Batshit Crazy! (new geo Blog for the week of March 13/17)

When I turned 21 I was living in Winnipeg and for my first time at the polls I voted for the New Democratic Party. The NDP were and still are much further left than even the Liberal Party who rule Canada today are. Hell, even the right wing Conservative Party is a little bit left of center.
However, after moving to America, I found myself slowly moving more to the right and now find myself smack dab in the middle. Politically I’m a little left on some issues and a little right on others.  Although my daughters Cami and Candis would probably argue that because as Cami, a junior at USF claims, most of my Blogs lean more to the right than they do to the left. Being that as it may I believe that I’m a centrist because the way I see it, the extreme left and the far right are both batshit crazy!

Most creativity begins with no!

There are no small parts in radio only small time bit players.

Speaking of small time players, is Hollywood predictable or what? Last year they got a lot of heat because I guess too many white people were winning awards. This year the best picture went to “Moonlight” which was about a gay black man coming of age in a rough neighborhood. Surprise Surprise, and in fact, it was so much of a surprise that they couldn’t even get the right card out there announcing it as the winner. It kind of makes you wonder just when they decided which picture won. La La Land which had won everything else so it wasn’t a surprise was incorrectly named the winner. Does this all smell a little bit to you?

My heart goes out to people who suffer from depression, but I’ve got to wonder if they’re aware of how hurtful they can be at times to those who love them?

Rich people only fear each other.

A lot of gifted people have great difficulty recognizing talent in others.

Adversity brings out the best in some people.

It’s not the strong but the adaptable who survive.

Today’s starting out real good, so far no new social network was launched.

Do survivors ever become somebody special?

The more successful you become, the more you tend to stop doing the things that made you successful.

Creative people are ultra sensitive to everything.

Mediocrity knows nothing better than itself.

Genius must always be tolerated.

A lot of information is a wonderful thing, but unfortunately, a lot of it is not always right.

Father time is still the greatest teacher of all time.

If you have any hope of ever becoming an artist you must be able to observe life and then comment on it in an exaggerated manner.

I wonder what the founding fathers would think of America today?

The thing about hanging with celebrities is that when they begin to bore you, you tend to blame yourself.

Most people dream about their wants all the time but only worry about their needs.

I never knew who the Walter Cronkite or Johnny Carson types voted for, but I sure do today.

Until they start treating Trump like the president of the United States, he’ll continue to act like Trump.

Speaking of Trump, when he was first elected the stock market went way down, so a bunch of folks started ranting about the impending doom. Now all I hear is crickets.

As much as I love the product at Victoria’s secret I still can’t figure out how so little could cost so much.

When you read all the comments about Trump, it’s hard to believe that they’re talking about the same person.

I’m starting to pick up that the Jews in America love the Jews in Israel about as much as the Cubans in Miami love the Cubans in Cuba.

How come the Asians in America don’t need the government’s help?

Even though we love them all dearly, there is no such thing as a woman who is a “10.” In fact, the highest a woman can ever score is a “4.”
(a) A woman we wouldn’t sleep with is a “1.”
(b) One we would sleep with is a “2.”
(c) A woman we’d be seen with is a “3.”

(d) And anyone that we’d love to take back to our high school reunion is a “4.”

I’ve been hearing a lot of lame promos on WRMF lately promoting the JVC morning show but they make no sense. Does anybody know how they’re doing in the ratings, can you check real quick? What’s that you say, Alpha who just fired Joe Raineri from across the hall at 6-40 Sports and is having Jennifer Ross voice track her show on Sunny so she can do more live stuff on WFTL now wants to renegotiate their contract. Ahh!

I’m still wondering why Trump didn’t use the ad he had from 8 years ago which showed Michelle Obama scolding Hillary by saying, “you can’t even run your own house what makes you think you could ever run the Whitehouse? There still must be some be honor among thieves.

Speaking of Trump, his speech to Congress must have been killer because I hear nothing from the Democrats but crickets.

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6 thoughts on “Batshit Crazy! (new geo Blog for the week of March 13/17)

  1. George: As someone who as battled depression most of his adult life, and grew up and tried to help a mother whom suffered with severe depression, I do believe most, except perhaps for those whom are bi-polar and / or schizophrenic, do realize how much it hurts those around them. It only magnifies how deep the emotional chasm they are trying to climb out of is. Feeling worthy of happiness and a sense of well-being is something most depressed people work at, so it is a matter of small daily victories rather than a sense of overall triumph. And if another is hurt, trying to make amends is another part of the work. Perhaps if another is hurt because of one’s depression, then the depressed person has not come to grips with his or her illness.

    • Thanks for commenting on this Jed. The mother of my daughter has Borderline Personality Disorder which she has never told me about and managed to keep it well hidden while we were dating. Once we got engagedI though I was definitely not qualified to be involved.

  2. George, I think it’s indisputable that you have a wonderful ear for radio talent. Even if you inherited it at some of your stations, you made it possible for them to perform at their best. That is a gift that Radio misses today.

    • If I have an ear for talent Doug it may have been because they were the ones who attracted me to listen to the radio in the first place. I ended up with a great job; I got to hire and work with all the people I loved to listen to and then fly around the country and listen to them.

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