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Even though my cardiologist claims that I have at least twenty more years to look forward to, I can’t resist looking back.
And even though my life has gone by much too quickly, it’s been extraordinary, to say the least
, and for that, I am extremely grateful.
Most of the working part of my life has been spent in broadcasting, but as my late wife, Lana, used to say, “You call standing around the halls of a radio station laughing, work?”
Yes, there were many laughs throughout the years, and even now, I still get a few in whenever I talk to any of my old radio pals.
However, the thing I’m most proud of as I look back at my broadcasting career is how many of the folks I worked with have been inducted into the Radio Hall Of Fame.
However, I was a musician long before I became a broadcaster, and even to this day can still remember my first and last time on stage.
The first was with Shayne and The Devines, where we won third prize in a talent show when I was just learning how to play the guitar. The last time I ever appeared on a stage was twenty-something years later when I returned to Winnipeg to hook up with my old band, The Jury.
The main reason I returned to Winnipeg was because John Einarson has written a book about all the bands that came out of Winnipeg during the ’60s, so they decided to reunite as many as they could for a big concert.

So, my band, The Jury, along with Randy Bachman (BTO), Burton Cummings (The Guess Who), Neil Young, and a whole bunch of others, reunited at the Winnipeg Convention Center to play a huge concert for charity. (see The Jury above on stage at The Winnipeg Convention Center)

When I was a kid, I always dreamt about becoming a Rock & Roll star, and to this day, I can still remember every moment of cutting our first record.
Unfortunately, the music biz didn’t turn out to be anything like the world I’d dreamt about, so I started thinking about moving on.

However, before I left the band we cut three more records, and even though one of them became the #1 Canadian record in Canada (see chart above) I finally left for the broadcasting business.

I have many great memories of my band years, and today I proudly display all our records on the wall in my Man Cave. (see on top)
Hey, how many people in my neighborhood do you suppose have records and sheet music hanging on their walls or can brag about opening up for Rock & Roll Hall of Famers like Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, and the Zombies?

I’ve had an unbelievable career in radio, but sometimes I miss just being a kid in a Rock & Roll band.


Leadership and management are not the same things; leadership is like a democracy whereas, management is a dictatorship.

I wonder how being a liberal person works out in Israel?

Speaking of Israel, why don’t we just let them have at the Arabs? The last time they did, they wiped out 3 Arab nations in six days. We’ve been fighting with the Arabs for 20 years now with absolutely no results. I vote for the Israeli way.

Wouldn’t you think by now that the people of New York and Detroit would want to try a different type of government, just in case?

I dislike the most about network news because they’re all looking for a story that proves what they already believe.

Speaking of network news, I left them when they started to tell me who to vote for.

When I look at Morgan Freeman, all I see is a great actor whom I’d love to hang with.

Worry is just your imagination running away with you.

Now that all that free money from the Feds is drying up, I bet some folks are finally ready to go back to work, huh?

Only losers look for the flaws in winners.

The major difference between a Mercedes and Honda is only the price.

Courage needs to be exercised.

You know you’re getting old when you wake up one day and realize that two of the biggest station you ever worked with, WIBC in Indianapolis is off the air, and the other, KVIL in Dallas, just got a 1.1 share. Wow!

There is no feeling like the one you get when you accomplish something you once thought was impossible.

I wonder how the Taliban justifies using today’s weapons to kill people who disagree with their yesterday practices?

I wonder if Joseph ever got laid? I know, I know, I’m watching for the lightning bolt.

So I recently ordered some chocolate-covered strawberries from Shari’s Berries, and when they said that if I ordered right now, I would get a 1% discount, I placed my order. That discount brought the price down to $31.49; what a deal, right? NOT!
After filling out all the particulars, I discovered on the payment page that they jacked the price up to $50.84 by adding in a hefty service fee and taxes.
Pretty scammy, don’t ya think?

Even though my body’s aged, I don’t think my mind has ’cause since I was 16, I’ve liked older whiskey, younger women, and faster Cars, and I still do.

Why do actors and musicians think that they have all the answers?

Our participation or non-participation can change the future.

Steve Eberhart: You see women with support animals at the grocery store all the time, but hardly ever see a man at the hardware store with one. (Hello America)
Geo: Exactly, Steve. Also, if Psychologists had to rely on male patients to survive, they’d all go bankrupt.
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