And The Good Thing About Consolidation Is …

When you think about it isn’t it a little strange that you have to get a woman’s permission before giving her extreme pleasure.

Why do sales people still call on the same clients over and over again even when some of them aren’t going to be very successful in the economy of the moment. Hell they’re not going to pay anyway.

You know your going to have a real bad year when the people who had no plans to ever pay you stop buying too.

Is submitting a rate to a time buyer really selling.

In Canada which has fewer stations per market than America, the Radio revenues go up by at least a million dollars when a brand new signal begins operations.

Sales people are almost a bigger mystery to me than women. Wait a minute most of them are women.

Jim Hilliard used to have a sign over his office door which read ” The Purpose Of This Office Is to Bring Good News To The Sales Department” going along with that theme he also had a rule that stated there was only one person who was allowed to see a new rating book before him and that was George Johns. His quote about it was … If anybody can find some good news in a rating book it’s George and I need good news from every single rating book to pass on to the sales department.

Etta James and Johnny Otis passed. Wow the early musical acts who got me so passionate about Music which later led me to Radio and a great shot at having a pretty good life are leaving the planet much too quickly. Very scary!

Speaking of leaving the planet I’m glad they so far are not taking me with them as I have too many new projects I’m working on to go just yet.

Being from Winnipeg it’s sure not too hard to like Florida this time of year. But then again, I still love California!

It’s a lot easier remembering what you told some one if what you told them was true.

Once again I ask … And the good thing about consolidation is ???

Wow KZST sure tore up another rating book in Santa Rosa didn’t they in fact they are #1 in 136 different demos and dayparts.

Radio like any business needs three types of people to make it successful … The Dreamer, The Business Man and The Son Of A Bitch. Some great leaders and visionaries like Henry Ford, Walt Disney and Steve Jobs were all three.

Besides professional athletes and musicians is there anyone else with a lot of tattoos that becomes very successful.

Do you remember how frightened you were back in the day to make certain moves because they looked very scary. Now you look back on all that and say to yourself I must have been some kind of a wimp cause none of that stuff is remotely frightening now.

Girl talk is … Why things are how they are. Guy talk is … Things are how they are.

Timing is everything. When the Beatles were first getting started they were a very loud rock band who performed in jeans and motorcycle jackets and occasionally would play with toilet seats around their necks. By the time we first saw them on the Ed Sullivan Show they were in suits and ties and sang a Broadway tune.

I just read somewhere that no man has ever been shot by a woman while he was doing the dishes.

Is this predictable or what! Jim Irsay is now mad at Peyton Manning for something he said this wouldn’t of course have anything to do with the fact Irsay is trying to get out of paying Manning the 28 million he owes him right.

I was reading the other day in one of the trades that only 17% of people listening to radio are listening to AM. I would argue the reason for that small number is because the product AM is currently suppling to America only appeals to 17%.

The only thing you never have to tell an air talent to do is … Stop using the word “New” when talking about the radio station.

What the hell happened to Mr. Business Man being afraid of his Customers and the Government.

Last week a hundred of us were affected by Duffy’s computers being hacked by some folks who went on a buying spree with my credit cards in Texas and Austria. My bank account was quickly overdrawn by a thousand dollars before they could cancel my cards so I went for a week with no money or credit. I had to beg my co-workers for gas money and food. Now I know first hand how the homeless feel.

19 thoughts on “And The Good Thing About Consolidation Is …

    • I love women Nancy but I am frightened by the power they have over me. By getting them mad at me by pointing out a few of their blemishes they don’t bother to use it(-:

  1. Once upon a time, sales people had to use both legs and a tank of gas to meet new advertising prospects. Today I’m guessing AE’s only use a chair, a screen and a mouse.
    It was hard to get me out of your office, but I’m pretty sure it’s easier today to get rid of me with a click of your mouse.

  2. I believe it was Jerry Bobo (and before that, Dick Yancey) who told me that the only time to present a rate per spot to a time buyer was when the rate was higher, the order was for more spots than the buyer had planned and the promotion far exceeded their expectations. In those cases, of course, one had to meet face-to-face with a presentation that told the sizzling story that the value received far exceeded the price of admission which is the job of the sales person. (Of course, it was also a requirement that the sales person be in constant contact with the client.) Whatever happened to those days ? Does anybody actually increase rates and the size of buys anymore, or are they spirialing the drain ? And another good thing about consolidation is ?

  3. I cannot say for certain why Jim Irsay is mad at Peyton Manning, but I think he may feel “sandbagged” about Manning’s condition by Manning himself, Archie Manning, Bill Polian and perhaps Jim Caldwell back in the spring of last year. The after-practice evaluation of Manning with Jeff Saturday in mid-December seems to have been a turning point concerning Manning’s rehabilitation and recovery and the Colts’ plans for the future. Polian interrupted Caldwell’s news briefing about the evaluation and seemed to be on eggshells from that point forward. At that point, the Colts were 1-13, if I recall correctly. Polian himself admitted after his dismissal his mistake was not to have a solid winning “Plan B” if Peyton was unable to play. It has been a very strange year. Peyton Manning was silent on his condition for months. The past two weeks, he has been far move visible and vocal in the Indianapolis meda than most of 2011, so perhaps Jim Irsay is reacting to that.

  4. While you’re out there blogging about radio and women…while I’m concerned about the Florida Republican Primary. I just found out today that Mitt Romney’s real first name is Willard.

    Willard and Newt. This isn’t a political campaign, it’s a J.K. Rawlings Novel!

    Being the media whore that I am, Now is the time for Donald Trump and Sarah Palin to jump in the race claiming “I’ve Seen Enough!!!”

    I have a question for Willard Romney. WHY do you have so much money stashed away in “offshore” accounts???? Wouldn’t all that money do more good for America in an American Bank???? Where it can be loaned out to qualified individuals and business to buy a home or expand their business here in America? Hmmm?????

    Can anyone picture Newt Gingrich having sex? If Newt Gingrich wins the election in November, we can skip “Hail to the Chief”….and replace it with “If you like Pina Coladas….Getting Caught in the Rain….”


  5. You ask… “When you think about it isn’t it a little strange that you have to get a woman’s permission before giving her extreme pleasure.”

    Because otherwise, it’s called RAPE. You should be embarrassed.

  6. Dude – I’ve been telling you this for awhile now and it’s the only thing that has ever bothered me about you.
    The way you talk about women is the way other men have, or will,
    talk about your precious daughters.
    You are re-enforcing cruddy behavior on both sides all the way around.
    Stick with what you know — radio — and leave the Henny Youngman knuckle-dragging behind.
    When you treat woman like trash toys and then berate them for not caring to be treated like that, then they become the gold-diggers you’d like to portray them as.
    I’d like to see a less bitter Geo. who doesn’t perpetuate – well, crap.
    It gets in the way of a good, solid message. xxooxx

    • Kelly me thinketh you proteth too much.(-: I’m sure there are lots of subjects I write about that irritate people. The questions I have about women are questions a lot of men have. Just because some women like to remain a mystery only makes guys like me want to know more and what I have found out is a lot of them are not as innocent and giving as they want us to believe, except for my daughters of course(-: Women like Radio are a big part of my life but they both have a few blemishes that I like to write about. xxooxx

  7. *women.
    Sorry, I am not a hater of men – but I am a hater of men who down deep hate women except for sex. And radio is chock full of them. What a shame.

    • Just so you know Kelley I love women, sometimes I wished I didn’t but when you love them is when they start to make sense to me. The others don’t at all. (-:

  8. i remember the days when we considered charging more per commercial for a higher frequency contract. Theory being, we only have a limited inventory, and if you’re taking more than your share. . . you’re going to pay more for it!
    Great concept. . . . didn’t work however.

    • Bill the strange thing at WIBC was our TSL was like Beautiful Music’s so you didn’t need to buy very many spots to cover our audience with the frequency you desired. The agencies knew so thats why we had a lot of direct business.

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