CONSEQUENCES. (new for Jan 11/16)


While visiting Detroit years ago and listening to Jim Harper on WNIC I heard him play a commercial for a local car dealer. The spot claimed that they were selling Fords today for the lowest price ever so upon my arrival at the station I went directly to the sales managers office.
Once there I asked if he could hook me up with the Ford dealer so I could buy a few cars from him before he runs out. He looked at me strangely then asked how many I wanted and when I told him at least 5 or 6 he said … You’ve got to be kidding! I assured him that I was very serious because in 1925 Henry Ford sold Fords in this very town for less than $300 a pop so if they can do better than that today I’m prepared to buy as many as I can and ship them back home to San Diego where I plan on selling them. He didn’t get it!
Women are a lot easier to deal with if you don’t desire them.
Mr. Fairbanks once told me that what America really needed was stronger rats.
It didn’t seem that long ago when we were all excited because an Indy race car finally went 200 mph. Now Dodge is advertising that one of their new cars goes 206.
AS soon as Walt Disney found someone who could draw Mickey Mouse better than him he fired himself.
There comes a time in your life when the only women you care about impressing are your daughters.
The only place on earth where health care, education, food, clothing, housing, and utilities are free is in prison.
Most people only change when something very emotional happens to them.
I don’t know anybody who thinks that they are overpaid.
When Ron Chapman he told me that he wanted to be big enough to have difficulty walking down the street I immediately ordered a new “Vette” ’cause I knew that we were already halfway there.
Only very unique music sounds any good on AM radio.
Good product produces more revenue than good selling does.
Muses and demons both whisper in the ears of gifted people but unfortunately use the same voice.

Speaking of gifted, sadly David Bowie is gone at 69.

If you only do your show for people who don’t know who you are pretty soon everybody will know who you are,
I’ve always prided myself in being a student of radio except it ain’t been teaching me much anymore.
Most things claimed to have been done for safety reasons have absolutely nothing to do with safety.
Most motivational rev up parties do little whereas rating parties which sometimes change lives.
I only tease the people I like.
9 times outta 10 a creative person can whip a gifted person but none of us stand a chance against a gifted person who is also creative.

Watching the Netflix series “The Making Of a Killer” makes me even nervous about driving through Wisconsin.

The only break on the radio that counts is the one you’re about to do.
People listen to the radio they don’t watch it but if you don’t get them to look at occasionally you ain’t makin’ dick.
When the President mentions all the hardworking Americans he’s not talking about Government employees right?
Have you ever wondered who “they” really are.

Ahh the age old question … Is it the singer or is it the song. One thing I know for sure though is the songwriters always get paid so that might be a clue.

Most men don’t realize that when they commit to a woman they are also committing to her whole family.

The first time you understand the love of a parent is when you become one.

What the hell are those people saying on the speaker at Mickey D’s drive through.

It isn’t that difficult to reinvent yourself and become the person you really wanna be.

Did you realize that the only reason we even exist is because of a few inches of top soil and a little rain.

Just because you’re not left doesn’t make you right.

Unfortunately some of the bad things you did as a kid for kicks end up lasting forever, they’re called consequences.

10612645_10154439644089307_2401220633193255004_nI’ve had a terrible week as my dear friend Gary Russell recently passed away but now I’m finally now able to chuckle at some of the great memories I have of him and I over the years.
Gar lucked out 4 years ago when he married “Young Joan” the type of woman the rest of us only get to dream about ever having. (The picture is Gar and me taken at my birthday party in San Diego which they attended while he and Joan were on their honeymoon). As sad as this all is I will tell you that they managed to cram more living into their short time together than most people do in a lifetime. RIP buddy, I miss ya and love ya!

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4 thoughts on “CONSEQUENCES. (new for Jan 11/16)

  1. Sorry to hear about your buddy Gary.
    I just wanted to let you know that I will be on CJNU this Friday night at 7:00 P.M. with Greg Gardner. It’s a nostalgia FM station in Winnipeg with some really neat people involved. Look it up, you will probably know most of them.
    We will be playing some Jury records and discussing the good old days.

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