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Recently reading that they were inducting QB Kenny Ploen (shown above) into the Ring Of Honour in Winnipeg brought back a lot of memories for me about the 50's. Kenny along with coach Bud Grant won 4 Grey Cups (Superbowl of Canada) giving us some very proud moments which helped a lot of us keep warm during the brutal winters in Winnipeg.
During the 50's I also watched the Rose Bowl so I actually got to see Kenny win it when he played for Iowa Hawkeyes before heading north to join the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. When I played for the Transcona Nationals me and a lot of my team mates dreamed about playing for the Bombers which we were inspired to do because of those glory years. Thank you Mr. Ploen.
While watching all those Rose Bowl games I remember thinking … Someday man someday! I of course was very envious of all the folks sitting in the stands wearing nothing but shorts and short sleeve shirts while I sat inside hiding from 35 below weather outside. I think though that my tipping point may have occurred when I first heard the Beach Boys sing "California Girls" on CKY. Now I had no choice, I had to live there.


The way it looks to me is that there are 3 groups of people living in America … The rich, the poor, and everybody else. The rich along with the poor take up most of the government's time because they're united. So I think it's time for the rest of us to unite and change America into how we want it. Wouldn't that scare the sh#t out of everybody!

Is it just me or is the media trying to race bait us. If a white police officer shoots a black person you instantly know what color everybody is. In the Dallas shootings though I don't remember hearing black being used to describe the shooter.

It's not about the deranged man who shot 5 policemen it's about what the black community thinks about that.

When did being prejudice and racism begin and why did it?

Hate is a learned thing.

When stopped by the police and you do exactly what he tells you to do without any comment or attitude there's a good chance you'll survive.

I find it strange that there's not a country station in the top 5 in Nashville.

When you argue with a fool you just doubled downed.

There is no louder sound than the crunch of something you're eating that you don't wanna share.

Over the years a lot of people insisted that I have a drink with them but I don't ever remembering any of them insisting I smoke with them.

If a miracle is going to happen it usually shows just before you're about to give up.

What makes America great was created a long time ago so we might as well drop the arrogance because we had nothing to do with it.

Speaking of arrogance why do all these people who claim that they're gonna leave the country if Trump is elected assume other countries will have them.

Women need to bring more than pretty to the party.

Speaking of women, can you imagine trying to explain to an alien from outer space why they paint their faces.

The truth usually shows up right after the word "but"

I told my grandson Nathaniel that if he can refrain from saying I love you to any female other than his mother, he will have an outstanding life.

Unlike women, few men can walk away from the woman they love.

What if Trump and Hillary ran as independents, would you vote for either? 
I'm a very competitive person except when it comes to my immediate family because I've no problem admitting that they all beat me in the smarts department.

Mr. business man has always believed that his part was bigger than Michelangelo, Mozart, Frank, Elvis and the Beatles and has paid himself accordingly. What think you? 

It's only controversial if you don't agree with it.

A lotta guys fantasize about a threesome until the other guy shows up.

Have you ever noticed that the fewer customers a restaurant has on a particular night the busier the staff appears to be as they scurry about.

If you mistrust all authority I think you're getting a little closer to the truth.

Only after giving others recognition may you expect getting some of your own. 

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