# 8 “CLASS REUNION” (from Jan 12/15)

Jack-George.3586_10151827070879307_632979385_n1Jack McCoy always claimed that in order to be successful one must have a secret and two of his early ones were how to get out of the “Last Contest” alive and what the phone number was to the special printing press that could print 5 different ticket numbers for his “Prize Catalog”.
Our little secret for the “Class” format was knowing that women loved rock stars but never liked their music.Once music research hit the streets our secret was gone as was Jack’s when lots of those special printing presses came on line so it was time for both of us to move on to other secrets.

Meanwhile before it’s too late it would be fun to have a “Class Reunion” sometime and relive all those wonderful days when we were kicking ass and driving fancy cars. Any thoughts on where or when?


It’s not about creating some art that will sell, it’s about figuring out how to sell the art we all ready have.
There is no acceptable time for your parents to die.
The only good part about splitting with the Hunny Bunny is no Alimony nor Child Support.
Most men are looking for a woman who is an ice queen in public and a slut behind closed doors.
When the women I care about start calling me George, I know I’m in trouble.
Languaging is the beginning of understanding.
If I was the owner of a NFL team I would give my new coach everything he needed except the right to run the “prevent defense”.
Is it just me or now that Hotel lobbies are getting bigger the rooms seem to be getting smaller.
Truth is truth so there is no way around it but ratings are not true so there is another way.
I find it very scary that a person may be a Republican or Democrat their whole life no matter what.
If there was full financial disclosure before the wedding about how the marriage would end I’m sure there would be fewer weddings.
The only way to super succeed is by not following the system.
The best time to go with a system by the way is at the moment you run out of the “good stuff”.
Most staffs only need you to be real specific about a project when they really don’t wanna do it.
Remember when radio came with “perks”.
Why do successful things have a tendency to become evil as they get more successful.
Why do stolen sex tapes always seem to restart an otherwise waning career.
What you think is kinda useless information, it’s what you know that brings home the bacon.
I wonder when I should start explaining to my Grandson Nathaniel who is pretty special how great his Mother is.
Most groups break up because the only thing they have in common is the music.
If you’re doing something special on the radio it really doesn’t matter if you are FM or AM.
Radio amongst other things is missing the element of surprise.
If your clients don’t need you to send anybody to their store then you really don’t need that expensive morning show.
Most of the good radio of the past sounds better when talked about then when listened to.
There are two theories about how to argue with women and neither of them work.
When you’re a young Turk there is no need for a rear view mirror but as time goes by you’ll wish you had one just to see all the great stuff you may have accomplished.
The dark side is 10 times more powerful than the bright side.
So far only two musical phenomenons have changed the world … Elvis and the Beatles.
Is there such a thing as a born again Jew or Muslim.
If you’re worried about politicians screwing with your retirement funds elect older ones.

The fact that women control 81% of the spendable income in America not to mention possessing 100% of what most men want makes them a very powerful entity.

Lesley Palmiter claims that the only reason that the women of Iraq and Iran walk 10 paces behind men is because of land mines.

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  1. All of the solutions for radio’s problems we discussed over the last week are still echoing off the walls, but are they really solutions if no one hears them?

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