Cami Only Dances For Money!

Here I am with the corporate guys from the James Crystal Radio Group, Matt, J2, and Rick. As you can see we are having our usual Friday working lunch at Bonefish Mac’s in Pompano Beach. We are hard at work on the “Jimmy Fund” and we of course only use the Bloody Marys and Sheperds Pie as fuel so as to become more creative.  A couple more Marys and I think we may be on to something!

When I told Joe Amaturo I went to the Manitoba Institute of Technology after High School he suggested the name was too long and I should just go with MIT.

Speaking of High School my Daughter Cami is raising money for a Dance Marathon at Wellington High where she is going to dance for kids unable to dance for themselves because of illness. She asked me if I could help her so I sent her link to some of my friends and she was instantly over her goal and had to reset it. Upon doing so she sent me a text that read … Thank you Daddy! Sometimes having a famous Father comes in handy. Cami, I’m not sure how famous I am but what I am sure of is I have some very nice friends and I thank them very much on your behalf. Click here for details!

Hey seeing as I haven’t played my ’58 black Fender “Strat” since leaving The Jury in 1967 I’m thinking of selling it. I know Eric Clapton would scoop it up in a second but he doesn’t know about it. Any thoughts?

My good friend Gar Vidler (Russell) called me from Mexico where he is living for the winter to tell me he wasn’t buying my Hunny Bunny story from an earlier Blog. Knowing me as he has for over 40 years he claims there wasn’t near enough geo anger nor philosophy attached to it to be very true.

Buzz Barnett claims that beauties with brains deserve a lot more respect so he was prepared to show it at the very first opportunity and he did.  Good for you Buzzy!

Unfortunately I say this from experience … You can get over true love.

Speaking of love, this is the month of love. Lets celebrate it all year long year or at least until Victoria’s secret runs out of special outfits.

It has been told to me that if you even wonder for a second whether or not you are crazy you’re probably not. Crazy people don’t waste their time on silly questions like that they are too busy hurting people.

Radio has two customers their listeners and clients. Unfortunately the two have very little in common.

If Women can’t give up chasing new shoes surely they understand why Men have difficulty giving up chasing new Women.

Our Government can no longer afford not to be at War. A 100 years ago a temporary tax called income tax was installed to help finance the first World War and was to be withdrawn after the Great War was over.

The two things I think that made America great was the creation of “the middle class and  lots of competition.” Now the Government seems to be trying to destroy those things by allowing consolidation and only taking care of the rich and the poor. It wont be long now until we’ll resemble Mexico. Now there’s a fun place to live without money!

The reason folks from Canada can live almost as good as most Americans is because even though Canada does not produce that much they don’t have a big enough population to consume their natural resources so they sell them to other countries.

Speaking of the rich folks someone needs to explain to them profit is a privilege not a right.

The only Radio shows I think are any good are the ones that produce great promos.

Why is it that the bigger things get the more evil they become.

The hardest task in Radio is getting permission from management to win.

I was taught a long time ago that it’s all about supply and demand. If that’s true then why isn’t good wine a buck a bottle.

The best thing about winning is when it starts to happen again you’ll recognize the signs and stop tinkering with it.

There are only a handful of people in the world who can actually make a stock rise but unfortunately none of them are in Radio.

The thing I can’t understand is how do the Radio people who got us into this mess still have the power to fire the people who had nothing to do with the destruction.

The more unique something is the more you can sell it for.

How come it’s so easy for other people to see that someone adores when it’s not obvious to you at all.

Dion told me 54 years ago he gave up his seat on the plane carrying Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper to their death because he knew he would never be able to explain to his parents why he spent the extra money which was equivalent to the rent money they paid each month($35) when he already had a paid for seat on the bus.

Has anyone ever heard a thank you out of New Orleans for for sending 10 Super Bowls there which of course produces millions of dollars for the city not to mention the Feds sending them 360 million to rebuild the Superdome so they could have the big game played there.

Speaking of the Super Bowl how come they don’t show the honey shots of all the cheerleaders like they do at the regular games.

It is said that if you can forgive your enemies you become great or you can just remain mediocre like me and check your list everyday.





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