Cool 2 B a Kid!

Go BULL-DAWGS ! Oh I’m so sorry are my Indy roots showing.

Tim Moore claims that 80% of your radio activities will only produce about 20% of your successes.

As I drive along with my 15 year old daughter listening to the car radio as best I can because she is constantly switching stations. She seems to do it most when I start singing along. While listening to what I guess you would call her music It becomes very apparent that the only thing that has changed since I was a teenager is how embarrassingly explicit the words are. But the tunes are still about the same old thing and it’s the same old story that has been going on since the beginning of time. The Guy Rapper/Singers want more sex and the Girl Rapper/Singers as usual just want more and more romance. How does that tune go again … “If You Want It You Better Put A Ring On It”

At the staff meetings humor wise I can stay with most of the Jox most of the time but I sure can’t do it on the air. Big big difference!

Brent Farris said that when he was filling his car up the other day in Santa Rosa he saw a guy with Oregon plates pull in and just sit in his car by the pumps finally an attendant came out and said … Hey in California we pump our own gas Dude. The guy looked up rather astonished and said … And it costs more ??? How the hell does that work.

I think you only have 2 choices in life. You’ve got to make things happen or things will keep on happening to you.

There is only one reason to have the finest things in life and that reason is because you want them. Any other reason is wrong.

I wonder why spell check claims I misspell both my Daughters names. You would think by now I would kinda have it down.

When a radio friend of mine was getting married again after several failures his bride to be approached me and asked if I could give her any advice on what she could do to make sure she became his last wife. I told her I knew exactly what she had to do. All she had to do was give him unconditional adoration. She claimed that would be easy because she already adored him. I smiled and said the problem was that my friend didn’t deserve unconditional adoration he just demanded it and the moment you get tired of giving it to him he will find somebody just like you to give it to him again.

Speaking of my radio friend he said the reason he had married his previous wife was because she was so passionate. Turns out he said he was the one making all the noise.

I’m doing a panel at the the NAB in a few days where I finally get to meet one of my all time radio heroes John Gehron who is on the same panel as me. John was the master of WLS, my all time favorite radio station. I used to listen to WLS all the time while I was working odd jobs in Winnipeg. The thing I remember most about WLS was the way the Jox said the call letters. They all said them like they just loved saying them and couldn’t stop. Even Jox at other stations sounded like they would rather be saying WLS also. I really believe it was the way the talent said the call letters that got me interested in radio. They said them so proudly that I thought … Man they all love their job and I really hate mine, I think I’m going to get me some of that.

Have you ever noticed that we laugh at companies for doing things a certain way because thats the way they always did them. But most of us still live the way we always lived.

Fear is definitely an over rated motivator and usually ends badly for both parties.

The worst person in the world to lie to is yourself.

Mark Twain said Truth is stranger than Fiction because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities, Truth isn’t.

I think radio wastes a lot of time worrying about its image, maybe it should just get on with the entertainment.

The difference between us and the animal kingdom is our brains contain flexible neurons that can learn by experience. Our job is to get the experience.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have our elected politicians have to wear NASCAR type suits so it would be fairly obvious who their corporate sponsors were.

My upcoming session at the NAB titled Back To The Future 2.0 has me thinking about a lot of promotions I have been involved in over the years. One of them was the search for the fountain of youth which Papa’s younger brother Leicester Hemingway led us on. Leicester claimed he knew right where it was and could lead us to it. Now that I look back I think we would have been a whole lot better off looking for the fountain of smart.

My Daughter Candis who left Showbiz 5 years ago to become Super Mom recently taught an art class at my Grandson’s school. Instead of teaching the usual crafts things she taught them how to write a song. Here is what her and a bunch of 5 year olds came up with.

Cool 2 B a Kid

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  1. knock em dead in vegas george…had knee replacement surgery recently…would still love to get together…cheers…joe

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