1959_61569706396_8445_n3About a year ago I had dinner in Vegas with Hall Of Fame songwriter Jeff Barry. Jeff wrote a bunch of hits like, Be My Baby, Da Do Run Run, Leader Of The Pack, Montego Bay, Chapel Of Love, and I Honestly Love You. Jeff claims he only had one tune that was a complete failure. Roulette Records came to him and said they needed a real bad song for the flip side of Tommy James and the Shondells new record. They didn’t want any doubt about which side was the plug​ side so nobody would be tempted to flip it over. Jeff came up with ‘Hanky Panky’ and the rest as they say is history.

Luckily most of the people who were a good influence on me during my life are still alive so I still have some time to thank them plus plan the demise of those that weren’t.

You should always do what you fear first.

You are who you act like during your worst moment.

Have you ever noticed right after you did something you wish you hadn’t done you know immediately what you should have done instead.

Good humor usually comes from great pain.

 23% of the world’s population are natural born leaders, the rest of us have to fake it.

A lot of Women go through a “Bad Girl” phase … You can only pray you are close by whenever it occurs.

Speaking of praying I think religion is like giant corporation we all have the same CEO but we work for different divisions.

​A lot​ of us are kinda prepared and anticipate the worst but few of us are prepared for the very best.

Speaking of the very best two of them retired on the same day, Little Richard and Jack Nicholson!

If you are dead you’re the only person who doesn’t realize it just like if you are stupid.

In 2001 there were 70,000 porn sites in America, now there are 4.2 million.

Speaking of such things the most searched porn related word is MILF the second is Teen.

An insane person never wonders if they are.

I’m thinkin’ Broncos 49ers in the Big One what are you thinkin’.

The loss of time is one of the few things that can’t be ever be recovered it’s gone forever.

While growing up most great leaders rarely did what ever they were taught to do.

Bad decisions aint all bad ’cause sometimes they make great stories.

I know a lot of guys who cheat only because they get hit on all the time by pretty things. Maybe it’s like a Woman trying to turn down a free pair of Jimmy Choo’s new shoes.

Most Men require unconditional adoration from their Women even if they don’t deserve it, they learned it from their Mothers.

If you could TeVo Radio just like you can TV just what would program would that be.

The thing I miss most in the biz are all the Radio Mavericks.

 Radio used to be part of Show Business until they pulled the show and business apart allowing the Magic to escape.

 It takes some talent to recognize talent.

Ringo was the perfect drummer for The Beatles because he allowed us to hear all their subtleties.

Ryan Seacrest personifies the difference between being creative and being gifted. Obviously creativity pays more.

I hear the Transcona Nationals can beat the Bombers this year.

Speaking of football, the Gators, Irish, Gamecocks, Trojans, Longhorns, Giants, Packers, Vikings, Falcons, Steelers and the Ravens  all go down. How ’bout that Peyton Manning!





14 thoughts on “BAD GIRLS !

  1. George, when it comes to wisdom your blog has more pearl’s than an entire season’s oyster harvest. Sprinkle in a few more punctuation marks and it will qualify as a masterpiece.

  2. Knew Tommy James very well. He and the Tornados were often at WJVA in S. Bend and he was always up for hanging out and looking for adventure. Gigs were crazy because all the girls were there to hit on the Tommy. All of us S-western Michigan jamsters were definitely on the James Train and, as I was on radio in SB – we were pumping their records and gigs like mad men.

    His long and storied career is truly one of the most interesting in Rock history, the extent and number of his successes – truly overwhelming.

    Check him at:

  3. Many insights, as is usual, Geo. One in particular caught my eye – “good humor usually comes from great pain”. I completely agree. It’s probably why Jews have such a superb collective sense of comedy.

  4. Hey George!

    Since when did Ryan Seacrest become “creative”??? If anything, he’s the pinnacle of mediocrity with one hell of an agent!

    Either that or he’s holding one juicy set of negatives!

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