When I first formed my band “The Jury” the Radio Dee-Jays were much bigger than the music. The Beatles soon changed all of that.

Wow a couple of Billion in Foreign Aid was recently sent by the US to the Middle East as a gift. Try explaining that to the 1400 teachers who just got laid off here in South Florida the same day.

Do you think in our all out quest for freedom of speech our language has improved or deteriorated … Just askin’ as I hear another big hip hop hit my Daughter is listening to on the car radio as I drive her to Church. Color me red with embarrassment.

In the summer of ’83 my tax accountant Roger Snowdon informed me that I had just become a Millionaire. I never imagined nor did I anticipate how quickly Wine, Women, & Song could burn you through all that.

I hear the new owner of WRMF is out to cut 200 thou from the station’s expenses. I have the short list of everyone over there who is making over 200 thousand. No sense him Nickle and Dimming it he might as well just get after it. Oh and here’s a time saving clue, none of the 200 plussers are working in programming.

Cris Conner says that thanking Obama for killing Osama is like thanking Ronald McDonald for the burger at McDonald’s. Its the cook who should get the credit not the clown.

The only women I have ever believed had my best interests at heart were my Daughters.

Have you ever noticed since the Airlines have been deregulated we the passengers have been a way over regulated.

When the Jox were the Kings of the Radio Stations didn’t we except maybe for the accountants, make a lot more money.

Speaking of accountants. They always thought that most folks at a radio station made a way too much money but until now they never had the power to do anything about it. Don’t they just look like kids in a candy store.

I remember while touring a recording studio in Nashville seeing a storage room filled with  Mics. One of them stood out from the rest because it had a permanent sticker on it that read … Reba’s! I remember when radio used to have that kind of attention to detail. Now it’s just punch lists.

I am totally into Gay Rights, Equal Rights, Women’s Rights, Etc. Etc.  Just as long as those rights don’t give them one more right than me.

Most Program Directors are like a Quarterback on a Football team but what they need to become are coaches, until then you’re going to need some outside help if you ever hope to succeed.

All the nice things you do for people are really never noticed so you better just do them to make yourself feel good. You wont have that much time to worry about it though because you will be busy dealing with all the people who noticed you hadn’t done anything nice for them lately.

If Government workers made most of their money from tips, how well do you think they would do.

Speaking of Government workers, if we got to vote on their benefits package how would you vote, more or less ?

Most Air Talent just sing to the choir.

Using the theory that luck is just where Preparation meets Opportunity wouldn’t that make a Coincidence just part of the plan.

The Oil Companies in Canada are so fearful of the possible repercussions from the price of gas that they post on the pumps exactly where all the money goes. Surprise !  The Government gets most of it. Who would have thunk that ?

I like the way our Government is slowly leaking all the stuff they found in Osama’s compound. It must be scaring the hell out of all the terrorists about whether or not their name and location is on a list. How powerful do they feel now huh.

Doug Erickson who lives in Denver was complaining that it was still snowing at this late date. I told him I didn’t know how he could live like that. Even though I was born in Winnipeg I lost my snow chops long ago.

On I 95 in Florida there is a great Billboard for a Heart Hospital that reads … YOUR HEIRS CAN WAIT.

Pretty Boys are much like most Pretty Girls, their only expertise seems to be in being pretty.

Speaking of pretty, I think guys handle pretty girls much more easily than girls handle pretty guys.

I have had a few unique surprises in my life but none as unique and long lasting as my Daughters.

Most good air talent are pretty difficult to handle but if you do it even half right they can give you a pretty good life. Just ask me!

I wish I had a lot more money but not enough to change my life to get it.

This recession must be hell on all the oil companies, he says sarcastically.

New study out says that the stations who consistently do well in PPM are the ones that sound good.

4 thoughts on “A WAY OVER REGULATED

  1. — Most program directors are simply management buffers, err-r… flufflers and ‘in the way’. They spew orders not instructions. I did say ‘most’ didn’t I?

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