Angel Baby … My Angel Baby!

A few days ago I had a message on Facebook from a beautiful young Woman by the name of Angel Nieves. She claimed she had spent a lot of time checking me out both on my timeline and my Blog. I it seems was the type of guy she would be very interested in having a long term relationship with.
She went on to list all stuff she liked to do with the Man of her dreams like romantic walks on the beach, dinning out, going for long drives, travel, drinking champagne in a hot tub, etc.etc. I told her I also loved doing all that and in fact do it quite often now with somebody very special. That’s nice was her only response.
I was a little surprised when a couple of days later I got a message from Angel asking if I could send her $80.00 right away. Seems she had left her purse on the bus and had no money, she went on to say that her and her young Daughter hadn’t eaten for a while. When I didn’t respond I got a two part erotic e mail describing what she was going to do to me when we met. I got a little suspicious at that point because some of the graphic words she used in describing this meeting are seldom used by Women. Attached to the e mail were also some photos.(pictured) I’m not much of a breast man but all I can say is Wow! The next message I received listed an address in Lancaster PA where she needed me to send the money. When I checked out the address the only person who lived there surprise surprise was a 50 something Puerto Rican guy who had the same name as hers. Can you say scam! (Which is what the Hunny Bunny suspected all along) Linda Duffy said when you look like her you have no need for money.

The 3 words Women most love to hear are “You Were Right” Those words are already on the Hunny Bunny’s voice mail as I write this(see above)

Oh Oh another one from Facebook by the name of Clara Suzzie is on me now. Sounds like a name borrowed from a John Steinbeck novel. Clara stepped up there … She needs $1300 so it didn’t take long for the naughty photos to show up. I noticed on one of the photos a small portion of a face was showing but it didn’t match the face she was using on her facebook page. The language like Angel’s was also rougher than you would expect from a woman, so ya gotta ask your self. Is She really a He?

I think the election was more about a vote against Mitt Romney than a vote for Obama. How can anybody be for more of this.

After hearing someone claim they thought he was lucky, Frank Sinatra said … Luck is only important in helping to set up the right moment to sell yourself. After that you better have some talent and know how to use it.

So Jennifer Suma Randall asked, “What was the worst thing you ever heard that turned out later to be great”. Easy one for me. Several weeks after breaking up with the Woman I was engaged to told me she was pregnant. What! Now I can’t imagine even for a minute how I would have lived the last 17 years without Cami in my life.

You don’t have to respect every one’s beliefs you just have to acknowledge them.

Bobby Cole added … Don’t believe everything you think.

What you think and what you know are light years apart.

Men are very visual what part about that don’t Women get. We pray you have a nice personality and are also a decent human being.

Now that they are playing Christmas Music on the Radio I guess its a little too late to take down my outdoor Xmas lights.

Ron Chapman (soon to be inducted into the Radio Hall Of Fame) told me that he gets about 80 e mails a day which he deletes one at a time till he comes across one that appears to be interesting. He hits print and continues on down the list looking for more which at some point he takes them to the appropriate place where he can sit down and read them.

I think the reason a lot of older folks take up reading the Bible again is because they are cramming for their final exam.

Sometimes when I look around at my life I feel I must just be part of a reality series they are shooting using hidden Cameras.

The difficult thing for a Woman to understand is when she falls in love with an Artist it’s never going to be about her … It’s always about the Artist!

The way it works in Show Biz is the Host wins not the sidekick!

I have found that great people who do great things are usually not so great to handle.

What makes me strong is proving over and over I’m not as weak as I appear to be.

Radio has to start improving the way it presents commercials by making them more palatable. The only way to do that is make them as good as the Super Bowl commercials are or embed them.

Can you imagine how many companies would kill to have their product consumed by 95% of the population like ours is.

Gifted people waste a lot of their time worrying about what they are going to do if they lose their gift. Creative people just get back to creating.

Fame unveils who you really were all along.

You don’t get rich working for someone else.

You don’t have any shot at getting what you want if you don’t ask for it.

Making a Radio sales promotion sound like a programming promotion is a work of art.

People no longer look at the Radio when they are listening to it but a great personality can make them do so.

16 thoughts on “Angel Baby … My Angel Baby!

  1. Further addendum to your “Three Words Women Like to Hear”:
    -“You’re right”
    -“I’m wrong”
    -“And, I’m sorry”

  2. George,

    Reading your blog on a regular basis keeps me informed, amused and slightly amazed at your energizer bunny-like perseverance. It’s a genuine honor to count you among my friends!

    • I wonder Dean if they even have awards for great commercials and promos any more I won a couple when I was a kid and it kept me interested in improving them even more.

  3. Re: Election – The worlds best reality TV show. Geo, we’ve both seen various radio markets where the top station isn’t always very good, it’s just that the competition is worse. The republicans should be embarrassed over the quality of the their candidate and the strategies and tactics used in their campaign. But what do I know – I’m just a Canadian.

    • Yeah I think Gar as I said in my Blog that the folks just didn’t want Mitt even though I don’t think anybody wants four more like the last 4. It used to be that if the economy was bad you were pushed out of office ( Jimmy Carter) Now what!

    • Nope because Angel is a guy posing as a girl I don’t know who elected me as the Facebook scam buster but I’ve bust 2 now and two more are on my radar.
      These guys posing as women are preying older guys who may be lonely. I may be older but I sure ain’t lonely so I can bust ’em

  4. Via her father Camie reminds me to thank God I met my future ex-wife 37 years ago. Desirae and Sarah are just a few miles away. So happy to be home. One favor to ask. You wouldn’t consider hopping up to San Francisco for dinner from Carlsbad. RSVP. Finochios is stuffed.

    • Thanks for the invite Bill but other than going to Chicago this weekend to induct Ron Chapman into the Radio Hall Of Fame I’ll be in south Florida for the next little while.

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