Big Dick!

27 years ago my Brother Reg and I bought WMET in Chicago for around 12 million dollars. Unfortunately we only owned it for about 30 minutes. We suspected the money guys weren’t going to show at the closing so our CFO Bill Yde had other buyers standing by and we spun it. It would have been fun though to take a run at Chi Town which I think is one of the toughest markets in America to conquer. The only neat thing about the whole affair now is we still have the bragging rights. Hey I don’t know any other Brothers from Transcona who owned a Radio Station in Chicago including the very successful Barone Brothers Tony and Ermanno.

Most Adults are amazed by magical tricks where as children are only amused by them because they of course believe in Magic.

Another thing I am amazed by is the fact that 3 guys threw themselves in front of their girlfriends at the Batman Massacre in Colorado saving them but giving up their own lives. Most men do this without thinking because we instinctively protect the Women we love. For some reason I never hear this mentioned as one of the few good things about Men. Surely it’s not just expected!

Most of the good moves I have ever made in my career were suggested to me by other people and just kinda fell in my lap. Most of the things I have ever chased never came true including Women.

I think I have a serious thinking problem.

The thing I am most thankful for is that all the folks who were my friends in High School are still my friends along with a lot of great people I have met on this journey.

When Radio starts firing sales folks you know we are living in a new era where the cheese has definitely moved.

Bobby Cole told me a long time ago that Diplomacy is the art of letting other people have your way.

Is it still called cuddling when you are holding a beautiful Woman in your arms even though you are just trying to prevent her from getting away.

Most companies aren’t really looking for whose fault anything is they’re really looking for someone convenient to blame and I see him coming now.

Money can’t buy you happiness but it will buy you a little time to figure out what will make you happy.

Do not bother to argue with an idiot I guarantee you he’s a hell of a lot better at it than you.

The strange thing about Men is even though they may be fat and bald they still do it with swagger!

People are upset at Chick-Fil A for their anti Gay position and want to boycott them plus try to force the government deny them permits to build new stores etc. I wonder what plans these same people have for OPEC, those folks actually kill “Gay” people.

I have always heard that Women are better at multi tasking then Men. If thats true how come Men can keep several Women happy while handling their careers but few woman can keep one Man happy while handling theirs.

I think when you add the word Big to something somehow it turns ugly, greedy, and self centered. For example … Big Business, Big Government, Big Unions, Big Bank, Big Leagues, Big Ego, Big Man, Big Money, Big Star, Big House, Big Time, Big Dick, Big Trust Fund, Big Off Shore Account, Big Hill To Climb, Big Drama, Big Deal, Big Wheel, etc.

Just because we didn’t mention it doesn’t necessarily mean we didn’t notice it.

Have you ever noticed that normal people aren’t very interesting.

Why are all the Planets perfectly round.

I keep getting these E Mail messages saying that they are shipping me all these free Dell Laptops. What the hell am I supposed to do with them all. Maybe I’ll send them as a gift to Sir Edwards or what ever his name is that wants to send me a Million Pounds from some long lost relative in England soon as I send him my bank account number.

Most Women will admit to having 5 affairs anything above that according to them is entering the slut zone so their memories go bad.

Back when I was a kid my first 3 lovers were Virgins but I don’t remember them being memorable occasions.

Usually the way it works is you write a book then hopefully they make a movie out of it. The way Dave Fulton is doing it is first he made the film “Naptown Rock Radio Wars” now he’s writing the book. But then again Hoosiers have always been a little strange.

Football is upon us! All is well in the land.

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    Al Brady Law told me a long time ago that “Management is getting people to do what you want them to do. Leadership is getting people to want to do what you want them to do.”

  2. Is it still called cuddling when you are holding a beautiful Woman in your arms even though you are just trying to prevent her from getting away.

    No, George… It’s called a Felony.

  3. I think this cuddling thing is just a misdemeanor if she’s over 18. Funny stuff George!

    Oh Yea, and you left out “Big Talk 850″….OOPS!

    You are so right about Football! It’s about time! I just got back from the annual Green Bay Packers shareholders meeting. As an “NFL Owner” with one share of stock, I’m happy to announce that I voted in favor of increasing the price of parking at Lambeau Field! No I’m not loyal to the Packers, I just figure when my favored Bills and Dolphins are already out of the playoffs by Haloween, I still have a team to root for!

  4. To my Evil Twin GJ from JG…

    You’ve done it again George. My mind is swirling. You’ve made me think again. And I was about to take a break…oh, the humanity…

    BTW – Most guys ARE good… ya hit it.


  5. What does that say about iHurt’s “Big Country” format ? The only four “BIG”S that I thought were successful were: Big John Gillis, Big Wilson (WNBC-AM), Randy Michael’s “The Big One” for WLW-AM, Cincinnati, and “Big Dick Black” in the movie,
    “Hardcore”, starring George C. Scott and Season Hubley !

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