Caption The Photo!

Recently I attended the 40th Anniversary of one of America’s great radio stations KZST in Santa Rosa California. Some of the beautiful women who work there insisted I have a picture taken with them. If you are like me then we both believe a picture is worth a thousand words, I am anxious to hear yours for this one.

I await your comments. geo.

45 thoughts on “Caption The Photo!

  1. George Johns is the Charlie Sheen of Santa Rosa! <–that's the caption. Gordon's crazy to let you hang around with all of HIS beauties, GJ!

  2. George:
    Those young ladies are jail bait George. You must be more careful! I thought Hilliard had taught you better! I can see it in your eyes. Shame! Shame!
    Pat O’Day

  3. I’ve given you all the counsel I can, you must act, take the initative at the minimum, my God man, strike while the iron is hot!

    • And a good looking shirt it was Doc until the charming ladies ripped it off me or at least that’s how I kinda remember it. Memo to self … Cut back the red wine medicine!

  4. Hold the pickles…. Hold the lettuce… A George sandwich is what fed us…. All we ask the let us have Canadian bacon today!

    George Johns proves that he is still living a musician’s lifestyle…. Meet the
    “The New Devines!”

    George has lasted well over 4 hours and hasn’t once thought about calling his doctor! Thank God for those little blue pills!

  5. Hold the pickles…. Hold the lettuce… A George sandwich is what fed us…. All we ask is that you let us have Canadian bacon today!

    Had to fix the typo…. I was trying to not let my wife see what I was doing! 🙂

  6. Looks like the girls of KZST have snared another noted radio consultant into their lair.
    Several have been known to have come back for further abuse.

  7. Breaking News – Hugh Hefner has a long-lost twin brother who runs circles around his sibling. The story and shocking photos in THREE minutes!

  8. Looks like the biz is coming back George. They look better than the ladies we had at the Grog Shop Christmas party!

  9. Upon he recent release from prison, well known broadcaster George Johns is surrounded by every sales rep in the radio industry who loves him.

    • I did become too good at that didn’t I Dana. But I remember also when you decided it was time to drive a Porche and do your own research.

  10. I’m pretty sure three out of four of these ladies are from the Sales department. They are use to non performing clients.

    • Jerry see my reply to Barry below. But I remember at KVIL you sure had a few I would have loved to have had my picture shot with and much much more.

  11. Let’s see…The tall one is a lesbian.
    The slutty fake blonde chick George is hugging…is removing his WALLET!
    The woman falling down with a few miles on her is a Sales Rep!
    The chick who’s already drunk on her knees…is a GM!

    Shortly after this photo was taken, the hotel charged George $1100 for a bottle of Sparkling Burgundy!

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