#2 Candis (from Feb 16/15)

IMG_2034309988_10151895635539307_2038364522_n922866_10151869708724307_1380844229_nRecently my Daughter Candis auditioned for “America’s Got Talent” even though it was not very singer friendly so she was pitted against a bunch of comedians and magicians. Candis figured she’d use the audition as experience in case she wanted to go for the “The Voice”.

As far back as I can remember Candis was always singing around the house and loved Christmas because she believed that the ornaments on the tree were microphones and were only put there for her to sing into.
With all that practice behind her no wonder she ended up all through school as the lead in her school plays.

After graduating from UCLA she began singing her own songs which I saw her do many times at such places the Roxy and Whiskey before she turned into Supermom. Even though Candis didn’t make it onto “America’s Got Talent” you can continue to color me a very proud Dad so I’ve included a few of her tunes.

“Let Me”

“Pipe Dreams”

Candis Live (3 cuts)



4 thoughts on “#2 Candis (from Feb 16/15)

  1. Wow.. her voice is beautiful George. For some reason, there is a lot I never knew about you and your career. I do remember you and Lana having Candis. I probably just forgot that you also had a son. You must have had your band when I was around, but I don’t remember. Ben left in 72 – 73 so all your career success’ and future relationships and family were not known to me. The odd time I saw Ben he would mention the family updates, so I was surprised to read your blogs. You have done well my friend.

    • After my band days I got into radio and did quite well so about the time you and Ben split up we headed for the States to try our luck out there. We’ve been here ever since.

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