#10 Consolidation Is A Bust. (blog from may 04/15)


Well all the reviews are in and it appears that consolidation is a total bust. Most GM’s now admit that they wish they could go back to the days of having just an AM & FM and make them best they could be. One GM recently told me that he used to enjoy a 10 share with his big FM but now but since they purchased 3 more it takes all 4 to have a 10 but the only increases were the expenses.
Case in point is the legendary WRMF in West Palm Beach which used to do well over 10 million all by itself but now I understand it takes all six of their stations to even even get close to that mark.
Speaking of West Palm Beach the once mighty Clear Channel has fallen dramatically financially since becoming I Heart Media but I would tend to think though that most of their demise may have had a lot more to do with the firing of Tim Reever than a name change.


A friend of mine claims that every time his wife has sex with him he puts a couple of bucks in a special container which he will empty at Christmas eve to buy her a gift. So far he has enough to buy her a cup of coffee as long as they don’t go to Starbucks.

Most men only need a woman’s love but I believe women need a whole lot more. 

Helping others get what they want usually gets you what you want.

Unlike most things people are pretty predictable.

You know you’re getting a little long of tooth when you no longer know who the guys are in Ringo’s All Star band.

Even though I’m a white male and not rich I actually kicked major ass in court today.

When Daughters are pissed at their Moms its a crises but when they are mad at their Dads it’s just a natural progression.

If you had any balls you would just stroll down to the end of the tunnel and turn the damn light on yourself.

Don’t ever let the future see the fear in your eyes.

If you’re planning on going through life with only one woman you better be totally smitten by her otherwise it’s gonna be “tuff sledding”.

Speaking of women, the reason they don’t come with instructions is because we wouldn’t read them.

As Brent Farris says … The big print giveth and the small print taketh away or like I always say, there’s nothing fine waiting for you in the fine print.

One tends to not see what one is not looking for.

Great people surround themselves with great people so if the people you’re hangin’ with don’t appear to be very sharp, you may wanna do a thorough check of yourself.

It’s not like any of us are gettin’ outta here alive.

If all you sell is ratings then you sure don’t need sales people.

The smartest thing Johnny Carson ever did was let the Tonight Show carry him. He had a great band, a great sidekick, and great guests, so all he did was just sat back with us and watch them do all the work.

Good ideas are not automatically adopted, first they must be sold to the people who have to pay for them.

Coming up with ideas doesn’t take any special talent it’s the ability to recognize a good one is where the talent comes in.

The client isn’t always right but if we’re smart we don’t tell them. 

Every time I used to find a secret new “Magic Box” that would make the station sound louder and crisper but within a couple weeks my competitor would be right up there with me again. It took me a while but I finally figured out that most engineers are only loyal to each other.

When you take a look at your past you may discover that lot of the advice you received turned out to be very self serving .

Are you willing to die for politically correct reasons.

I wonder if the 60’s British invasion was as big in England as it was in North America.

Even though women are difficult there is no sense in them coming with instructions cuz we’d never read them.

So ponder me this grasshopper a Muslim couple in Indiana refuses to bake a wedding cake for a black gay couple now where does everybody stand.

One learns very little from winning but from losing comes great wisdom such as how much more enjoyable it is to win.

How do you slow this train down. It seems like only a few weeks ago that I took my daughter Cami to USF for orientation but now suddenly she’s a sophomore.

American Pharoah looked magnificent in the Derby.

So Mayweather who I understands trains for his fights on his wife defeated Pacquiao in the so called “fight of the century”.

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