I met a pretty lady
workin’ near the beach
Her name is Courtney
but I think she’s outta my reach.

I’m writing this tune
to get a head start
On the other fools
trying to capture her heart.

She’s got long blonde hair
and a gorgeous smile
Not to mention a body
like I haven’t seen in a while

Hey beautiful lady 
behind the bar
Let’s go to California 
it’s not that far
We’ll live in a cottage
 down by the sea
Having nothing but fun
while planning a family.
We’ll vacation in Hawaii
that’s for sure
With weekends in the wine country
where the air is pure.
We’ll go to concerts
and hang out with the stars
 Who’ll all wanna know
just who you are?
You’ll need a new ride
so you can get around
With a huge stereo system
blasting your favorite sounds.
 Your days are numbered  
pouring drinks
So let’s go shopping
and pick up a few things
Victoria’s Secret
might be one of our stops 
Finding out what her secret was
 sure, cost me a lot.
Then it’s off to the frock shop
for a new dress or two
But what good are dresses
without matching shoes
We’ll dance our way 
all through the night
Then I’ll ask you to marry me
when the moment’s right.
We’ll do a perfect wedding
down by the sea
Where we’ll exchange vows
in front of friends and family.
Then it’s off to Big Sur 
for our big honeymoon
Where if all goes well
you’ll be pregnant by noon.
Ok ok enough of this song
Hey, pretty lady
you’ve gotta speak too 
So what say you, Courtney Dew?


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