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Apple is writing the US economy a $350 billion check.

Tell me more.

Yesterday, Apple said it has a big five-year plan. That includes building another campus and adding 20,000 jobs. It’s also saying ‘thanks, new tax code’ and bringing most of its funds held overseas – a reported $245 billion – back to the US. Combined, the plan’s expected to put $350 billion into the US economy. Oh, and the Fruit’s also giving many of its employees a $2,500 stock bonus.


This is just the latest example of how the overhaul of the tax code is changing the way US companies do business. Don’t be surprised if Apple’s competitors start opening their pocketbooks too.


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  1. What I’m going to say will make ‘progressives’ reach for a brown paper bag. But, here goes: Trump is doing an incredible job especially considering the headwinds the liberal media throws at him 24/7. “It’s the economy stupid”!

  2. ABC had a major piece on this last night (1/17) including a one-on-one with Apple CEO Tim Cook. Also: SKIM is an excellent source for female-oriented content. It’s targeted young and specifically to women. (But men like it too!)

  3. On a more selfish note (bringing it back to Radio) How many morning shows talked about this today? Or the record Dow numbers yesterday?
    If not…WHY?
    If your morning show is leaning Left…and you’re not a talk-station…you are blowing off half your listeners.
    I don’t know a morning Radio or TV show that has that much of a cushion where they can take a side on National politics.
    The problem is…many entertainers think that unless they are bashing Trump…they are supporting him. That’s NOT the way civilians view this. The Dow is up…the economy is strong and the tax changes may give them more take-home pay. As George Johns once famously said “There are only 3 things that matter to them: Heart, Home and Pocketbook.” (that’s right he said “pocketbook”…it was a long time ago.)

    • You’re right Jim it’s better to stay away from politics. Nothing left-winged ever got ratings and the only reason right-wing talk looked big was by then research made radio all the same by bring the little stations up and the big stations down. Doing so made small ratings look bigger than they really were. I still believe in those 3 things Jim and all that’s changed is that I now say, “Money in your jeans.”

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