found yet or did they “Fargo” him?

I wanna be around when Trump tells the press people to get off his plane.

The big difference between Sinatra, Elvis, and the Beatles was that Frank and the Beatles knew how good they were.

Few people know that the health care system in Canada that the Canadians are so proud of was created by Keifer Sutherland’s Grandfather.

A hell of a lot of incompetence is covered up by the words, “for your safety.”

So when I was in Tampa last weekend to visit my daughter, I couldn’t help but notice that gas was $1.99 as opposed to the $2.45 a gallon we pay in West Palm Beach. I have a feeling that it’s all taxes, so I just want a list of what the hell I’m getting that Tampa’s not for all that money.

You can learn how to play guitar, as well as the late Chuck Berry, did, but you have to be gifted to play like Eric Clapton.

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