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During my career. I’ve had the privilege of working with some of North America’s greatest air talent. In fact, many of them have ended up in the Hall of Fame along with some folks from Indianapolis who should be in there. These special people provided a kid from Transcona a life that he should only get to dream about. Not only did I get to create some great radio with the very best, I also got to work closely with some radio’s leaders like George Lund, Keith Dancy, Ted Rogers, Gary Miles, Toney Brooks, Dana Horner, Steve Dinkle, Frank Osborn, Ed, and Tom Shadek, Tom Skinner, Gordon Zlot, Betsy Cameron, Joe Amaturo, Jerry Bobo, Bill McMartin, Mark Hubbard, and one of the best, Jim Hilliard who was my first radio boss and also my last.
Jim not only taught and nurtured me my whole career, but he also figured out how to get me into America when immigration was saying, “Hey, we already have too many radio people, why would we want one from Canada?”
When Jim read this part, he said, “Johns, you left out the part about how much money I also paid you which was enough to keep you and your family in big homes and fancy cars as I recall. However, you f**ked me anyway when you left.

Over the years I’ve, stayed in touch with a few of the folks from back in the day and course now with others who have recently found me on Facebook. Many of whom have gone out of their way to thank me for helping them. However, the truth be known, I never really tried to help anyone and in fact, I only worked with those who could help me. Even now I still hear comments like, “Man, I remember the day you changed my whole life when you said…” Unfortunately, I don’t remember saying what they claim, but if I did, I wish that I’d written it down because some of it was good shit.

I had the honor of being at two of the three Halls of Fame that Ron Chapman was inducted into. I also had the honor of inducting Ron into the National Hall of Fame. How cool was that?
The first one he inducted into was in Las Vegas at the NAB where my date was the tale ted Lorenda Rae Edwards. (shown on top with me)I’ll never forget the next morning while we were all having breakfast, Ron turned to Lorenda and said, “Not only are you beautiful but I also think you must be very intelligent. Why would you assume that she asked? Ron answered her with, “Because when two legends are talking to each other, you were smart enough to not interrupt.”

After inducting Ron into the National Hall of Fame in Chicago, we headed back to the Palmer House to have a few pops in the lobby bar and swap old KVIL stories.

After more than a few adult beverages, Ron said, “George, I still remember the day you changed my career. We were walking down the hall at the old KVIL studios in Highland Park where I was bragging about why we didn’t have a phone in the studio. I felt that it only distracted the on-air talent. You suddenly stopped walking he went on to say, looked up at the ceiling for a moment and then said, Ron, you may want to have one in there if for no other reason other than to hear what the folks think about all the new stuff we’re doing right now.”

He claimed that the phone went into the studio the very next day, and not only did I spend the rest of my career answering it he said, but I believe that it was also responsible for my being in three Hall of Fames.”


If the way the police treat black suspects is considered racist, why do black cops participate?

Why does my 14-year-old grandson already know that he will be taking care of himself, not the government? Is that a male thing?

If you could choose, would you choose to be gay?

Why does Mr. Businessman start everything on a Monday, isn’t that a little old school?

Is looking the other way when a minority does something bad really helping them?

Most women need a reason to have sex bit just for the fun of it, ain’t one of them.

It’s still T&A ladies, not Tat.
Only beautiful women have the power to break up a great friendship. 
Just because we haven’t called you on it ladies, don’t mean we ain’t noticed.
If you want something done quickly, give it to a person too busy to do it. 
I used to believe that the muses lived at the bottom of a whiskey bottle. However, now that I’ve learned that whiskey isn’t good for you, I’m hoping to find them at the bottom of a nice red.

The thing I’ve noticed is that you get much more selective as you grow older.

I don’t think most people realize that politicians represent their own kind. So seeing as they’re all rich …  Well, I’ll let you do the math.

I don’t talk fast, people just listen slow.

Speaking of talking, Richard Branson talks a good game but has any company ever been about its employees?

Death is the certainty that we’re not very certain about.

Lions may be King of the jungle but have you ever seen a Wolf in a Circus?

It is said that when the restoration of Notre Dame completed, the only person still living will be Keith Richards.

No NBA team will ever win a title unless their number two guy is headed for the Hall of Fame.

60% of the wealth in America was inherited so unless you’re a member of the lucky sperm club, you’ve only got two choices. Get a great education from a great school or invent something.

Being addicted is not a choice but becoming addicted is.

Men must be great teachers because they seem to know little about how the world works until they walk down the aisle. Then they become experts on everything.

A man’s primary job is to hide the ugly part of the world from the women he loves. However, for the rest of you, your tour begins now.

Wow, a white high school kid just ran the 100 in 9.98 which is Olympic speed. That changes everything.

The only thing politicians work hard on is raising money.

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3 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog. (3 Halls Of Fame Baby!) New 5/13/19 #11

  1. It is said that when the restoration of Notre Dame completed, the only person still living will be Keith Richards.

    Seriously? When the restoration of Notre Dame is completed, Keith Richards will be making a birthday cake for Betty White.

  2. Jim Hilliard was a prince and an inspiration to me and many others. Although he climbed the ladder thru programming, he was a Hell of a fine salesman with a pretty keen knowledge of engineering.

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