Are Lew Dan & Bob Really A Lot Smarter Than Socrates Disney & Jobs ?

How about that Tebow!

In 1965 CEOs made 24 times as much as the average worker. Today its 262 times. I wonder if they are really surprised by all the people who are camped out on Wall Street. They should start worrying about whether or not the campers are going to head to their building.

I’m old enough to remember when GMs actually worked in Radio before they became GM’s.

The strangest Birthday party ever has to be the one Brent Farris threw for himself. He did it at a Funeral Home because he wanted to hear all the good s**t they were going to say about him while he was still alive.

Steve Jobs said Apple never worried about the numbers in the market place they preferred to always keep the spotlight fully focused on the product.

Speaking of Steve Jobs he recently completed writing a book which he wrote for his children so they would know what he was doing all the times he wasn’t with them. I find that rather sad.

Why do I have the scary feeling that when Obama says he is going to raise the taxes on the Rich he is really talking about us. Even we look rich to the poor folk.

The inside word coming out of Dallas is Billy Bob Harris is working on a very exciting new project.

Socrates, Walt Disney, and Steve Jobs all believed that what was above the bottom line that created the bottom line. Do today’s radio executives actually think they are smarter than those guys.

I think most Jocks do their shows for other Jocks as Football Coaches must do it for other Coaches. I was at a Sports bar called Duffy’s watching the unranked Vanderbilt playing 2 nd ranked Bama. Mimi (pictured above) had the heavy pour on so so far I was pretty happy. In the early going Vanderbilt was in the red zone twice but just tried two field goals. I remember thinking to myself … Does this fool think he is going to beat Alabama with field goals. Mimi I think I’ll switch to Whisky!

Speaking of Duffy’s I eat there a lot. At 3 of their locations the ladies behind the bar all know my name, what red wine I like to drink and how I like my Turkey Burger prepared which probably doesn’t speak well of my somewhat narrow life style. The upside though is because I am there so often they rewarded me with some great seats to see the Winnipeg Jets play the Florida Panthers I’m even thinking of getting a Jets Jersey or would that be too dangerous. It’s lucky I live in Florida because in Winnipeg you can’t even buy a ticket.

I think Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees are the classiest guys playing in the NFL right now.

While we’re talkin’ football, did the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders get their identical looking decolletage from the same surgeon.

Isn’t weird when you read that somebody has resigned from a radio station but they still claim they love the Management and Staff they are leaving behind. The Management and Staff also say they love them too. It is all so touching it almost makes me weep. I for one yearn for the real story.

At my recent birthday party I got caught up with my old friend Gary Russell. Gary was the first air talent I ever hired and when Management used to ask me why I tolerated his hair being so long I told them it was because it made him sound better.

I once asked Mark Hubbard why he never hired Hank Williams Jr. when he was running Jamboree In The Hills. He said because Hank’s fans come with guns and knives.

The big difference between raising Cami than Candis is when Candis and her Mom were fighting I never knew about it. When Cami and her Mom fight I’m drawn into it. The only way I know when the fight is over is when they both get mad at me for interfering.

If our leaders in industry and government had to down size their personal life style in any way they would fix the economy because their family’s wouldn’t tolerate it.

The only people who like good byes are Dee Jays.

What I cant figure out is why the Republicans are huge supporters of Israel when the Jews in America don’t even vote for them.

I think every young female should see the movie “Taken” so they realize their Father’s are probably not ex CIA agents. It’s scary out there

The wonderful thing about daughters is that as feminine as they may be I think they would tear the throat out of anyone who dared say something bad about their Dads.

Are you good at something because it’s easy for you to do or do you become good at it because you like doing it.

I don’t think good content can save a bad talent but a good talent can save bad content.

Why don’t women think other women are very precious. Do they know something we don’t.

Why do guys wearing leather and riding a Harley always appear happier than you.

I wonder in the NFL if there would be fewer injuries if when you came off the field you had to stay out the whole game.

Nobody in America cares much about what the people in Palm Beach Florida think but unfortunately all of our past present and future Presidents sure do.

It is real tough to stay positive when the only thing that is newsworthy are negatives.

Dan Patrick is much better on the radio than he is on TV.

If you’re an older Dude hitting on younger women you better be able to dance like you’re a Boy Toy.


6 thoughts on “Are Lew Dan & Bob Really A Lot Smarter Than Socrates Disney & Jobs ?

  1. ,,,,,,,,little known fact is that there is a $1-thousand dollar bounty/reward for the radio pro that can actually GET radiogeo LIVE on-air for even a nano-second (if a nano-second of audio can be proven to be radiogeo His’self)…………I tried to accomplish this (with little effort on try #1) on Tuesday/October 18, 2011, between 8:10 & 9 AM during teh final hour of ‘FTL’s South Florida News Show……….radiogeo had popped in most unexpectedly, but, was welcomed by everyone, including Miss Karen “kitten with a whip” Curtis who embraced Him properly!! As another infamous “George” once sang, “The Race Is On”!!
    Note to radiogeo: Tuesday was just My 1st attempt……..!

    • Buzzy Buzzy, As I have told many an air talent before you the reason I don’t go on the air and show you guys how to really do it is because it would be very embarrassing for you and as I am a talent guy I would never do anything that would hurt the talent in any way. Besides all that I am a trained professional.

  2. George-I am happy you get a kick out of writing these musings. I look forward to reading them every week. For some reason, it ends up in the junk E-mail inbox.

    Which is great, because the serious stuff is no fun at all.


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