A Shitload! (new geo Blog for the week of May 21/18)

While starting my radio career as a production board op at CKY in Winnipeg, I was much too busy producing commercials to join the guys as they scurried down the back fire escape every evening to the ‘Cri.’ The ‘Cri’ was made famous by legendary sportscaster and morning man Jack Wells who would end his show every day saying that he was now heading to the Criterion Athletic club for his daily workout. The ‘Cri,’ of course, was a beer parlor located in the Criterion Hotel which conveniently had a rear entrance just a few steps down the back lane from CKY’s studios.
The ‘Cri’ was also the workout choice of most of the other air staff too including Daryl ‘B’ Chuck Dann (Riley) and Mark Parr who would try to talk me into joining them as they left for a few pops every evening. Unfortunately, I had to take a rain check because as I told them, “I still have a shitload of commercials left to do.” What’s a shitload you ask? Below are a few examples.


Speaking of a shitload, my good friend Jim Harper who has a shitload of talent has been nominated for induction into the National Radio Hall Of Fame. Jim was the longtime morning man at WNIC in Detroit where he did a lot of brilliant work. His nomination is so cool and just like Paul McCartney’s daughter’s t-shirt read when he was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, “It’s about fucking time.”

And while on the subject, if you’re a type ‘A’ with a shitload of talent and love wine, I’ve got the perfect gig for ya. You can get my attention @ radiogeo@gmail.com

Nobody has the right to be racist.

I wonder if the person who sold Prince the pills that ultimately killed him has any remorse?

It is said that if they know your name at a bar, you’re probably an alcoholic. Hell, mine is known at three, wait a minute, maybe four. What now?
Nobody attempts the impossible without believing in something greater than themselves.
Being aware of the what’s wrong with you is more valuable than being aware of what’s wrong with others.
Great people were first thought to be crazy.
You don’t bring peace to the world by being peaceful.
The last people to make any money in radio were the ones who sold it to the current owners.
Nothing good ever comes from reliving the past, but what the hell else does one have for sure?
If the best way to go is socialism, why don’t they teach it at Harvard business school?
Great people create their own life whereas life creates everybody else’s.
Nothing makes you feel older than not knowing most of the cover tunes the finalists are singing on the Voice.
If it’s not a little bit frightening, it has very little potential.
Your not liking change doesn’t change the need for it.
I would rather align with Russians than Muslims. Muslims only align with each other.
If you’re not invited to the lunch meeting, you probably are lunch.
Progress is a risky business. 
The only women men don’t understand are the ones they love.
The one thing that the air talent do better today is hyping you about how much they wanna win. However, I still prefer the old-fashioned way of them blowing my sox off.
Wow, forget about Bill, think about what Bill Cosby’s family has to live with for the rest of their lives.
The only person who has any chance of changing you is the man in the mirror.
Without rules, we’d live like animals.
How long do you suppose a New York Jew would remain a liberal in Israel?
I have never heard as many accolades for any president like Obama gets. Is that a racist thing?
I don’t think it does any harm to believe there is a God in heaven; the danger comes from the people on earth who claim that they speak for him.
I just read that Californians who make $100,000 a year are considered to be in the low-income bracket so they may, in fact, qualify for government aid. Wow!
What I can’t understand is if liberal radio doesn’t work why do they think liberal TV will?
Society doesn’t deserve revenge, but the victim’s families sure do.

Just because you think it so don’t make it so.

So Meghan and Harry are married huh? Luckily for her, they changed the rule about the brides who marry into the Royal family having to be virgins. Diana had to be checked out by the Queen’s Doctor the night before.

I think the wedding would have been much better had Sir Paul, and Sir Elton sang All You Need Is Love with the choir instead of Stand By Me. Also, James Bond arriving in an Astin Martin would have added a nice touch don’t ya think?

Speaking of thinking, I think the Vegas Knights have just screwed the coaches and GM’s of all other NHL teams. They used to be able to say that it takes at least three years to build a good hockey team. Now however ownership may be saying that they no longer want to wait, they wanna do it Vegas style.

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9 thoughts on “A Shitload! (new geo Blog for the week of May 21/18)

  1. Speaking of “shitload”, that would describe my career before we started listening to your wisdom as our consultant. Every great Radio jock needs a Brian Epstein to become a Beatle. That is the best way I can describe you, George. Someone who can see the potential in others, recognize talent and how to optimize it and then, the most important part: How to manage and HANDLE success. Add to that all the Life-wisdom you so generously share with anyone who will listen, and all I can say is:
    I’m glad I know you George. And I’ll never stop being grateful.

  2. Loved the story about the “Cri”. In those long-ago days, I think most radio stations had a “chief joint of staff” to which the crew adjourned after work. When I worked WOKY/Milwaukee, the official bar was The Annex, across the street. There was even an extension of the PD’s (George Wilson) office phone over there. Later, at WRIT, where the late Bob Collins and I did PM drive, the next stop was Orlando’s, where we’d usually find half the station staff when we got off the air. Fun times that I’m pretty sure don’t exist in radio any longer.

    • Ahh yes, Doug. In Indy, it was the Grog Shoppe right across the parking lot from WIBC/WNAP which was wonderful because we had trade there. Of course, you would find most of the staff there every late afternoon, and it really was the only time you saw the sales and programming people hanging out together.

  3. Let’s see, Daisy’s, Ciao Bella, Papa Razzi, Capital Grill, Charlie’s and a couple of shitholes in Cambridge, none better than the Cantab..And shit I forgot Johnny D’s (rip) in Somerville. Oh and the dump on Boylston across from the Pru., the Pour House. And on special occasions The Ritz Bar and The Oak Bar in the Copley Plaza Hotel….my list is too long and I even lived over a great bar for awhile, Davios. Of course Sonsie where we celebrated the sale of WKLB or something like that.

  4. We were back in Boston after being out here for 5 years and the bartender said to me, “Jack on the Rocks with a splash and Chardonnay for the lady”

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