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When I left Fairbanks broadcasting to try my hand at consulting it was very scary times. I remember thinking, “Hey, if I’m gonna starve to death, maybe I should do it where I wouldn’t freeze to death first.
Luckily the Shadeks who owned KOGO/KPRI in San Diego decided to become my first client so at least I was going to be warm. The thing though that really turned me on was the fact that that they also owned a radio station in San Antonio which needed help.
When KVIL became a legendary station, the radio folks said, “Well that’s a unique situation which probably only works if you have Ron Chapman and do it in Dallas.” After it worked once again in Palm Beach, I realized that if I had any hope of getting my consultancy off the ground, I had to do it at a station where Chapman nor Fairbanks Broadcasting was involved. When Reid Reker and I launched the daughter of Kay Ville in San Antonio, “Class FM” blew the market away, and we were all set. Can you say oversold?
Meanwhile back in San Diego, Reid and I were also having a lot of fun with KOGO doing what we called the Radio Magazine. It was a great format which I think would work today but it takes a lot of time and an enormous amount of creativity. Unfortunately, with the success of Class FM, the one thing Reid and me were quickly running out of was time.
Across the hall from KOGO, was our FM, KPRI, where we were doing an AOR format that was getting soundly beaten by KGB. So, because I’ve always believed that a person(s) is the answer, I brought in Buster Bodine and Don Michael Gerrard. Buster, Don, and I had worked together at WNAP in Indy, so the first thing we did was tighten up the music and then launch a bunch of promotions that were successful at the Buzzard.
When I think back about those days, I realize what helped a whole bunch was the fact that we weren’t frightened. Buster was putting his voice over career together, and Reid and I were busy doing Class FM in a bunch of places, so none of us were worried about putting food on the table. With all that pressure gone, we just had fun with KPRI, and then all of a sudden out of the blue, we beat the unbeatable KGB. Wow!
The next thing I knew, Ed Shadek, who was the company president came to me and said, “George I want to thank you so much for beating KGB, I’ve always wanted to do that. However, even though I’ve always hated our music but just couldn’t bring myself to walk away from it a loser. Now that you’ve made me a winner, can we pull the shit off the air we’re currently playing and replace it with that Class thing you’re doing on our station in San Antonio?”


Of all the places I’ve ever been to, Hawaii is still my favorite. Now if I could ever figure out how to get there by train, you’d never see or hear from me again.
I don’t know why I’m a train freak, but no matter how long it takes me to get somewhere, it’s still too quick.

Remember when we dressed up to get on a plane? That went away when they started running them like busses.


I hear lots of Trump bashing coming out of Canada but next to nothing about Trudeau. What’s up with that?
Speaking of Canada, I remember when God Save The Queen used to be played at the end of the movie. Well, that managed to go away, maybe it’s time for our anthem to also disappear from some events. Who decides where it gets played anyway?
So how the fuck did Jann Wenner who can’t sing, dance, or play a musical instrument become powerful enough to decide who goes into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Even more importantly he also decides who doesn’t. Shouldn’t the fans, the artists, and the Dee-Jays who actually played the music be the ones who put them in there?
Let’s see if I have this straight, The Philadelphia Eagles have the right to diss the presidential office, but the president doesn’t have the right to diss them?
I think the only people who should be invited to the Whitehouse should be people who make a difference. Overpaid athletes and movie stars don’t make a difference.
So I wonder what the Jews, Irish, and Chinese, who were also slaves, think about the blacks getting all the attention about it?
How come even though we have all this debt there is no concern about us running out of welfare money?
Do thugs of any race or religion deserve any respect or rights?
Being a good athlete does not make you a good human being.

Somebody is getting rich off these hundreds of charities but it sure ain’t the poor.


Love is a word that should be used often, but not overused.

Pro athletes and beautiful women get about the same amount of time to get it all done. Twenty years.

Women aren’t as innocent as they think they appear.

The only women I agree with about women’s rights are my daughters.

Any beautiful woman can bring any meeting to a halt without saying anything.


A few things that are quickly disappearing from our lives, stores in the mall, DVDs, CDs, maps, books, safety, the ringing of landline phones, and the sound of car horns when the New Yorkers finally go home.
Only Joe Coker did the covers better than the originals.

Isn’t it weird that when some of the groups who are touring today had hit records, you could see them for five bucks? Now that they don’t have any new hits, it costs hundreds.


To be able to live your life any way you want to is the ultimate success.
Intelligent people reasonably informed seldom disagree.

Wouldn’t pro hockey be fun if there were pro hockey teams all over the world and you could only play for the team in the country where you were born? The Stanley Cup would come down to continent against continent. Whew!

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  1. George, I learned more about great radio from you in a year and a half at KOGO than in the 20 years before you. Wish we could have kept going. Your mentoring led to 14 years of success in Tampa Bay. My thanks, forever.

    • Thank you for your kind words Bob, but it had a lot more to do with you than me. You gave me permission to coach you, most of the air talent today don’t realize that they need coaching. It’s costing them money.

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