“Bugger Off” (new Blog for June 13/16)


Recently I made a sad trip to Canada for a wonderful celebration of life event for my dear friend Gary Russell (Vidler). (pictured with me above) Gar had passed away long before his time and as much as I didn’t like the reason why we there, it was nice to see some old friends like Doc Harris, Stirling Faux, JJ Johnson, and Gary’s brother Chuck McCoy. Just before his passing Gar and his wife Joan had put a list together of the people he wanted at his celebration which he also insisted be a happy occasion. With that in mind it was real easy to see why old friend Doc Harris (pictured below) made the short list because when he got up to speak he soon had the whole room laughing.
He began by talking about when he and Gar met for the first time which was when I hired Doc to join us at CKOM in Saskatoon. Shortly afterwards though Doc complained, Johns “buggers” off to CKSO in Sudbury but I guess not to worry ’cause we both got the call to join him in Sudbury. Gar started out doing traffic report but seeing as there’s only one road going through Sudbury so the traffic was the same everyday we’d just head to the woods and do a little weed. Wouldn’t you know it theogh after only being in Sudbury a few months George “buggers” off again for Ottawa. Now suddenly waking up to the reality that we are living in a small mining town we don’t wait for his call because we’ve gotta get out of this place. Gar heads for Vancouver and I end up in Hamilton where a few months later I do get the call to join George in Toronto where he’s just been named the new Program Director. All was going real well at CFTR until of course Johns “buggers off” again but this time it’s to the States and I’m very excited. For over forty years now I’ve just been sitting here staring at my phone but still no call.
Much as I wished my dad was still alive I’d hate like hell having to explain the transgender thing to him.
Have you ever noticed how many statues there are dedicated to artists but none honoring critics.
Gifted people need to add a little science to their act otherwise they’ll end up penniless like Mozart.
Just because it’s popular doesn’t make it art.
It’s the fear of death that keeps you alive.
Whenever we hear an absolute we tend to view ourselves as the exception.
Freedom of speech is just a myth, there is absolutely none in the workplace.
Why do people who suffer from depression appear to be happier than most people.
It takes an emotional experience before anybody will change anything.
Why do men hangin’ out are always laughing whereas a group of women appear to be upset about something.
Men are mostly into women where as women are mostly into lifestyle.
The sexiest part of a woman is her face.
Men are still men but women have become persons.
You need to get after your dreams while you still can.
Most of the people who demand star treatment aren’t.
The more powerful you are the funnier you are to the people around you.
Somebody has to die before they’ll change a law.
The biggest radio promotions of all time were done without a promotion department.
The trouble with voice mail is that you don’t get a chance to jump in and say … Got it!
The only way to prevent large market radio taking over your market is by adding local content.
When I lived in Coronado I read the San Diego Tribune but my wife only read the Coronado paper.
I prefer hearing about what people know rather than what they think because it’s usually much briefer.
Is it politically correct to bring up how absurd politically correct is.
How do you change someones thinking if you have no idea what they’re thinking.
I dislike the words don’t and stop until they are combined.

I sure don’t have the answers but unfortunately neither do the Democrats or Republicans.


Wow not only is Bobby Curtola gone but also Mr Hockey, Gordie Howe at 88, two of Canada’s very best.


Does anybody ever buy stock without insider information.


Weird that with all the guns that are supposedly out there that somebody else in the Orlando club didn’t have one.


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