Marnie, Joasia, and Princess Di only have three things in common. They are all very smart, very beautiful, and all three have been cheated on. I happen to know the reasons why and there are 50 of them.

Being beautiful is not near enough which the lovely ladies above have all known for some time!

I love buying stuff for beautiful Women I can’t help myself. I like seeing the excited look on their face when you surprise them with something they really wanted and in fact the whole experience is probably more fun for me than it is for them. Paying their bills on the other hand is a total and complete drag!

You can change a Woman’s mood instantly by using one or more of the following phrases … I Love You, I’m Sorry, or 50% Off. 

Wow my favorite model Emily Ratajkowski (Blurred Lines Video) is going to star in a new movie that shoots this fall with Ben Affleck. 

A good looking guy who dresses sharp, tips well and drives a Ferrari never seems to be shopping for a Wife.

Jimmy Johnson claims you can go from ordinary to extraordinary by doing just a little more of that extra part.

Chris Rock is all for bullying because he claims that only the people who were bullied when they were kids are gonna come up with the stuff we are gonna need like new fuels and cures for Cancer, Aids, and such.

I wonder what Mother Nature’s intentions really were when she created baldness?

I do believe in Magic and Miracles!

The largest porn network in the world is located in Canada.

In show business it all starts with a story and all the actors, singers, painters, sculptors, announcers, etc. either give the story life or they don’t.

When you finally exit the planet all that will be left of you is your reputation.

A real leader in the beginning defines the goal and at the end thanks the troops.

According to my friend Tim Moore you can appoint a Manager but not a Leader. Becoming a leader is only earned over time.

Social Media is still not as powerful as word of mouth.

Why is WiFi only free at the less expensive hotels.

Almost anyone can learn how to play guitar but no one can learn how to sing.

It is said that if you only think about yesterday or tomorrow it tends to be psychotic. That may be true but if you only think about today you may miss future.

You tend to like the people who like you. The reverse is also true.

I am so pissed! I spent 3 hours this week shopping for the perfect Homecoming dress for Cami. The good news is we found it, the bad news is she’s not going. She just found out that if she was planning on attending the Wellington High Homecoming Dance on Friday she had to fill out a form before she would be allowed to do so. While she was filling out the form she asked if she also had to fill one out for her boyfriend Andrew who was coming home for the dance from SFU in Tampa where he is a pre – med student. She was told that she would have had to do that last week so the school had enough time to do a background check on him. Cami informed them that Andrew was an “A” student at this very school last year so how much more background than that do you think you need was her question and wasn’t Homecoming designed especially for students like him. The answer was “rules are rules” even though there was no posting of these so called rules that she was aware of. Cami of course is not going to attend the dance without Andrew but I am trying to convince her not to let the issue drop. I am trying to convince her to take this situation to the top or as high up as she can get. I feel that seeing as she is a Senior now not to mention also an honors student, she has earned the right to question authority. She no longer needs to blindly follow the bureaucrats who live in a CYA world and only worry about who is gonna sue them rather than what’s right anymore. This kind of activity is not as natural for Cami as it was for Candis, but she may do it if for no other reason than to keep me out of it. I have never been afraid of teachers!

You don’t know what you were born to do until you do it.

I wonder how many millions of dollars it cost Oprah not to back Hillary years ago when the Women of America expected her to do so.


9 thoughts on “BEAUTY IS NEVER ENOUGH.

  1. Go for it, Cami needs to raise a ruckus, what the Hell is a “Homecoming Dance” if you’ve got to get pre clearance. If we had to be checked out before we went to a dance we would have set out in the car many a night.
    George, you’ll be a good mouthpiece behind the curtain.
    This would be a good discussion issue for a morning show if the demo still listened to radio.

    • Candis and Cami are very different on the outside but on the inside they both have their Father’s rage so I’m sure Cami is steaming about it but she is the quiet one. When Candis was going to UCLA she got a paper back that was graded as a “B” Candis went up to the Professor and said to him that her paper was an “A” not a “B” The Professor said he would look at it again and let her know the next day if he had changed his mind. The next day the paper was waiting for her with an “A”+ on it. His explanation for the change his assistant had previously graded her paper and it was too deep for him but she was wrong too because it wasn’t an “A” paper like she thought, it was an “A”+ paper.

  2. What are you Larry King?….. I like hot dogs, but not crazy about mustard….what do you make of all these changes in the radio racket….7 Up is very under-rated.

  3. George, I don’t know Marnie, but she sure has beautiful eyes. You might want to post the pictures of your lady friends at the bottom of your posts because it was hard to concentrate on this one…

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