Hurricane Mathew Aftermath.


Power went off at 2:30 am but was back on when I got up at 6. Opened up the hurricane shutters and the balcony furniture is still there although it did move around a bit on both balconies. Can’t see any damage but the golf course below is a vivid green so it must have liked the storm. All seems well around my place. Whew!
Looks like I’ve got enough emergency supplies to have an emergency party. 
1 pot of pasta. (half gone)
1 bottle of orange juice.
2 bottles of Diet Coke. (half of one gone)
1 bottle of Vodka that’s been distilled five times.
1 jar of olives
1 bottle of Vermouth
1 bottle of Canadian Whiskey. (more than half gone)
1 bottle of white wine.
1 bottle of a nice red.
A bunch of “bad for you” snacks. (2 cookies, a bag of tortilla chips and a few Kit Kats are gone)

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33 thoughts on “Hurricane Mathew Aftermath.

  1. Hurricane party checklist looks good George! Add cheese and crackers.
    Candles, flashlight – make sure everything is charged!!

  2. RadioGeo, Travel back in time to September 2004 as Hurricane Frances approached Palm Beach & WRMF went into Emergency Broadcast mode inside a Control Room core that was wrapped tightly by thick plywood sheets put up by Ric Rieke…..Mike Calhoun prepped His coverage team after Paul Cavenaugh purchased supplies at the Publix next door on Congress Ave….baloney & bread….mayo & mustard….cheese & crackers….chips & dips (sorry, Amy)….hundreds of $$$ in booze…. it was never revealed just Who provided the soothing sweet smoke that got Us thru the 72-hours spent together as Frances churned & howled & nearly blew Our legendary house down….& it was only a warm-up as Hurricane Jeanne jumped ashore some 3 weeks later @ 120-mph sustained!

  3. Be safe! Looks like you have all the provisions. I wonder if 2016 radio will handle this well, or will the guy seven states away who’s voice tracking it even know something out of the ordinary is happening ….

  4. I sure remember the tornado, severe thunderstorm and blizzard coverage we did back in the ’60s and ’70s in the upper midwest. We actually performed a service to our community and listeners. What a concept.

    • Several times in Winnipeg Doug, me and the night jock would be trapped at the station because of a snow storm and so we’d also have broadcast all night and do the morning show too.

  5. Hunkered down in Ft. Lauderdale and our AC broke last night. 81 degrees in the house and we are just getting started! Wanted to start drinking this morning and organize the neighborhood men to learn how to juggle powersaws but my wife put the kabosh on that idea…Dream Killer!

    Be safe!

  6. Looks like Orlando is just going to get a little kiss. Melbourne up to St. Augustine get to see the eye. My son in Daytona is going to ride it out of the beachside.
    Where is Buzz at these days?

  7. BIG swing and a miss! That pitch was just a bit outside. Matthew makes a U-turn around the mound; looks like he wants to throw the change up this time. Here’s the pitch…

  8. My television shows pictures of streets, buildings, and beaches in the storm, but all I think is, “I hope those I care for are dry, well, safe and happy.” Glad to see the storm has passed my long time friend George Johns.

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