Canada Lied To Me! (new blog for thanksgiving week)

482733_10151827071844307_1141666166_nA sales promotion is 10 times more successful if it sounds like it came from the programming department.

If we ever did all the stuff we put off by promising to do it tomorrow, we would never make it through the day out of sheer exhaustion.
The 4 different ways you get to die are:
1. When you stop making love.
2. When the child in you dies.
3. When you stop learning.
4. When you stop breathing.
Do Hollywood writers love to write or write because they feel a need to get their liberal point of view across.
Truth is truth, what may appear to be the truth or what you believe it is in no way changes that.
If you don’t have any artistic talent what the hell are you doing in showbiz. Artistic people can’t just start practicing law!
Fame unveils who you were all along.
The primary job of the air talent is to promote the radio station as the job of the radio station is to promote the air talent. It helps of course if the air talent actually has talent.
It’s the strong hooks in a song that cause it to be a hit and even as different as the Beatles were they obviously well aware of that fact.
I have found that as fun and as exciting my life has been that writing about it seems to take a hell of a lot longer than living it.
Women forgive but never forget, men never forgive but they forget.
You seldom get what you don’t ask for.
Just because you have the power doesn’t mean you have the ability.
Silence is not only golden but is also a great teacher as well.
As a Canadian/American I have no interest in any policy that allows someone easier access to America than I had.
Speaking of Canada, when I was growing up the government used to say that in order for me to have a better life we needed a larger population. Did they know they were lying?
Since moving to America I have discovered that Thanksgiving here seems to be a bigger deal to the folks than Christmas, except in the stores of course.
If it’s true that capitalism is based on supply and demand how come wine isn’t 50 cents a bottle.
In radio it doesn’t matter what you did yesterday only what you are doing today counts.
Jack Collins the GM of the first “Class” station told me sales people generally work for the client not the radio station. I told him I totally understand that but therein lies the problem, I don’t work for the radio station either I work for the listeners.
Speaking of the listeners, sometimes I feel like I’m just their shop steward.
Most people do not listen to the radio to be educated.
Enough of all the decisions already lets have the person who is paying the bill decide where we should eat.
When my Daughter Candis was growing up she said she had difficulty deciding if I was sexist or not. She finally claimed I was but just not with her.
If it’s true that talent comes from the dark side how come I’m not a hell of a lot more talented.
The device used to get the product to the people is ever changing but the product lives forever.
My Brother Reg has often told me that I should give up the a-hole part of my personality because I wasn’t as good at it as a lot of radio people he has met but I think I’m getting better.
I loved a lot of the things Ronald Reagan did but his emptying of the insane asylums was not one of them as they walk amongst us today with guns.
Growing old is inevitable but growing up is an option. 
Why do married guys have to ask permission to have a “boys nite out” whereas women just do it.
Did you ever notice that you tend to turn down your car radio when you are looking for a street address.

Boy America’s Bill Cosby is making Canada’s Jian Ghomeshi look like a bit of a wuss isn’t he.


14 thoughts on “Canada Lied To Me! (new blog for thanksgiving week)

  1. Great post for Thanksgiving week, George. On behalf of a grateful nation of radio people: Thank You, and all the best to your and yours this Holiday.
    Forever in your debt,
    -Jim Harper

    • Thank you Jim and back at you and your beautiful bride for a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m headed to LA to spend it with my Grandson Nathaniel and of course my Daughter Candis and her Husband Charlie so wonderful is all locked in for me.

  2. This is the most disconnected, nonsensical, senile word vomit I’ve seen in my entire life. This blog had nothing to with anything. You’re incorrect about a great deal of things, least of which your apparent idealism of the Beatles or of the way radio worked 40 years ago. You sound like a cranky, bitter old man who is upset because the world changed around him and let you and your glory days behind in the dust. Feel free to continue writing this garbage, which all it does is persist the notion that your brand of media is outdated, useless and dead. Please stop posting this blog everywhere — it’s not relevant to anywhere you’re posting it.

  3. Ah Tyler, I guess you’re off your meds again. George won’t be responding as he doesn’t respond to ‘innuendo’…I heard that somewhere recently.

    I have a suggestion for you from those of us who like to read George’s random thoughts…DON’T READ THEM!

  4. George – I vote for this thought and I think it’s very relevant – “As a Canadian/American I have no interest in any policy that allows someone easier access to America than I had.” – David

  5. Tyler, surely you can glean something from George’s writing – if it is only where to find the “delete” key. Everybody has a right to their opinion, but if you approach everything with a closed mind – you have given up learning. I’m sure I am much older than you – (than everybody), but I can almost always find something in the writings to agree or learn from and in the end you have reaped the criticism. He doesn’t pretend to be something he isn’t – he just puts out his thoughts to be accepted, learned from or rejected & you cannot deny his success in Radio.

  6. Excellent Blog as usual George. Have a great Thanksgiving. As a Canadian/American you get two of them. Nice to have two of all those Holidays.
    Walker B

  7. Say “Hello” to Reg for me …The Sane ONE eh? Naw, you’re both good guys. Happy American Thansgiving. I remember a few of them having lived in San Francisco, Denver, Minneapolis, Cleveland & Portland.

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