#12 Wrong But Right Anyway. (from April 27/15)


Cadillac for some time now has been trying to change it’s image but I wonder if they really know what they’re up against. Case in point, my good friends Jim and Barbara Hilliard (pictured) who live in California seem always to be in the market for a new car. Jim has always been partial to sports cars.
Barbara on the other hand insists that they have a “go to dinner car” which is large enough to accommodate their entire family because she doesn’t go for the driving separate cars to dinner routine. Barb who still looks like a second or even third wife likes to straighten out the affairs of the whole family before they arrive the restaurant so that she can just relax and have a nice dinner. Occasionally when I visit them Jim will drag me out shopping for Barbara’s “go to dinner car” but we always seem to end up at the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porch, Mercedes, BMW, and Bentley dealers first just in case they have any new sports models that Jim just has to have. Of course by the time we got around to shopping for Barb it would usually would be running late so we only got a quick peek at the big sedans and SUVs so no intelligent decision could be made. Trying to help out a little I felt compelled to point out one day to Jim that whenever he visited WFTL in Florida he always rented a Cadillac so why not just buy one. He looked at me like I was crazy and explained that Caddies were cool to rent but claimed that he wasn’t anywhere near old enough yet to consider buying one!


You would think by now my computer would know who the Beatles were but it insists on telling me that I’m spelling it wrong like I do the names of my daughters.
When the road behind you is a lot longer than the one ahead it’s time to take your foot off the gas and just relax by having some fun.
I wonder if  Coach Smith and Wooden are patiently waiting for their best players to make an appearance so they can take each other on. What a game that would be huh!
So when the Israelites say “Never Again” are they speaking for all the Jews in North American too. Somehow I don’t think so.
Only bad people have to worry about karma.
So far over a million people have died in retaliation for 911 but the strange part is that none are from Saudi Arabia even though the terrorist hijackers were all Saudis. 
I think it may be my prehistoric instincts that have me thinking that woman are so special, not my intellect.
The only way to get a much younger woman to notice you is to get in between her and her dreams.
I wonder if strong women like strong men who stand up to them.
The first time you hear those dreaded three letters PMS is usually shortly after you uttered those three famous words … I love you.
If you’re ambitious America is the place to be, if you’re not Canada is much more forgiving but you better buy a lottery ticket if you wanna get rich.
The only thing I dislike about planning is that if something goes wrong you hate hearing those words pre meditated thrown around the court room by the prosecution.
America still has the richest poor people in the world.
I think we have too many choices of everything which just leads to confusion rather than customer satisfaction.
It’s pretty easy to figure out what others should do with their lives it’s our own that remains a mystery.
Here are some stats that I find somewhat interesting … When Ted Williams was at the top of his game he failed 60% of the time, on any given day 90% of a radio station’s most loyal listeners are not listening, but the best of all I think is when record companies were flourishing back in the day they were wrong 99% of the time and became billionaires making them right anyway.
We should have never made the accountants sit with the engineers at the radio station’s Christmas party. Payback is a bitch!
I’ve never understood why morning talent always want the radio station to pay for their prep service. Why wouldn’t they want me to think that they came up with all that great stuff.
I wonder what radio performers from today will end up in the Radio Hall Of fame.
OK doing another check, any other words other than yes usually mean no, all the words that precede but or actually are meaningless, holding on to what you have still keeps you from having what you want, ten atta boy’s are still wiped out by one aw s**t and there is no punishment or rewards for your behavior only consequences.  
Have you ever noticed that about 10 minutes after the debate you were in is over all the great copy you should have said shows up.
Shouldn’t the service at a hospital match their 5 star prices.
Whenever I get in a dark funk only a beautiful woman can get me out of it. Do you know any.

Why is it even though we pay a ton of money to Neilson for ratings we usually have to pay another company to check and see if they did them right.

Most people know what they like and only like what they know.

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14 thoughts on “#12 Wrong But Right Anyway. (from April 27/15)

  1. I’m up too early again, take a look at Car and Driver’s website, great article on the “10 Best Cars Nobody buys” two Caddys on the list. When I had the driving school, I put together a program for senior drivers to prepare them for the California DMV retest. One guy was a recovered stroke patient. Former President of Cadillac Motor Division. He told me about the shit fights he’d get in to with the suits from GM Corporate about the direction of Cadillac. (Imagine a “suit” bitching about the bigger “suits”) He went so far in his battle he bought a BMW 7, 5 and 3 and a Benz S, E, C and SL for testing purposes and had the corporate wankers drive them at the GM testing grounds in Michigan. They all loved the cars but decided Americans wouldn’t buy them. GM had a retirement policy of 65 and out. He retired and went to work for Roger Penske and scouted out car stores and real estate for Penske for 12 years. He is a VP Emeritus for the Penske Group today. What does he drive? A Cadillac CTSV wagon and a Z06 Corvette. Both his cars have 6 speed manual transmissions. I drove the CTSV and it kicks ass.

  2. I still remember going to work for my Program Director Jim Hilliard at WFIL Philadelphia, “Famous 56.” And I also remember my Program Director’s car….a shiny red Cadillac Coupe DeVille.

    And Jim and I are still the only two people I’ve known that both owned Lamborghini’s. Nice club to be in.

  3. The flaunt of wealth should be a little embarrassing. But, no doubt, even wealthy folks have to make sacrifices when business slows down, markets adjust or real estate values plummet – (“Oh no, I think we may have to get rid of one of our homes and sell the Bentley!”) – Meanwhile, they probably have employees somewhere thinking of auctioning off a few pieces of furniture and finding a roommate to make ends meet. Hey, those people should be thankful they even have jobs, right? If they’re talented and creative enough it all works out. If not …?!
    Hey, David G., if you’re still in the loop, hopefully you were able to trade in your bike and buy a motorcycle or something to get around after moving on. According to one of the one-liners here, you must consider yourself rich.

    • Wow the great Ken LeMann checks in, one of my all time favorite air personalities. Number 1 at WRMF for over 20 years and nobody knows his name because thats how he wanted it. The only way I could ever get Ken’s attention was to threaten to make him famous. Always loved you man and hope you are well.

  4. Back in the day, WKOX did barter/trade with the local Framingham Cadillac dealer. Bob Bright had on, Jay Williams had one. Hell even the Chief Engineer (me) had one.

    • Alan one week after hitting America I was driving an “Eldo” which fit nicely into the two story brick’s parking lot amongst what looked like a Cadillac dealership. I bought two more Caddy’s after that plus two Corvettes but one day I spotted a 450 SL and I was done.

  5. I got my 1st Cadillac while at the 2 story brick building in 1976, I guess sales were good, gold I might add. I became Sales Manager for WIBC at the ripe old age of 31. Cheers to a very successful group.

    • As I look back Tim we were all “Young Turks” even though we didn’t think we we were that young. Can you imagine working for one of the other stations in Indy and having to drive by our parking lot. Disgusting wasn’t it, I guess we should have been a little more humble huh. NOT!

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