90% Of The Folks Don’t Care Enough To Listen To Ye Lad.

My research on the wants and needs of women continues and I may be getting a little closer to a little truth but they still seem a little reluctant to serve it up to me so I may need to serve them up to them larger portions of the truth serum. I just have to make sure I don’t end up using too much of it on myself because it then becomes very difficult then for me to stay focused on radio research instead of what I really want to ask.

Jo Myers told me that she used to voice track some radio shows in Denver so when she got home one day after just doing so, her Son informed her that Michael Jackson had just died. She immediately jumped into her car and went back to the Station to recut all her voice tracks. It took Whitney Houston’s death to show us that mostly what we have left now in Radio are a bunch of whiny wimps waiting to be told what to do. Sad!

I hear the Drug Company that owns and makes OxiContin supports the upcoming ban on its production. I wouldn’t think the fact that they have already made millions and millions plus their patent on it runs out 2013 which prevents any other company from manufacturing it has anything to do with their decision do you. What’s that you say … They have a brand new product with a brand new patent ready to come out called OxvNeo. Sweet!

I wonder if doing the Christmas Music thing is worth it anymore. Back when we had rolling averages it could get you a nice bump for a few months and you could make a little money with the improved ratings. Now Arbitron isolates the results so sales doesn’t even get to sell it. Then the ratings tumble when Christmas is over which demoralizes everybody. So what’s it all about Alfie!

Seeing as the economy is terrible and a lot of people are out of work not to mention gas prices are once again on the rise and predicted to soar maybe we should try something else. How about this time around Mr. Business Man is given all the rules and the rest of us have none.

Speaking of Mr. Business Man, I wonder if he is smart enough to give Jeremy Lin a raise right now since in a few weeks not only does he have the Knicks rolling but the worth of the team has gone up by several million. I know I wouldn’t want Jeremy bummed at this moment.

The way I figure it they are still printing the same amount of money everyday. The problem is It’s just going to fewer people.

How is Bobby Brown escaping the wrath of the people. I hear nothing about him and I definitely think he would be the perfect poster child for the type of man you warn your children about.

My Brother Reg is having a Birthday this week and now when I do the math he is actually gaining on me or I conveniently missed a couple of my own Birthdays.

Have you ever noticed when a celebrity is asked an embarrassing question they always answer with swear words so they cant be quoted. I bet politicians wish they could do the same but unfortunately for them their answer would become the bigger story.

Speaking of celebrities you would think they would all be a little tougher skinned by now. Hell you’re never anybody if you dont have almost as many people hating you as loving you. Just getting them to know your name is the hard part.

Speaking of folks disliking you … If you had a 10 share with your radio station that would probably make you #1 in most markets in America but would still mean 90% of the folks don’t like you enough to even listen to you for a few moments. Hard to believe a radio personality could develop a large ego from those kinds of facts.

I wonder what “Mello” thinks about the fact the Jeremy Lin’s shirt is out selling his 10 to 1 plus he’s been on the cover of Sports Illustrated two weeks running now.

Speaking of Jeremy he sure is handling his fame a lot better than some of those gangsters he plays with.

The thing I have difficulty doing is calming myself when I see brake lights come on at a green light.

I was sitting at Duffy’s the other day overhearing a conversation some folks were having about a young woman they knew who had recently committed suicide. They went on to say how terrible it was especially coming on the heels of her Brother who was a skin head Nazi being sent to prison for some horrendous hate crime he had committed not long ago.They wondered how much more of this kinda stuff could the family take. My only thought was I for one would be kinda scared to meet that family.

I think for at least once in their life every woman becomes a Swan. When my wife Lana and I first started dating she wasn’t the prettiest girl in School but when she was in her early forties we went back to our High School Reunion and she blew the School away.

Sometimes I just have to give thanks for not being as stupid as I appear to be.

It takes falling in love for men to understand what life is all about. Once in love his worries about life will be over because his partner will be giving him daily updates about things he never even thought about let alone cared about before.

I was listening to Troy Stradford on 6-40 Sports and heard him say if you ever get the chance to sit down with a Pro Football Coach within 30 minutes you will realize you don’t know anything about football.

A lot of times the person who doesn’t appear to be very powerful is the most powerful of all.

While visiting Reid Reker in Vegas recently I asked Vinny the bartender at the Wynn what kind of money the cocktail waitresses made. He said their base was $12 an hour but they got to keep their own tips. Just then a very beautiful one walked by and I asked him what she made and he said … Somewhere between 80 and 90 grand a year.

Speaking of Bars, Booze and Broads, I’m thinkin’ if women were as really much fun as they are when they’re drinking there would be fewer alcoholics in the World.

If you aren’t doing what you love to do on the radio you’re probably not very good at it … Right, Barsky!

Well Saturday Cami has her Sweet 16 party which I understand is going to be somewhere between 100 and 150 people. Wish me well!


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