Abstract Thoughts! (new for Jan 25/16)


The part I like best about being the centrist I am is that you’re not obligated buy into the bullshit from the right or the left. I also wish the candidates weren’t so quick to declare their political affiliation.
The rest of us definitely need more time to figure out whether or not they’re decent human beings before those other images cloud our vision.


How many bad things do you suppose were done for the greater good.
I believe that at the last moment Trump is gonna step aside and endorse Ted Cruz.
Every country still has a kings we just call them something else.

Speaking of Kings Ron Chapman turns 80 today which means he has been retired from radio in Dallas for 10 years but still shows up in all the research. Happy Birthday old friend and I use the term “old” affectionately.

Is it true that our new health care program is already bankrupt?
Most of the violence on earth is caused by religious people fighting over which religion is the most peaceful.

If something doesn’t make any sense look for the financial connection.

When I was a kid I got spanked enough times that just the mere threat of it straightened me right out. I must of missed something though because whenever I threatened to spank my daughters while they were growing up they just laughed.

Just like you need a license to drive a car I think you should need one to shoot a gun.
Unfortunately it makes financial sense for war to continue.
I don’t see many Hispanics hangin’ with the Prez in DC but I do see a lot of African Americans.
Nobody but the Republicans and the Democrats like the 1%ers but it will be the party that appears to dislike them the most that will win the next election.
The thing I like about Trump the most is that he is making other politicians also speak up or get left behind in the dust.
The best stories always come from your most embarrassing moments.
You always need to be careful about what you say because they always blame the speaker not the speech writer.
Trying to eliminate what’s different about you may just result in your becoming ordinary.
Just ’cause there’s a lotta action doesn’t me there’s anything getting done.
Not being fearful of someone different has to be taught.
The people who have figured out the system of how you collect unemployment and welfare are mostly the ones who don’t deserve it.
What a difference a day makes, you can be born, die, change, or even fall in love.
Athletes, Singers, Songwriters and Women, get 10 great years at most.
It’s easier to appear youthful than it is to appear wise.
Saying the same thing over and over doesn’t make it true.
Some bad decisions make some great stories.
Women now dominate the music world but they have yet to conquer Hollywood. 
You won’t ever have to worry about a swat team knocking on your door in the middle of the night … They don’t bother to knock.
Well Martin Shkreli It appears has proved that you can get away with stealing from the poor but definitely not from the rich.
The people should never be afraid of the government but the government should always be afraid of the people.
Ladies unless you look like an Angel from Victoria’s Secret I would suggest keeping your man real close.
If we knew our place back in the day there would be no such thing as Rock&Roll.
At some point every genius was just somebody’s student.
I know it doesn’t look like it most but every team spend the same amount of money on the players.

So the word is that Glenn Frey died from the side affects of an arthritis drug he was taking because he could no longer take the pain.

Most men are not really into children until we get to hold our own for the first time, at that moment we’d die for them.

The road to success is not a straight one.

What with the passing of David Bowie Lemmy and Glenn Frey I believe that the band they are putting together in Rock&Roll heaven is a hell of a band and much better than anything we’ve got left here on earth.

Praise just leads to you getting more of whatever you praised someone for.

So Manning outgunned Brady but he sure doesn’t have near enough weapons for Carolina so it looks like I’ll have to head to California for the Superbowl.

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