1-2-3- Strikes You’re Out! (new geo Blog for May 15/17)

While growing up in Winnipeg, we lived at my grandfather’s in North Kildonan until my folks built a new home in Transcona. While living in North Kildonan I fell in love with baseball and eventually became good enough to make the dream team but that all changed when turned fourteen and we moved into our new home.
Being the baseball freak I was it wasn’t long until I hooked up with the Pony league team in Transcona where I’ll never forget our first practice. After running a few warm up laps, our coach called us in for a little chat before we started all of our drills. As we gathered around him, I can still see him pointing his bat towards the outfield at some young teenage girls were hanging out there. Then in no uncertain terms, he warned us to stay away from the likes of them because they ruin baseball careers and I like the rest of my team-mates had no idea what the hell he was talking about.
It took about half the season until somehow we all knew exactly what he meant and in fact, were so focused on it that he could no longer get our attention. We were too busy out in centerfield chatting up all the young ladies who were hanging out there.
Our coach wasn’t the most brilliant man in the world, but he was right about one thing, I never did play baseball again.
Talent without discipline is on a fast train to nowhere.
Attitude is a choice.
Most of the contestants on “The Voice” will never be that big again.
I think that free WiFi is only free because how could you charge for something that never works?
Buying a bunch of stuff so you can look prosperous is called “score boarding.” Not possessing any bling because you claim you’re just not into that sort of thing is also score boarding.
A truce is a fragile thing.
Arrogant macho types are the kind of men that protect women; it’s the weak, wussy, sensitive guys that you have to beware because they’re the type that beat and kill them.
23% of the population are born leaders, but most of them don’t care to lead. Your move!
Doesn’t it seem a little strange that the people who screwed up their life with drugs and alcohol are treated like heroes when getting out of rehab, but those who never screwed up are ignored?
Even to this day when somebody refers to me as Mr. Johns I always look around to see if somehow my father magically appeared. 
You never can become any bigger than you think you can.
The only good thing about failure is that it lets you practice bravery which is the only way that you can ever become courageous. 
If the work is exciting, I can live anywhere, but if not so much then you’ll find me in California, Florida, or Texas. 
Being considerate of others will get you a lot further than most college degrees.
The more talented the person, the smaller the ego but unfortunately the reverse is also true. 
The older I get, the higher my standards become. 
When I was fifteen, I was very into 20-year olds and still am! 
To be the best one must always try their best. 
The things I miss the most about my kids are kinda silly but for me very memorable. I remember wrestling with my kids Candis and Curtis every Saturday morning in Indianapolis which we did until my daughter turned 13 and my wife told me that we couldn’t do it anymore. Twenty years later I kinda got to do it again when Cami my youngest would run across the room when she was little yelling “uppy daddy uppy.” As I reached for her, she’d fling herself into my arms and wrap herself around me claiming that she loved me big as the sky.
The only way to get the best out of life is by accepting nothing else.
The stronger person may, in fact, be the one that let’s go not the one still hanging on.
How many bad things do you suppose were done for the greater good?
A lot of countries still have Kings and Queens, here in America we just call them something else.
Most of the wars in the world are fought about which religion is the most peaceful.
Speaking of battles; unfortunately, it makes a lot of financial sense for wars to continue.
If you need a license to drive I also think you should need one to shoot.
Apparently, the only people in America who like the one percenters are the Democratic and Republican politicians.
The only good thing that comes from your most embarrassing moments are the great stories about them.
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2 thoughts on “1-2-3- Strikes You’re Out! (new geo Blog for May 15/17)

  1. Hey George,

    I believe you could have been a great songwriter, your turn of the phrase
    is really good. I finally figured out why I enjoy your missives so much…..
    “You are so anti-PC” I love it. You know sometimes it is best just to laugh at
    the stupidity in our world.

    • Doug, I am definitely anti-PC I think it has caused a lot of damage all over the world. People no longer say what they really feel or mean.

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