#4 Who The Hell Reads This ? (from Jan 05/15)

1382867_10152262610069307_2070836700_n1179127_10151900979084307_1641090753_n1​Because my radio career began back in the production room of CKY under the tutelage of Chuck Riley I’ve always had a​ great affinity for​ most produced items.
Over the years I’ve tried to have one or two great voices around to voice those special promos I love so much.
What I’m most proud of though is the fact that a lot of the golden throats I’ve been lucky enough to work with went on to become big national​ ​voice​ over guys. Pictured from today and yesterday is Earl Mann who continues to be one of the best and with whom I had the privilege​ of working with at CFTR in Toronto long ago where not only did he do middays but also voiced commercials and some outstanding promos.​ Here​ are​ some samples of the work he is doing today​ which may give you goose bumps like they did me​.


The biggest difference between Jim Harbaugh and Bill Bellchick is that Harbaugh thinks it’s about him but Belichick already knows it’s really all about him.

Speaking of football and Jim Harbaugh I wonder if he’ll ever make it to the big game now that he has gone back to college

Carl Jung claims that life really begins at forty, before that you were just doing research.

What we have now was all invented by the generations that came before this one.

In 33 States Welfare pays more than minimum wage jobs do.

The way to easily fix the economy is to simply tax prostitution, drugs, and all the companies that send jobs overseas.

Is it just me or are women a lot more tolerant of us before the wedding.

The saddest day in any man’s life is the day he wakes up and realizes that he was the bank.

My Brother Reg once asked me how many people I thought read my Blog.​ ​(I don’t think he meant in a good way) I told him I didn’t know nor did I​ care because I write it mainly for my family and friends but must admit that every now and then I drop a few lines in for some of the not so friendlies simply for therapeutic reasons .Now through the magic of technology I have found out that ​there are ​about 500 media people who read my Blog each week and I thank them for it.

Friendship is like a plant it needs constant watering.

Only your friends can betray you.

You can never be paid enough money to make the job you hate tolerable.

Blood is much thicker than water until a marriage certificate shows up.

It’s much easier to encourage and love a child now than it is to fix a broken adult later.

It’s very easy to forgive a beautiful woman.

My Daughter Cami’s boyfriend Kyle recently turned 20 and Cami along with her friends is very happy with the fact that she now has her own 20 year old. My only question is how come whenever I have a 20 year old everybody is horrified.

Speaking of 20 year olds, years ago I went to the Del Mar Fair with Jamie Gold and just for giggles we had our palms read. I can’t remember what Jamie’s said but mine claimed that I was going to father another child which prompted Jamie to say … Don’t look at me. 10 years later Camera Anne Johns Summerfield was born and Jamie still doesn’t have any kids.

Journalism is what somebody doesn’t want you to print, the rest is just publicity.

It seems to me in the last couple of decades artistic quality has become irreverent.

Unlike most other media radio is very personal so I would suggest watching your language.

Other than whom they give free money to I find the Democrats and Republicans very similar and equally repulsive.

Speaking of politicians, would you let any of them baby sit your kids.

Speaking of baby sitting what a difference a couple of decades make huh. Years ago a survey was done asking what famous personality would you trust with your kids and the top 2 were George Burns and Bill Cosby.

Have you ever noticed when they deregulated the airlines they in turn have over regulated us.

I’m totally into equal rights I’m just not into anyone having one more right than I do.

If government workers had to rely on tips for most of their pay how well do you think they would do.

In Canada the price of gas is so high that the owners of the service stations post a chart on their pumps showing what portion of each dollar goes where. Most of it goes to the government because like I’ve said before, that free health care in Canada is sure expensive.

Most great talents are a little difficult to handle but if you succeed they will provide you with a pretty good life.

Speaking of talent I sadly just heard that ESPN anchor Stuart Scott passed away from lung cancer.

I would like to have a lot more money but​ then again​ I’m​ not going​ to change my whole life in order to get it. OK so if I were to change a little, how much would that pay.

A new study claims that the radio stations who consistently do well in PPM also consistently sound good. Duh!

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  1. Love yer blog. Truism: music will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no music. –peace, Greg

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