Chelsea Never Had Sex!

10174776_10152734235299307_2062796907643963170_nThrough the years I’ve been privileged to work with some very talented people like Jim Harper who was also one of the classiest guys I’ve ever met. Jim was part of the Harper and Gannon Morning show on WNIC in Detroit and I was the new station consultant. No matter what Jim somehow always managed to look like he had just stepped off the set of the TV series “Miami Vice”.
When Steve Gannon left to do his own thing Jim decided to do his show a little more like Johnny Carson did his which was always my favorite type of morning show to coach after studying the Tonight Show for so many years so Jim and I hit it off instantly. Although I knew from the git go we had a big problem that needed to be fixed immediately. The big problem was that the current Program Director was the type who wanted to do a more music morning show but as I discovered years before you don’t need a talented guy like Jim Harper around to do one of those. I felt the PD was not only gonna be a pain in the ass to deal with he was also standing in the way of Jim becoming a Detroit legend he as destined to become. I informed Jim that the main reason Ron Chapman wanted to be the PD of KVIL in dallas was so he could protect the morning show. Ron was simply not going to answer questions about his morning show to some Music Director who had managed to get himself promoted to the Program Director’s position. My plan was a simple one, we get rid of the current PD and make Jim the temporary Program Director. Jim claimed there wasn’t a chance in hell that Corporate was gonna buy him as the new PD and I agreed, but as I explained everybody is always very comfortable with the word temporary. If they don’t buy this plan Jim I explained we are doomed because they will make us look for the perfect new PD before allowing us to get rid of this guy and by then your morning show will be ruined. I believed as I told Jim that we didn’t have the luxury of time coz the future is now. I don’t remember how long they looked a new PD but I do know they never found one as good as Jim. Don’t you just love when devious plans come together.

Aren’t protest marches kinda old school now.

Seeing as 25% of people skip over a tune 5 seconds after it begins you may consider working on other aspects of your programming.
You are whomever your boss says you are.
I remember very little of what people tell me but if I’m taught something then that I remember. Getting me involved in the process though is the only way I learn.
A gifted person who decides to become creative is soon gonna kick your ass.
Dreams are visualization at it’s finest.
Don’t you wish that just once when a talent and a Radio Station parted company that both sides would tell the truth about why.
The way you brand things is through repetition but of course Radio is working on trying to eliminate that.
It is rumored that the reason The Beatles created Sgt. Pepper was in response to The Beach Boys Pet Sounds album. Now it turns out that The Beach boys never even played on their album so what kind of competition was that.
It is said that it is better to give than receive but I bet like me even old Santa grows weary of it.
I hate the word no so much that I find myself getting angry just anticipating hearing it.
I think the penalties for crooked cops and politicians should much more severe than for regular people. The folks have no hope of covering up their misdeeds.
Neither the Democrats nor The Republicans are afraid of the rich but both are deathly afraid of the wealthy.
Selling Radio time never gets any easier.
On air people are an acquired taste so you have to teach the audience to like them where as they already like most of the music.
Do most of the pro athletes who continually tell us how great they are realize that they will never be in the Hall Of Fame.
Bobby Bowden once said he would rather coach a player with passion than talent.
Whatever you do on air should be created in hopes of making memories.
Inside all older people is a younger person who when they look in the mirror says … WTF.
In Radio the only time you feel the glare of the spotlight is when you’re losing otherwise you feel like you’re working in a vacuum. Your wins for some reason become a closely guarded secret.
Now that we have so many communication devices is everything better now?

I understand that just before Chelsea got married Hillary asked her if she had sex with her fiance yet … Not according to Dad was her only reply.

Government employees are paid decently, have great benefits plus a fantastic pension plan but they all still look and act pissed at us so I figure they need to come out here in the real world where we can give them a little attitude adjustment.

Speaking of attitudes I noticed years ago while taking my Daughter Candis to College at NYU on the train from San Diego that the “attitude” in America shows up around Chicago and as you head further east it gets worse.

The only way you can motivate someone is when they want to be motivated.

When Joe Amaturo owned a bunch of Muvico Theaters I asked him why they were all different in appearance he said it was because they were trying to match the location in which each was located. Wow maybe radio should try that.

Giving a ton of money to charity doesn’t make you a good person, how you acquired the money is what determines that.


8 thoughts on “Chelsea Never Had Sex!

  1. >Seeing as 25% of people skip over a tune 5 seconds after it begins you may consider working on other aspects of your programming.<

    Ahh, George, you are priceless! Love your blog!

  2. Hi George, I id with Ron C. about his main reason for becoming pd at KVIL. Protecting the morning show of Knapp & Donuts at KS95 was my # ! reason for doing the basically “thankless” pd job for 12 years in Mpls. and it worked.

    • As I recall Chucker it worked real well you may have noticed I never came to town to do battle with you, I picked my fights wisely.

  3. I remember Jerry St.James and Jim Harper on WNIC and when the news hit that they had split up and Jerry was going to WMJC. From what I recall, they both where to go to WMJC and Jerry had already singed and Jim said he wanted to be either the Program Director or Music Director and the station said no.

    So, both started looking for new on air partners and Harper/Gannon and You hit the air first on WNIC followed a few months later buy Jerry St.James and Elliott on WMJC.

    Jim and Steve had the funnier show by far but somehow it all fell apart and Steve left only to return when I think when Jim Harper and Mike Bradley bought WABX and renaming it WDTX.

    Jeff and Jer left for Chicago then San Diego and where a team for thirty-three years when Jerry then going buy his real name Jerry Cecek retired from the show leaving Jeff Detrow (Elliott) still with the program.

    Jim retired from a station in Detroit also called “Magic” and I read that Steve Gannon passed away a few years ago.

    Ah Detroit radio in the 1980’s.. loved it!

    • Jeff I had the privilege of working with Harper and Gannon in Detroit plus Jeff & Jer in San Diego. All of them were very gifted and fun to work with. I learned real early just how they liked their coffee and gave it to them exactly that way. geo

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