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I’m not a big fan of consolidation because it doesn’t usually lead to better and cheaper products.
Never the less, even though consolidation appears to be bad for the consumer, the government seems to be ok with it except of course when it comes to them.
Hell, in law enforcement alone, we’ve got, The CIA, The FBI, The DEA, Homeland Security, The Secret Service, The Marshall Service, The Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, And Fire Arms, Customs and Border Protection, Office Of Special Investigations, The IRS Criminal Investigators, Immigration and Customs, and the Capitol Police.
Locally, we have the City Police, The Sheriffs Office, State Troopers, The DA’s Office of Investigators, The Airport Police, The Harbor Police, The University Police, and The Hospital Police.
Don’t you think a few of the above could be combined, not only to save a bundle of money but I think things would run a whole lot smoother as well? There are so many law enforcement people right now that I can’t believe that they’re not bumping into each other. They, of course, claim that they’re all understaffed.
Don’t even get me started about all of the other federal bureaus and the armed forces. Hell, even the auto industry wised up and started consolidating instead of continuing to compete with themselves. I don’t get it, the whole world has changed, but our government other than growing larger has changed nothing. They still think that finding more oil is our priority which is embarrassingly so old school.


We all miss where we came from until we have to go back.

Randy Bachman told me that the Guess Who were at their best when Chad Allen and Burton Cummings were both in the band. Randy claimed that there wasn’t a song on the charts they couldn’t do.

Women only understand men who desire them. The rest are a mystery. 

With one million, five hundred thousand charities registered in America, how the f^^k can there be any poor people, let alone homeless?

So tell me this Grasshopper, why does the CIA, FBI, the Secret Service, Homeland Security, and lord knows who else, get to kill bad guys without putting them on trial but we don’t? I know lots of bad guys and even more bad women.

Just because women don’t brag about their love affairs doesn’t mean they’re not having a bunch of them.

Jimmy Carter is a great human being but was a terrible president whereas Trump is a terrible human being but may be a great president.

Most of us prefer living in a world where our parents nor our children have sex. 

Why does Hollywood think that America wants to watch gay men making love? Do the math. 

When you hang out with your grandparents is yhe first time that you get a glimpse of where it’s all going.

Sometimes as Huey Lewis sang, “It’s Hip To Be Square.”

Seeing as the Irish were America’s first slaves, shouldn’t they be the first ones in line at the reparations trough?

Almost half of America is now over forty.

After trying to hide from Dorian for almost a week, I’ve decided that in my next life I want to be a weatherman. Hell, where else can you get it all wrong and still keep your job?

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are still in first place in their division, is it too early to be thinkin’ Grey Cup?

Speaking of football, I wonder if Brady and AB are playing a little catch today?.


Bruce Walker: I’m not sure what this climate change thing is all about. There must be a pile of gold in it somewhere.  One burp from a volcano can put out enough noxious gasses to surpass all the ones that mankind has ever produced since we got on this earth. (Bringing In The Sheaves)

Embree McDermid: How wonderful Cami expresses herself so well and takes the time to remember all the things you did to show your love for her.  You and her Mother must have done something right as a lot of children may think this, but don’t stop and put it down on paper. (perhaps not until after their demise) Not many men I know have taken such a big role in the raising of their children. A big Hi-Five George. (Sometimes Daughters Make Me Cry)

Ken LeMann: As good as it feels to heap importance upon ourselves, let’s be honest, radio as you say, may be part of show business but it’s somewhere on the very outskirts – maybe just beyond community theater! Seems like a lot of it is getting farther away every year. (Yeh But!)

Sterling Faux: What a treat Earl was to work with – always ready for anything. Doesn’t hurt that he also has the voice that God borrows when he needs to make an important announcement. (Earl Mann)

Geo: I’ll never forget listening to Earl, Stirling, the day I launched CFTR in Toronto and heard him say, “CFTR and the Chicago.” I remember thinking, “Well we’ve got a little more work to do before this all becomes soup.” 

Brent Farris: At my one and only meeting with Dr. Don Rose he told me, “Don’t be ME, there’s already one of those, be YOU.” And that’s where most people would have stopped the story, but the rest of it which stuck with me was, “This is the tough part,” he said, “They may not like you, but if they do, you have a career.” And then he walked away. (More Comments)

Tim Moore: Those from Michigan, OF Michigan, (unless they are Spartan Blind) know MSU owns a history of to be polite, “shortcuts.” Read “Behind The Green Curtain” written by two former MSU athletes (and no, I’m not a UM grad). Nasser’s madness is beyond comprehension, not unlike a serial murder with lesser consequences. (Never Ever Interrupt Laughter)

Tom Hoyt: George, you can do this blog thing from anywhere…..we are connected by these threads, not by being neighbors. If I could have something I really liked doing in the Palm Springs area, I would go back…..but as the communications and now fundraising guy for these churches….I’m back to a real job and as long as I’m having fun….I’ll continue to get the blessings and a little bit of money. Texas is in between FL & CA….we wouldn’t be physically any closer but we are connected…
Look up, look ahead, don’t look down, don’t look back. Do what your heart tells you. (Still Thinking About My Birthday)

Geo: True Dat, Tom.

Pat O’Day: Back in my Concerts West days, I was arriving in Oklahoma City with Three Dog Night on a Saturday night and driving from the Airport listening to WKY and the guy on the air caught my attention. Strange, such a talent on so late at night and on a weekend. Sunday night, on my way to the airport after the show, I hear the same guy and I’m impressed.
Returning to Seattle where I was the GM of KJR and KISW FM, I had my Assistant call WKY under the guise she wanted to hire the guy for a school-record hop. Now with his phone number, I called him and after a short visit, asked him if he would come up to Seattle and get acquainted. He said he had a problem, he was still in High School but could maybe come during Easter break.
After he graduated, I hired him to do 6 to 9 PM as Kevin O’Brien (His choice) and he became a huge Seattle star. Years later, when he became a PD, he went back to being Kevin Metheney and was a great PD, but he should never have left the air, he was spectacular with a voice that stunned with its love and charm. Loved ya Kevin, we miss you so!!!
Pat O’Day. (Fomo)

Geo: Pat, I wish I would have known that when I hired Kevin to be the PD of WIBG in Philly. Radio needs more radio stars, not more PD’s

Jed Duvall: George:  Why did the CKY morning show begin at 7:00 am?  Something to do with the C.B.C. or was it an anomaly of the time zone in Winnipeg? And a Top 40 station airing Joe Pyne between 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 am?  That was like WLS and WABC being forced to carry Don McNeill’s “The Breakfast Club” until 1968! (I tried To Tell Her)

Geo: Jed, the morning show began at 7 was because it was hosted by Cactus Jack Wells who was a TV superstar sportscaster. His last sportscast on TV was on very late so I guess it was part of his deal.
As for Joe Pyne, at that time in Canada, you had to do x number of hours a week of spoken word each week. Jim got it all out of the way with his show, and in return, Joe who was a shock talker, caused a lot of street talk while the kids were in school.
A somewhat interesting sidebar to all of this, Jed, is that Jim liked the way I did the Pyne promos at CKY so he tried to hire me to do some for him at WFIL. That’s when my name went on the bottom of the immigration list. By the time it got to the top, Jim was running Fairbanks Broadcasting out of Indy, and I was the station manager of CFTR in Toronto.

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3 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog. (Consolidation) New for 9/09/19

  1. Joe Pyne was one of the original shock radio personalities. I remember him telling callers to go gargle with razor blades. When he was on TV, there was a teenage band on the show called The Bantams. He would regularly insult them and they generally ignored the insults or didn’t realize that they were being insulted.

  2. George, I can’t even begin to correct you on so many levels this week. Especially the part about Trump being a great “President”. History will prove that statement incorrect in the future. Corruption has become so rampant, America is now on a par with the 3rd world. Ken LeMann, in my opinion, was one of the best radio talents ever on the air. He is so right about what radio has become. The ‘bottom rung’ of the show-biz ladder! It’s the same corrupt government that allowed that to happen too.

    • Geo: I only said that Trump may turn out to be a great president to see if you were awake, Paul. 🙂 Only time will tell. Kinda like Slick Willy was a great president but a terrible human being. George Bush Senior talk a good game about making his time in the Whitehouse kinder and gentler than Ronnie’s, then immediately started a war that we’re still fighting. However, it will be history, not our opinions that will straighten it all out.

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