Geo’s Media Blog. Part 4 (Ask The Pastor) Part IV Under Construction

Played lots of gigs
but we’d partied too much
The Phantoms were soon over
’cause we were outta touch.

Became The Jury
with a whole new sound
Cut a few records
when London’s Hal Ross
came to town

With my band The Phantoms going strong but continuing to have issues, it probably was the perfect time for me to be starting a radio career.
Shortly before The Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, CKY had hired Jimmy Darin from the US to be their new program director. He, in turn, hired fellow Americans, Gary Todd, Chuck Dann, and Dean Scott. (Gary, Jim, and Dean, pictured with me above) Luckily and for whatever reason, Jim took me under his wing so I got to learn a lot of radio very quickly and before long I was also writing and producing promos which is still my first radio love.One of the more interesting projects Jim (pictured above) assigned me was producing a Sunday night talk show called “Ask the Pastor.” The concept was not unlike Dear Abby, except with a religious twist. The way it worked was simple enough, people would call the Pastor with some of their problems, (mostly romantic) and he would offer up his advice. Some of his solutions were religious in nature, but interestingly enough, most were not.
According to Jim, the reason he wanted me on the already popular show, was because he claimed that I could make it even bigger.
At our first meeting about Ask The Pastor, Jim explained that not all of the callers will be legitimate. They will sound like they are because most of the phony calls will be well-thought-out and scripted, so they’ll be hard to spot he said. The caller will begin his phone charade with an elaborate story about a love gone wrong and then he’ll ask the Pastor for help. However, when the pastor begins to offer up some advice, that’s when he’ll “punk” him with some of the vilest and disgusting language that you’ve ever heard.
Ah, I get it, Jim, I said, “You want me to have my hand on the trigger and be ready to cut these jokers off before they even get started.” “Not so fast Grasshopper,” Jim says, “You and I are in programming and what programming is about is ratings, and the only way to get ratings, is by giving the people what they want. What these people want squirrel, is for you to leave all that filthy language on the air for as long as you possibly can. In fact, the slower you fade the call down, the faster our ratings will rise.”
Jim who is now a radio station owner back in America, adamantly denies that our “Ask the Pastor” meeting ever took place and he claims that it’s just a figment of my imagination. Right, Jimmy!


Hopefully, all the Superstars who get heavily involved with drugs and alcohol don’t expect us to feel sorry for them?

It’s ok to make mistakes, just not the same old ones over and over.

A habit is much easier to continue than a commitment is.

Media of the past has never recognized the media of the future

If you ever come to the point where you finally understand women, you may have to be killed.

When I was a kid, all my dreams were pretty stupid because none of them were based on reality. Amazingly enough, they all came true.

Radio makes its own choices and suffers the consequences.

Winning ain’t everything, standing for something is everything.

For every Yin, there’s a Yang, so there must be something good about Global Warming?

The only people making decent money today are those who decide what we make.

Aren’t CFO’s just scorekeepers, why do we let them in the game?

Other than taking a knee, what else have these rich athletes done for their communities?

Almost all talent comes from the dark side but much too often, the dark side wins.

There are six sides to every story which means that Republican and Democrat supporters are missing five of them.


Chris “CB” McCarty: Hey George,
How are you? Great new blog and speaking of you “leaving it all behind to do radio in America” I have an idea I’m kicking around in my head and wanted to ask your opinion. I’ve got a new song I wrote and recorded called “Children of America” and it’s getting some great responses from a few music friends in Nashville and even my old songwriting partner Steve Miller. I also think it could be re-recorded by a male country artist (maybe even Kid Rock now that he’s on a Nashville record label) and maybe even as a duet with the brilliant young Canadian country artist, Lindsey Ell. Who knows, maybe Steve would get in on the fun and I’d love to see something happen right away.
I think the current Nike controversy and the ‘taking a knee’ issue might even help my very ‘American’ song get some traction in country radio and, especially, for the upcoming holiday season. I guess that’s about it for now and keep on writing those sizzling great blogs!
Here’s the link to stream and/or download “Children of America”

Ken LeMann: A Centrist? Really, George?? That’s a label you’ve assigned to yourself so as not to turn away a small percentage of progressive readers, isn’t it? Liz Crokin is like Joyce Kaufman proclaiming Trump to be a sweet guy. There are just as many negatives she could have listed on his resume, some of which we’re just now learning about.
Pre-president Trump was, at the very least, a con man; more than likely a criminal and possibly a traitor. But, oh, let’s not disparage the poor man.
This is the same guy David Letterman chose as his favorite buffoon during The Late, Late Show era. They’d get him to do and say all sorts of ridiculous things because Trump loves attention. That’s the key to all of it.
I’ll admit The Donald’s immigration policies are similar to what I agree with, which also happen to be very similar to Obama’s – other than the wall. But I think it’s important to remember, too, that Obama came into office with a severe global financial crisis on his plate in 2008 inherited from W who foolishly suspended banking/housing regulations. Obama and the legislative branch got us out of it, thank goodness. When Trump took office, all he had to do was tear Obama a new one. And so he has. (Unthinkable Trump)

Irene Nys Lester: I last saw Bill Wakeman, about 10 to 12 years ago. He was with his wife and was entertaining a group of TCI alumni at a restaurant. We used to get together once a year but I haven’t heard of any more get-togethers in years. They were quite good and apparently did this for a living. I’m sorry he’s gone, we have lost a lot of good people including my husband.

Ivan Braiker: I am just catching up on email after numerous trips. Just saw this blog and was very surprised and pleased to have earned a little ink in your blog. Always valued and enjoyed our time together! A non-stop learning season each and every discussion!
Keep up these blogs I enjoy all the info! (Do You Believe In Magic?)

Michael Gillespie: I don’t have to click on the picture – I can hear the Jury in my head! I can “hear” the acoustics and recognize the room where it was recorded! Or I could walk over and open my box of treasured ‘45s’ and hold it to my forehead. (Not Guilty – The Jury)

Anita Mitchell: I started to work for WDW before we opened and graduated in the first Walt Disney World University class. Mike Vance was absolutely one of the best in training and after years of attending a lot of lectures like this, he still rates as one of the best. (There Are 6 Sides To Every Story)

Bill Stairs: Face it you poor victim…   You LOVE being scammed, hosed, taken to the cleaner and road hard and put away wet! I couldn’t keep track… many times have you been married? (Scam Alert)

Geo: Only once Bill, it’s all I could afford.

Merilee McKnight: Wow. Candis’s voice is beautiful George. For some reason, there is a lot I never knew about you and your career. I do remember you and Lana having Candis. I probably just forgot that you also had a son. You must have had your band when I was around, but I don’t remember. Ben left in 72 – 73 so all your career success’ and future relationships and family were not known to me. The odd time I saw Ben he would mention the family updates, so I was surprised to read your blogs. You have done well my friend. (Candis)

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