Bob&Geo Write The Wrongs About Radio. 9/23/18

Hockey is still hockey, you have to put the puck in the net to score. The game has evolved, the game is better, it’s faster and nobody is smoking in the locker room. Radio is still smoking in the locker room. It has to evolve to be relevant in today’s world. Bobby Orr could still play today, but how many of his teammates could? The difference between today’s hockey and radio is there has been almost no evolution in radio. What George and I want to do is to challenge radio to evolve and become relevant again.

Exactly Bob, Could all the folks who got inducted into the numerous Radio Halls of Fame play today? I doubt it, but some sure could, and they’d be the ones who evolved. The content would have to be different and also the way they presented it. Hey, we all love that old youtube aircheck of Jo Jo Kincaid in San Diego, but would that work now, I rather doubt it. However, the philosophy the Hall of Famers used has not changed, it’s still true today. First, you have to be professional, then you need to become interesting. Then and only then do you try to be entertaining.

I’m really looking forward to this Bob because I recently read that Fred Jacobs after doing a research project with a ton of air talent across our nation found out that nobody is doing critique sessions anymore. Ours may be the first critique of their air show that they have had done in years. Geo 


3 thoughts on “Bob&Geo Write The Wrongs About Radio. 9/23/18

  1. I like Hockey.. was a keeper for 2 years back in High School. Sure I was 2nd string but still liked to play. I loved Orr and Gordie Howe and Mario even Gump Worsley ( yeah I am old ) but I wonder could they play for 2, 3 or 4 teams at the same time?
    Each Team demanding different playing styles, uniforms, different team members and do it all with no practice. Just show up at the game, play and then on to the next team.
    Then I thought about the coaches, could they coach, book the games, lug all the requirement equipment.. sharpen all the skates, and watch all the other teams so that they had a chance of knowing what to do to win?
    On second thought maybe they could….. they didn’t ….but maybe they could?
    Not sure about radio, NOT evolving? I think it did, just not in a way that makes great talent want to play the game.
    I say More Hockey Players on the radio!

    • There is no way they could play for several teams, Brent. Bob’s point was that very few of them could play for one team today Brent because the players are in much better shape and some systems have been put in place which gives them all a shot at competing with the gifted. Radio has also evolved but is mostly systems now, even the gifted have a rough time rising above it. What Bob and I are saying though is that if you only talk four times an hour, shouldn’t that stuff be great?

    • I’m an old hockey player too, My senior year in High School, 4 guys got D-1 scholarships and I wasn’t one of them. That said, a couple of months ago I ran across a piece of tape from WHDH during the massive blizzard of 78. WHDH was an AC with a very good news department. It was a total emergency situation, A city bus was buried on the street below the station’s studio windows. The snow was so deep in the city it reached the 2nd floor of buildings, No power, etc. The jocks were acting as news anchors while the news people gathered news. I wonder how many people on music stations today could step up and do something like that for 4 straight days and do a great job of it? They all did a hell of a job and when you talk to them today, they all say it was one of the best things they’ve ever been involved in..

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