Camera Anne Johns Summerfield Graduates Today!


Well over 18 years ago I moved to West Palm Beach Florida so I could be involved in the life of my soon to be born baby daughter, Camera Anne Johns Summerfield. My move resulted in me and Cami having some incredible adventures together. We’ve flown to Hawaii, rode the trolly in San Francisco, drove up into the Rocky Mountains to our home in Canada, escaped to Chicago running from a Hurricane and hung out with my buddy Reid who has known her since she was one day old, rode across America on Amtrak, traveled to Sea World, Disneyland and Disney World where we met Mickey and Minnie, hung out at all the beaches in Florida and California, wandered around museums in Palm Beach, shopped for Christmas dresses on Worth Avenue, been to the circus in the leaky Tee Pee, swung up to Indy to see Cirque De Sole, went to get a puppy and soon there were three, Pippi, Buster, and Pooh, gone snow boarding and water rafting in Aspen, seen the Nutcracker at the Kravis 13 times in a row (so glad that’s over), hurtled down countless water slides at a lotta water parks, I carried her around countless exotic birthday parties that had just overwhelmed her, went flying in a wind tunnel, well actually she and her mother flew while I watched, been camping, bowling, rollerblading, ice skating, gone to father daughter dances, wandered up and down the streets of Wellington begging for treats on Halloween, ventured on TRI Rail to see her hero Barney in concert down in Miami, then off to the Universal Studios to meet him in person, popped up to New York to watch the ball drop on New Years Eve, caught a couple of Broadway plays, went to the Zoos in Miami and San Diego. road the trolley through the Wild Animal Park in California, swam with the Dolphins in Orlando, walked the walk of fame in Hollywood,I foolishly rode all the rides with her at Disney where I held on to her (never again), went to Sunfest snd the South Florida Fair a bunch of times and even to one in Ft lauderdale with Cousin Jamie from Canada, did a few concerts, and dragged a few of my friends like Easter and Russ to some of hers, had some very special Christmas dinners at the Ritz, the Four Seasons, and with all the Disney characters at the Grand Floridian, lunched in Cinderella’s Castle, skimmed over the everglades, had fun watching her at her sweet 16 party in her special dress with feathers, did lots of visits to San Diego to see Cousin Christina, Aunty Savvy, Uncle Reg and Rufus, with a short hop up to LA to see her Sister Candis, Nephew Nathaniel and Brother in law Charlie numerous times but none more special than when she was the flower girl at her sister’s wedding, a little further north to Agura hills where she always loved to see and shop with her special friends Jan and Bob, we drove up the coast through Big Sur to Redwood City to see Uncle Jim and Aunty Barb, then on to the wine country in Sonoma County where we visited with Gordon, Tom and Brent at KZST, wandered through the Redwoods, took a private Jet to Mendocino for lunch, flew to San Diego for my big Birthday party but the medics had to come on in Dallas to take her off the plane because of what we think was peanut poisoning and we even watched The Panthers play Hockey in Ft Lauderdale. Hey we gotta do something for dad now and then

What a fun a great part of my life Cami these past 18 years and she proved that what Bob Dylan wrote was oh so so true because before I had her … I was so much older then I’m younger than that now. I’ve had the extreme pleasure of watching Cami grow from a pretty little girl to the beautiful young lady she is today. I’ve gone from Da Da to Daddy to Dude and now back to Daddy again which of course is my favorite but when i hear it I notice a lot of the times it costs me money but well worth it. I’ve enjoyed every minute of watching her in plays, taking horseback, swimming, ballet, gymnastics, tennis, Tae Kwon Do and countless other lessons over the years and I couldn’t be a prouder father as many of you read my Blog already know.
A new chapter is about to unfold in both our lives as Cami graduates from Wellington today and then soon will be off to college at SFU in Tampa. I’m going to miss her like crazy but my mission is now complete and it’s time for me to think about where I want to spend the rest of my life. Cami, I’m pretty sure knows that I am her rock and always be and will always be standing to help and protect her for as long as she needs me to do so. Please join me now in a toast to my beautiful daughter on this her graduation day. I love you so much honey and I couldn’t be any prouder of you than I am today!   xodaddyxo

PS Cami I’m still getting you that Beetle Rag Top! (oh I’m sorry honey do you need your glasses to read this part, are the words a little hard to make out)

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  1. Cami,

    Here’s to the next chapter in your life. Congratulations and good luck. Did Daddy really buy you a Beetle?

  2. Congratulations Cami, and welcome to the grown-up world. Not always easy. But when you’re making future choices and wonder whether to “turn left, turn right, or go straight,” pick up the phone and ask your amazing Dad. Like I did, many times. You are wonderfully close to some of the greatest wisdom possible.

  3. Dear Cami,

    Congratulations on your graduation! I watched you grow up in pictures.
    I hope you love your time at college and the Beetle!
    Good Luck with all of your future endeavors 🙂


  4. Cami, Happy Graduation Day! I moved all the way from Phoenix to West Palm just to be a part of welcoming you into the world and , as your Dad said, was fortunate enough to see you on your 1 day birthday.:) As I read the comments posted here, I’m not sure I could say it any better than Bill Gardner did…so I won’t try. Ditto for me. Congratulations Cami!

  5. Cami…

    I’ve known your dad (and your uncle Reg) for perhaps 30 years…and while I like Reg a little bit more, I still think the WORLD of your dad . While we have never met, I follow your dad on Facebook, so I feel like I know you, through so many wonderful photos and terrific tributes from him to you. It’s so obvious that he’s very proud of you and his love for you is precious and real. Congratulations on your graduation, and on whatever your future life-path’s will take you. Enjoy the ride. And, when you face speed-bumps or difficult decisions, just ask yourself “What would DAD do?”. Then, be sure you do the exact opposite .

  6. So awesome seeing you grow and achieve to blaze your own path.
    All the best as you move on to the next adventure in your life.
    Good Luck,
    Steve Lapa

  7. I have known your Dad for many years and as a father myself watching my own two kids grow into productive and fine human beings, I know how proud your Dad is and I wish you God’s very best for your life and your future… prayers are with you and your Dad.
    Terry Kenny

  8. Cami,
    I have enjoyed many a great time with you, your dad, and my daughters Natalie and Noelle. I have watched you grow and become a beautiful young lady. Remember, life rarely gives us what we want, but it often gives us what we need. The Great Spirit of the Universe never gives us more than we can handle. Keep those thoughts in mind as you move to the next chapter in your life. You have parents that love you very much. You are very blessed in many ways.
    Russ Morley

  9. Cami…..Congrats on your graduation ! Your dad is so proud of you, and you’ve got the Johns genes, so you’ve got a nice head start as you look toward this new journey.

    All the best,

    Paul Barsky

  10. Congrats Cami! I’ve watched my own four daughters take this step and it was thrilling each time. Your Dad said he would explain that everyone, you didn’t know, commenting on this was some sort of “Big Deal.” What he probably (or maybe he will) won’t tell you is that he is the biggest deal of them all. I learned so much from him and your Uncle Reg. I will be forever in their debt. Happy life Cami!

  11. Dear Cami,
    Congratulations on such a special day.
    I met you when you were about six and we all had such fun. You are clearly a very special and lucky young lady, as your dad has been with you through all your milestones, and has updated his extended broadcast family with all your successes over the years.
    As you well know, your dad is also a very special, warm and wonderful man. A person who always makes others feel better for having known, and spent time with him. I’m sure you are much like him in this regard.
    I wish you all the best in what the future holds!

  12. Cami…
    You made it, and you deserve only the best!
    So remember this little bit of advice…
    There is no “one way” to do something. Even though many will try to convince you that their way is THE way.
    Do things the way that works for you. Even if someone tells you, “this is the way it’s always been done,” if you think of an easier or more sensible way, do it.
    Be you. Plain and simple. No matter where you go. Be you. And be the very best you that you can possibly be.
    Look for the good in people. It’s easy sometimes to find what’s bad or wrong with people, but it feels so much better to see what’s good. When you’re struggling with this, try even harder because you’ll feel so much better when you do.
    Have fun. Really we’re here to have fun. So even the mundane or monotonous…
    Make it fun!

  13. Cami,
    Congratulations on your graduation and your bright future.
    I’ve known your Dad for years. (sometimes it seems like we were boys together) The first time I met you was on Clematis Street in West Palm, your sister was holding you, your Uncle Reg was there and of course your Dad. So I’ve known you almost your entire life. You have no idea the changes your birth caused in your Dad’s life and they were all for the better, so congratulations on a job well done.

    Jan and I feel, having known you since you were a baby, that you’re kind of “our kid” too. We’ve watched you grow from a little “binky” baby to a strong and confident young woman. (And thank god you’re not afraid of dogs anymore!) By the way, I almost went into cardiac arrest the first time I saw your Dad change your diaper, he could barely do his own laundry at the time. See how much you changed him for the better!
    Love you kid, I know you’ll make us all proud.

    Here’s your girl pal Janny Cakes.
    OMG – I am SO proud of you. You shine, really in so many ways, you are beautiful, calm and take everything in before reacting.. WE have loved you dearly since you were a baby girl of 3. Please know that I am always here for you on the following: boys,( they are boys until 50 so please beware) clothes, makeup, manicures and the occasional decision of whether to go ahead with something you are not quite sure of, get my advice first! Have a lovely graduation and look to the future in the hope you make permanent and life changing good. You will touch many people in your life and the goal is to be remembered for heartfelt, honest, sweet words. I LOVE YOU DEARLY,

  14. Mazel tov on your graduation, Cami.

    Like so many, I have vicariously followed your life through the words of your adoring father – It must be wonderful to feel so cherished and loved!

    {Methinks the man you marry will have enormous shoes to fill!}

    Enjoy your Beatle – get Daddy to buy you a Paul 🙂

    Earl Mann

  15. Cami, from a quiet, little girl, to a shy little lady, an inqusitive and exceptionally bright teenager, and now a beautiful young women, all in front of us! Take the training wheels off, it’s time to steer on your own! And your ready! We applaud your graduation and wish you continued success on your next and exciting adventure. If you were a tree, you’d be a peach. They’re the sweetest! Jim and Barb

  16. Cami,
    I wish you nothing but the best! I only know you through your Father’s words and pictures and it is clear that the love you share is solid and will accompany you into all the adventures of your lifetime. While this stage of your school career is over, an amazing and exciting part of your life is just around the corner and I know your Dad will always be there whenever you need him – and perhaps, even when you don’t! Enjoy your journey!

  17. Congratulations cami, it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen you. So hard to believe you’re at this point in you life already. Now, you let me know when you want to escape your dad and come visit us in Canada on your own so we can show you what it’s really all about. You’re invited anytime…. All the Best from your Canadian family!


  18. Cami, while we’ve never met I feel like you’ve been a part of my life during the last few years through your Dad’s blog. You see, my daughter is just two years older than you and I often laughed at seeing him express just about everything I had experienced a short time earlier. Having read the comments from others, many of whom I know or have worked with, it seems that you now have a rather large family watching for all your future successes. Enjoy it all!

  19. Cami,

    We think it is great that you were able to help your dad get through high school. We know this is a big accomplishment for him. And we are confident that you’ll also help him get through college. You are a hard working gal with so many talents. But he’ll need all the help he can get. Good luck.

    Aunt Bridget and Uncle Mark

  20. George, your collection of pictures are beautiful. You may have made mistakes along the way but, in your heart and soul, you are a good Dad.

    Congratulations to Cami and to you!

    Tom and Aurora

  21. Cami,

    Having been with your Dad since way before you were born, I feel like I have been there through everything he mentioned above. Even with that on a daily basis, I can’t believe you are graduating. Congratulations and good luck at USF!

    Ric and Tracy Hindes

  22. Hello Camera Anne,
    We’ve never met. Chances are you’ve never heard of me, but consider this an independent confirmation that:
    A. Yes, your Father is a legend and a genius
    B. The only time any of us have really seen him humbled, is when he speaks if you.
    C. All of his wild stories are true, but YOU are the “story” of which he is most proud.
    Congratulations on your graduation,
    Best Wishes from The Motor City
    -Jim Harper

  23. Congratulations, Cami. Go out now secure in the knowledge that your father could not possibly love you more. You have brilliance and beauty in your DNA. You really are blessed.

  24. Congrats Cami,
    Put on your seatbelt, now the ride starts to speed up! Good Luck at USF! GO BULLS!!
    You have smarts, beauty, and you are a Johns so you already have a head start on the rest of the population. Use your advantages to pursue your dreams. Avoid kissing stupid boys, don’t drink too much beer, and use the coming years to find your true self and try not to major in Bowling, your dad is a “Certified” Bowling Instructor and ended up in Radio!

  25. Cami,
    You might not get this (ask your Dad) but I have one word of advise for you….. Plastics.
    Ok here’s another……. do as your father says not as he does!
    Congrats and best of luck in your next phase of life…… enjoy every moment it goes fast…. Ok that’s three

  26. Congratulations, Cami!
    I met you when you were a shy five-year-old; and I can tell from your father’s photo-shares that you have truly blossomed. This is your time. Go for it!
    All the best,
    P.S. I feel like I know you, so here’s a little advice:
    Don’t let Daddy move on-campus. 🙂

  27. Dear Cami,
    Congratulations on your graduation! It has been our pleasure to see you grow up! What a life you have led with your delightfully crazy father! However, the best is yet to come! Enjoy your college years. . . work hard, meet new friends, make wise choices, and don’t drink or text and drive. You have a wonderful life ahead of you!
    Our love and best wishes;
    Betsy and Barry

  28. Hi Cami,

    I remember you first as a very shy three year old, clinging to your Daddy and not making eye contact with anyone. To see the spectacular young woman you have become makes me kvell (which is a Yiddish word that means swell with pride. Not that I had anything to do with your gloriousness but, hey, I am still kvelling!) With all the wonder that you are, you are just at the beginning of your life. Enjoy, grow, be fearless…anything you want is yours! The world awaits choices!

    I love you and congratulate you on your graduation!


    And, PS to your dad: Georgie, you have accomplished a lot in your life (much of which you are more than happy to share in your stories). But, this I can say with full confidence…your greatest achievement is Cami!

  29. Congratulations on your graduation Cami! We’ve never met, but, if it’s any consolation to you, I’m still trying to figure out some of the ‘pearls of wisdom’ your Dad dropped back in his time in Toronto. They actually DO make sense (most of them anyway) and, as life goes forward, you’ll be thankful for having the amazing Dad you have. To be as wanted and as loved as you are makes you a very lucky person.
    Best of luck at SFU.

  30. Cami, Cami, Cami!
    This must be a very proud moment for you, your friends and family. Chasing (and catching) a dream requires your efforts and passion. The hard work isn’t over when you graduate. It’s just the beginning as you enter the new battlefields of life. Good luck and congratulations!
    Much love,
    Bobby Cole

  31. Congratulations Cami. I’ve known you since you were a little baby and now you are ready to take on the outside world. SFU will be a great experience with some of the most important and fun years of your life. You will do spectacularly well.

    Gar & Joan

    PS Way to go my friend. One of your life’s greatest accomplishments

  32. congratulations Cami. We’ve never met in person but I feel I’ve known you all your life. Your dad and I go back 60 or so and I’m glad you kept his life a happy one, along with all the rest of his family. If you continue to stay the course that you have been on, i’m sure you will keep your dad young and happy with all the great things in your life that he is so proud of.

  33. Hi Cami, way to go. Onward and upward. It’s not your fault that my buddy George is your father, but it looks like he did a great job of helping you along your way through life so far. I’m afraid I can’t go into the great times that the Jury enjoyed, but I wish you well on your future endeavours. One of these days I hope we can all get together.
    Take care

  34. Cami, like many others here I have never met you but have spied on your life through your Dad. He and I worked together in Saskatoon, Sudbury and Toronto, and he helped me build what turned out to be a very successful career.
    As you go through life, always know that man will be there for you.
    He loves you very very much. That’s obvious.
    With that behind you, there’s nothing you can’t do!
    My Best Wishes,

  35. Wishing Cami the best in her new life adventure. God bless you and thank you for the special way you care for your Dad.

    Jim Easter Quail

  36. Hello Cami:

    I have known your father since May of 1973. As a 22-year-old right out of college, I was afraid of your dad and his boss, Jim Hilliard. I was terrified I would open my mouth and they would see that whatever they thought I was would be discovered as a fraud. Your dad (and Mr. Hilliard) were always tough, but fair. Very likely, being George John’s daughter is a challenge, but I am certain that his presence in your life has added dimension and character. I believe that you will set the world on fire and make your mother and father extremely proud. Congratulations as you enter a new passage in your life and best wishes.

  37. Hey hey Cami! I cannot believe you are graduating today. Say what? How the heck did that happen? When you are a little older you will start to notice how time moves more quickly as it seems to accelerate and gain momentum like a snowball in an avalanche… picking up speed as it plunges down the hill. So, along with some of the other great advice I see folks offering above, I say don’t be in a rush. Enjoy. Everything. It’ll still go fast. But don’t give it any help. Work hard (but mostly work smart). Play hard (you’ll need that to balance the work smart/hard part). And get some rest to recuperate from all the working and playing – you won’t be grumpy if you get some sleep along the way. Less grumpy is good. Just ask Dad.

    I don’t know why, but for some reason the most prominent memory I have of you is when I was visiting in Florida when you were about 5 or so, I think? I believe it was the same visit the photo above was taken of you and Dad and I on the chair, with the picture of you and I behind us. When I was there, I remember washing my hair under the faucet and you standing there watching, like kids do when they see grown-ups doing little things that seem so big. And then I blinked. And you are graduating.

    I am very proud of you. Congratulations. One last little thing to remember as you continue on this sometimes fun and sometimes hard journey… No one gets to define you. But they are welcome to ask you who you are. Love ya, sista! –Candis

  38. Now that you are graduating I can tell you that you changed the way radio sounded in America . Your dad would always tell us how you listened to radio. He would ask you questions about music and the tell us your thoughts. If you would pick up on a new band or artist your dad would alert us to Americas changing tastes. I guess he thought that because the sun rose and set with you , the least the world could do is make sure that when you turned the radio on it would be playing a tune you liked . So congratulations from the guy in the yellow 67 convertible who took you to dinner with the giraffes Now go out and change the world so your dad can tell us how to be your soundtrack.

  39. Cami, For years we have loved seeing you and your dad at the graduation parties for our boys and, wow, now it’s your turn to graduate! We have enjoyed watching you grow and change over the years and become the smart, beautiful young woman that you are today. You know we love your dad and I’m sure you know how lucky you are to have him as your biggest fan and supporter. We wish you all the best at USF and know that you will do well in whatever you pursue!
    Love, Heidi and Tim

  40. Congratulations, Cami!
    NOW, we all know just how much your Daddy loves you. You are every single star
    in the constellation that enlightens his heart.
    With this kind of love Cami, how can your future be anything but bright?

  41. Commented elsewhere, so hope I can remember some of it. I was the one who thought you were mature enough from everything I have read about you to stop at the one Tat that had great meaning for you. Don’t take life too seriously – you will have up & down times – hopefully mostly Up. Don’t sweat the small things. You are the only one that can truly make yourself happy by making the decision to be positive in life, you have been given all the ingredients to face the world, you will make mistakes, forgive yourself & carry on. I know I said if you turn out half as well as your sister, you’ll go far in life. My wishes for a happy life Cami …. Embree (Em)

  42. Hi Cami,
    Congratulations on your high school graduation- from another product of the hallowed town of Transcona.
    Your Dad George was an inquisitive, intrepid guy who made his way in the big wide world. But he never forgot his roots and he never forgot the little guy.
    Go for it. Curiosity and zest for life will make your life fuller and meaningful. Good luck at SFU and beyond.

  43. I met Cami in Indy. She was a sweet young girl. We had a great evening with she and her dedicated papa. Now, I see a beautiful young lady . I wish you much success Cami. And papa Geo– put your seat belt on this amazing daughter is going to astound you! She rocks!!!

  44. I want to thank those of you who commented on the Graduation Card I prepared for my Daughter Cami. She read each everyone of them and asked questions about those of you she hasn’t yet met, I assure you I was very kind. She was a little confused though about some of your comments pertaining to me because she’s never met that guy, her daddy is a bit of a wimp! xogeoxo

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