Blondes Are Charity Cases!

222321_141068389299418_2969810_nWow, Jo Jo’s video “Bitch It Up” got over a 100, 000 views on You Tube already and it’s less than a week old. 

I have given most of my money away to a charity called blondes perhaps you may have heard of it and have also contributed and like me thought in the beginning thought it was a very worthy cause

Good news! Apparently the ban at Duffy’s has been lifted so once again short shorts and titty shirts are back in style again. Hey you can only watch so much sports! 

He who harnesses the data wins!

Shakespeare used to write instructions to the actors right into his plays. I find myself doing the same in my humble musings.
Doug Herman reminded me that one my favorite quote actually comes from a Tom T Hall tune. Upon re listening I noticed I had left out the most important part. The tune actually goes, “Faster (horses) Cars, Younger Women, Older Whiskey, and More Money”. I’ve been lucky enough to have more than my fair share of the first three but they also may be responsible for me not having much of the fourth.
I think I’m going to advise my Grandson Nathaniel to just chase the money if he gets that the other 3 automatically show up!  
Is it easier to quick smoking or leave a beautiful Woman?
I’ve been married once, engaged twice and been in love five times, now I’m ready for #6, bring her on!
If you don’t follow your own dreams you will end up following the dreams of others.
One of the great things about our country is we have the right to choose whom you want to worship but you don’t have the right to choose who I worship.
You are who you are when you do what you do when nobody is watching you.
You also are whomever signs your checks says you are.
Sometimes the squeaky wheel doesn’t get greased, it gets replaced.
Is there too much money between us and the cure for Cancer.
If Women are really fashion conscious how come they never ask us on the phone what we are wearing.
Everyone is self motivated you just have to find out what they like to do then let them do it.
Is it the stress of the divorce that causes a Woman to lose 20 pounds or have they figured something out.

I’ve been told that the way to figure out if a guy watches porn is simply to find out if he has access to a computer.

Willie Parasuik one of our more brilliant Transcona escapees told me the three things you need to be successful … Tenacity, Tolerance, and Curiosity!
Why do we feel compelled to tell beautiful Women what they would like to do to them. I think they know.
Who the hell wears those PPM devices.
Why does married life resemble the life the Bride was already living long before the wedding.
Most Men are not making love as often as they would like to but most Women are making love often than they would really like to and God just chuckles.
When you hang around folks better than you a strange thing happens, you get better too.
Who cancelled the coffee break.
One of the ways to avoid sexual harassment charges is just don’t do it or simply be attractive.
The only way to make Radio commercials palatable is embed them or do them as well as most Super Bowl ads.
The rich are just another one of the many minorities the government protects. The rest of us are on our own!
Music Radio is just like a restaurant to me, the first thing you need to do is find out what kind of food the folks like to eat most of the time then serve that up all of the time.
I kinda have always known what’s wrong with me and why but I have absolutely no idea how to fix it so I think I’ll just play through.

What ever happened to the person who used to take the minutes at every meeting or are we just not saying anything worth writing down.

When Lawrence Amaturo left Radio in Santa Rosa he got the last great deal now he is coming back and he has the first good deal.
To be any good at anything you have to spend a lotta time in uncharted waters.

Just like you’re not prepared to lose a loved one or go through a divorce, success is as equally stressful.

The upside of each project must at least match the downside or I would think the project isn’t worth doing.

The real problem with May-December relationships and I am the expert! You are not welcome in her world and she is not welcome in yours!









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  1. Oh my goodness! I just totaled up my lifelong cost of blondes at $1.4 Million! I did the math, and figured I could have leased the same thing for about $535,000!

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