Chuck Dann (Riley) plays The Jury and Jimmy Darin (Hilliard) discovers them. 8/21/19

The year was 1965 and the British Invasion which was well underway had forced all the Winnipeg bands to change their sound. With the new sound came a new dream, get a record deal. The first group to get one was The Guess Who, followed by my band, The Jury, and then The Deverons with a kid named Burton Cummings. (Neil Young was still a year away)
On the links below are some rare radio airchecks I came across of Chuck Dann, and Jimmy Darin of CKY in Winnipeg playing The Jury on their respective shows. (pictured together above)

The first link is Chuck Dann in the winter of ’65 playing our first release, “Until You Do” The next is Jimmy Darin a few months later playing our third release, “Back In My World.”

Chuck Dann_Instant Hit #4_The Jury_Until You Do.wav” on Dropbox.
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