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Below is an email from an old songwriting buddy of mine Chris McCarty (pictured on top with Steve Miller) who is looking for some help in finding a country music star to record a new tune that he has written called “Children of America?” (click on the first link below to hear it.)
Chris is one of the most interesting guys that I’ve ever met and his career is all over the place. He’s acted in movies like Sylvester Stallone’s “Over The Top” and Carroll O’Connor’s TC series “In The Heat Of The Night.” He’s also written a ton of hit songs such as Swingtown and Wide River for Steve Miller; A Woman Knows for Martina McBride, and You Baby You for Highway 101. Also, some of his music was used in films like Project X and even The Sopranos on HBO. However, of course, my favorite is the one he wrote along with my daughter Candis called The Wave. (click on the MP3 below her picture to hear it.)
Unfortunately, as I told Chris, “Hey man, I loved your new song right from the get-go and was addicted to by the second listen. However, I’m not very connected in the music world at the moment, but hopefully, someone who reads my Blog may be?”

Hey George,
How are you? Great new blog and speaking of you “leaving it all behind to do radio in America” I have an idea I’m kicking around in my head and wanted to ask your opinion. That new song of mine “Children of America” is getting some great responses from a few music friends in Nashville and even Steve Miller and I think it could be a hit if recorded by a current country star. As you know, it’s a tough racket getting songs cut in Nashville although I had a few cuts some years ago and, in this case, I was wondering if you thought it might be a good idea to run the song by Keith Hill.I’m sure you know him, and I know he’s one of the top consultants to country radio and if had a good word on the song it might make a difference to a Nashville record label executive. In fact, I think the song could even be done as a duet with a male and female country artist as the story/song revolves around the life of a young couple.
I also think the current Nike controversy and the ‘taking a knee’ issue might even help my very ‘American’ song and get some traction in country radio. I know my production is first rate and a country artist (or artists) could come in and do replacement vocals, and the song could go out right away. And I know it typically takes a while to gear up a promotion campaign around an album and any singles but again, in this case, it could out to radio in time for the holidays with a possible album release soon to follow. Anyway, just wondering if you think I should hit up Keith and, who knows, it might help get something started for the song. Thanks, and my best to Candis.

Chris McCarty
(512) 939-3130

PS – If the track needed to be a bit more country we could add a little steel guitar, etc

Geo’s Life-Liners.

Political & Politically Incorrect.
Is the term “good economy” based solely on how the rich are doing?

Nike figured out Trump’s trick, do something controversial then stand back and let the free publicity flow.

It appears to me that Cuban people were doing better back in the days when things were so bad that they started a revolution.

I wonder if the Jews who live in New York are strong enough to live in Israel?

When did white males become so powerful that they had to write laws to help others compete with them?

Why do the people who are running for office look so happy, aren’t they trying to get elected because things are bad?

Mars & Venus
How is it wives only get to share in the financial upside?

Men only sleep with the women they desire.

All women deserve respect, but only the strong ones demand it.

Do women ever wonder what we think about the women we don’t desire?

Women don’t handle being the breadwinner well.

Women are all about fun until you commit, then it gets serious.

The window of opportunity doesn’t open on its own.

It matters more the direction you’re moving than where you stand.

Without controversy there is no fame, it takes balls to become famous.

Worry is wasted imagination. 

We all want to change that which we can’t rather than that which we can.

Doubt is usually followed by failure.

If looking for something that will amuse you, try doing the impossible.

Your appreciation put into words could change someone’s life. 

To become successful, you’ve only got two choices, get an excellent education or invent something.

Dinner is never just dinner.

Fame puts a huge target on your back.

Bob Marks wants to know why bartenders prefer talking to each other rather than serving drinks?

One of the many reasons I’m against global economy is because it would be headed up by people we didn’t know and certainly didn’t elect.

A few years ago when I used to program WRMF in Palm Beach, we also had a beautiful music station called WRLX which was giving WRMF a run for its money. When I asked an advertising executive why he was running cruise spots on WRMF instead of WRLX, he said, “We already have all those people, it’s the folks who don’t cruise that we need to talk to.”

Bob&Geo Write The Radio Wrongs is coming.

Sox win the AL East. Go, Sox!

Browns finally win.

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